I’m considering giving up my vegan ways for a couple of weeks, because I hear that where I’m headed, there is great steak. In Austin, Texas.

For those that don’t know, I’m traveling around the country for two weeks at a time. Looking at the startups, the key people, and the pros and cons of an ecosystem. It’s exciting, crazy, and most-definitely exhausting. The goal of the trip is to feature the cities and startups that exist outside of the echochamber of the Valley, and reflect what is going on in the city. So far, I’ve been to Chicago and Seattle.

This time around, Austin is the target city, and I’ll be looking to get the skinny on what’s going down in the area.

I’ll be landing Monday morning, the 14th, and will be there until late on Friday, the 25th.

As part of my trip, I couchsurf. It helps me not only keep the costs low — we are a startup, after all — but also to fully integrate myself into the startup community and get a real feel for what it is like to live and work in a city.

I’ll also be meeting with as many people as possible, from entrepreneurs to investors to founders to people that just care about the city.

If you have a place for me to stay for a night or two, or if you can think of someone that I should talk to while I’m in the city, then please shoot me an email at trevor@pandodaily.com, and follow me @trevoragilbert for the latest updates on the trip.

[Image Credit: Austin, TX on Shutterstock]