We’ve already learned at tonight’s PandoMonthly that Zynga’s Mark Pincus, like every other CEO at a public company, is a control freak. He thinks Marissa Mayer should have “negotiated with the Board of Directors of Yahoo for majority control” of the company.

“She has to do things that are unpopular for awhile, but what’s best for Yahoo users and Yahoo shareholders?”

His other advice for Mayer is to befriend Yahoo’s engineers to better understand its product, explaining that because she’s coming from Google, she’s going to have a tough time earning their trust.

“I believe that at a consumer Internet company, your company is your product. I can’t imagine a CEO that isn’t your chief product officer. Marissa is going to go in and say ‘What’s the core that we can represent? When people think of Yahoo in 10 years what is it going to be?’”

For another perspective, earlier this week we got Marc Andreessen’s take on what Mayer should do.

We’re here at Madrone Studios with Mark Pincus, and you can watch a livestream of the event right here.