Just shy of two weeks ago, PandoDaily released its first ebook: Buy This Book Before You Buy Facebook. With contributions from (in order of appearance) Sarah Lacy, Jason Kincaid, Adam Penenberg and Erin Griffith, the book promised to tell you everything you needed to know ahead of Facebook’s imminent IPO.

Bloomberg contributing editor Paul Kedrosky called it “The best and most incisive writing I’ve seen on Facebook’s epochal IPO, and on Mark Zuckerberg’s post-iPO plans for his globe-spanning company. This book is smart, funny and analytical — a timely must-read.”

The IPO has been and gone, but that’s no reason for us to allow the book to go out of e-print. Instead we’ve spent the last few days thoroughly updating it to reflect everything we’ve learned in the immediate aftermath of the IPO, and how that proves or disproves our initial predictions. Spoiler: we’re feeling pretty good about our fortune telling skills. We’ve also added a new Epilogue by Sarah, just to round everything off.

The revised edition of the book is available now in the Kindle and Nook stores (previous purchasers are able to update their copy for free), with the iBooks edition coming in the next few hours. If you haven’t bought the book already, now would be the time.