I’m in New York, working on booking the next six months of guests for our recently announced expansion series, PandoMonthly NYC. I’m getting so excited about what we’re putting together on this coast that I almost forgot our next PandoMonthly SF is next week. That’s nuts because our guest is one of my favorite people in all of tech, Dustin Moskovitz.

Guess we should sell some tickets! Go get ’em right here, right now!

Moskovitz will talk about his experiences co-founding Facebook and Asana. He is one of the most modest people I’ve met in fifteen years of covering entrepreneurs. He would never tell you these things, so I will.

Facebook as we know it wouldn’t exist without him, as reflected by his hefty ownership in the S-1. Like our March guest Dave Morin, Moskovitz decided to leave Facebook just as it was starting to become dominant to start his own company Asana with Justin Rosenstein.

Moskovitz is an entrepreneur of quiet vision. He has already been at the forefront of both the social and new enterprise revolutions, and he’s even younger than Mark Zuckerberg. And, as we discussed in passing with Morin, it’s Moskovitz — not Zuckerberg or Sean Parker — who is really the force behind the burgeoning Facebook mafia. He’s quietly building a killer angel portfolio, and is already putting together a foundation to focus on giving back before he has one foot in the grave and a head of grey hair.

Not one for the spotlight, Moskovitz rarely does events like these. You won’t want to miss it. For more on our upcoming San Francisco line up go here.