Unlike most of America, I’ve actually been using Spotify for years at this point. When I lived in Spain, the service was available there, so I just went ahead and signed up. I’ve continued using it for that entire time, and now I’m at the point where it is my go-to music player.

There’s been one thing missing this entire time though: an iPad app.

Thankfully, one developer has decided that he was sick of waiting for Spotify to get around to it, and has begun creating his own. The developer’s name is Max Petriv, and he has been working on the application for one week now. Using the developer’s API that Spotify provides to third-party developers, Petriv has created something that may be a boon for Spotify.

While the application has been getting a fair amount of coverage from other blogs, I thought it would be good for PandoDaily readers to see this as soon as possible, and to hopefully encourage Petriv to finish the application. He is currently looking to hire another iOS developer to help him out on the project and to take on the project full-time.

One interesting anecdote so far is that Spotify’s PR team reached out to Petriv and asked him whether or not he was working on the official Spotify application. This shows two things:

  1. Spotify is working on an iPad application.
  2. Spotify should probably tell its PR team more about what is going on behind the scenes.
  3. The application looks good enough to be an official version.

Petriv was kind enough to share a few pictures of the application with PandoDaily, and the app certainly looks like it is taking advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate in a way that many applications do not.

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Petriv has yet to say when the application will launch, but he has promised to update people continuously on its progress via his Twitter account. When the application gets nearer to the release date, you can be sure that we will do an in-depth preview of the application.

[Hat tip, Jim Dalrymple]