Procrastinators of the world, unite! There are projects that need finishing, now! Or, well, eventually. Maybe not today — I mean, come on, “Supertroopers” is on TNT tonight. Plus, you’ve spent this long working on it, what’s one more weekend spent figuring out how to make it SoLoMo and freemium with an emphasis on your social graph, crowd sourcing, and as many other buzzwords as you can possibly cram in?

No! As a wise dude once said, real artists ship. With that in mind, a new project launching this morning wants to use your wallet (and a looming threat of shame) to make sure you ship on time. Oh — and its name is clever as hell.

Meet Sink Or Ship, an online project accountability service that helps users get their work shipped on time, on pain of a lightened wallet.

To begin, a would-be project shipper signs into Sink Or Ship with a Twitter account. The shipper then picks the date on which he or she expects the big project to be done, and pre-writes a super-exciting launch Tweet (i.e, “Hurray! We just launched tacocopter! Go order a robo-delivery today!”).

And if launch day comes, and you’re not ready for the Tweet to go out because you lost a few days fixing the office’s Kegerator? That’s okay, you can reschedule… but Sink Or Ship will charge you $5 to do so. Otherwise, you’re about to send out a Tweet announcing your project before it’s ready for the harsh criticisms of the Intertubes at large. Ship on time, and you don’t pay a dime.

(Of course, you could always hop into your account settings and remove Sink Or Ship’s authorization token — either way, you’re admitting defeat.)

Sink Or Ship is the brainchild of Richerd Chan and Lim Cheng Soon, the same guys who built the Pair-as-a-hookup-service hack PairMixer. I wasn’t aware of this until a few minutes after I’d already decided to write about Sink Or Ship, making these guys two-for-two in their ability to win me over out of the blue. These guys are quickly becoming two of my favorite developers to watch.