A few of you– very few– have asked that Paul and I bring back our “Why Is this News?” show from TCTV.

But rather than just shamelessly transport it, we figured we’d change it up a bit.

We’ve both had a pretty big shift in our lives since we last did an episode of WITN: I’ve launched PandoDaily and Paul is launching Not Safe For Work Corp. Suddenly we’re no longer just people who sit back comfortably opining on entrepreneurs– we are entrepreneurs. And so far a few months in, we’ve discovered a whole new visceral understanding of what the whole journey is about.

Despite a banner launch week that’s gone better than I could have possibly hoped, I have woken up every morning with a mix of terror and excitement. I don’t expect that will ever go away. No matter how well we do on a given day, the next morning’s terror is that much greater. If we gained 10,000 new readers that day, I worry that we’ll let them down the next.

It’s a lonely journey. And that’s one reason that entrepreneurial ecosystems are so powerful: You know people who can relate.

So this show is going to be less about Paul and I talking about the news and more you eavesdropping on one of our daily “HOLY SHIT! WE’RE REALLY DOING THIS RIGHT?” conversations.

This week we talk about what I think has been my biggest challenge so far: Recruiting talent.

(Also: Paul comes up with a novel way to deal with investor disclosures.)