Today in unfun news: the lack of cyber security in the world is getting really scary (see: NASA). Personal security risks are also a growing threat. If you’re like me, you probably don’t deal with the issue until you actually lose your phone.

Today’s launch of security app AirCover comes with a little extra motivation to address personal security, and this motivation falls in the decidedly fun category.

Pando readers who download Aircover’s free app can use it to gain skip-the-line access at AirCover’s SXSWi launch party this Friday. That offer becomes much more exciting when you realize that the event, thrown in partnership with Do52 at the Belmont, has 9,400+ RSVPs and features performances from anti-folk heroes Delta Spirit and Detroit indie popsters Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. If you want to get in, you’re probably going to need to skip the line. Show the app to the door people to do so.

Of course there’s nothing stopping non-Pando readers from downloading and showing the app to get VIP access either, but hey, you read it here first.

Now, about the app:  It’s from BlueSprig, a utility app maker started by Jason Johnson of Founders Den, and it’s a catch-all for all the housekeeping work your phone needs. There is the standard theft and loss protection, virus and malware protection, and privacy protection. There’s also a battery optimizer and, for Android users, tools to speed up performance like cache clean, memory release, and task killer.

There’s also a family safety function, which locates (stalks?) family members via GPS tracking and issues alerts in cases of emergency. It’s the type of thing that makes me happy that, when I was a teenager, cell phones looked like this.