Mobile shopping platform inMarket is launching a new smart shopping list app today to put a little bit of cloud magic in shoppers’ pockets.

Available only for iOS at the moment, List Bliss addresses three key use cases that all shoppers face: knowing what items are needed, organizing who within a household or office will buy them, and getting the best prices available.

List Bliss’ killer feature is “synchronized shopping” or real-time collaboration on shopping lists. With the app, family, friends, roommates, and co-workers can share lists with each user able to make real-time changes. This is extremely valuable prior to shopping, but even more so when multiple people are shopping simultaneously.

“List Bliss is a shopping genie that keeps track of what everyone needs in your house or office,” says inMarket co-founder and President Todd Dipaola. “When something runs out, anyone can add it to the master list — so whoever is in the store next can pick it up. As long as you have your phone, you can’t forget your list.”

According to Dipaola, each trip to the grocery store costs an average $3 in gas plus time. If this app can help users combine trips and make forgetting items a thing of the past, it could be a big winner.

Another key feature, is the ability to build smart lists from an inventory of what’s within a user’s pantry. The app allows users to keep track of what they have and to quickly move items that run out from the pantry inventory list to the shopping list. If users are choosing among a variety of products within a category, the app provides the ability to view and submit reviews on a database of millions of products.

Once each list is created, it can be categorized and ordered by store and by department (i.e. produce, dairy, frozen). Although not unique to List Bliss, another nifty and useful feature is the ability to scan product barcodes items to add these items instantly to any list.

The new app also includes a budgeting feature for the cost conscious that monitors the total price of all items on a list, including tax. “An online shopper would never complete a purchase without knowing the total first,” says Dipaola. “List Bliss’ budget function is like an online shopping cart for the real world. By balancing your shopping cart against your budget, you can shave a few dollars off and stay within your means.”

inMarket was founded by brothers Todd and Mark Dipaola (its CEO), who previously built and sold highly successful performance marketing agency Vantage Media, prior to launching inMarket. List Bliss isn’t inMarket’s first foray into mobile shopping apps. The mobile shopping platform released couponing and product discovery app CheckPoints in late 2010 that now reaches more than 20 million consumers.

As a result, inMarket has built advertising relationships with many the world’s most well known CPG’s and brands including Coca-Cola, Levi’s, and Nestlé. Through these relationships, and the rich shopping intent data derived from users’ lists and shopping history, List Bliss will serve highly relevant ads and offers to its users while keeping the app free to use.

List Bliss is not without competition, including from some well funded companies. The most notable of these is’s Grocery iQ which offers similar pantry inventory management and shopping discount benefits. List Bliss’ success will come in inMarket’s ability to offer more utility via its syncronized shopping features. The company is well positioned to drive adoption through the network of existing users of flagship app CheckPoints.

inMarket is is currently profitable and having been bootstrapped by its founders, is not looking to raise any outside capital at the moment. The Dipaola’s have even suggested that they will be looking at a number of acquisitions in the near future.

A demo video of the new List Bliss app can be viewed here.

[Image, aka "Mr Listo, Shopping Amigo" courtesy of inMarket]