Vidyoo wants to change the way you find dates online, attempting to be a respectable ChatRoulette aimed at the online dating crowd. “[It's] an application for meeting and dating new people that enables you to immediately, or very fast, get to a face-to-face meeting with people you find interesting and want to meet,” says co-founder and CEO, Assaf Mendelsen.

Co-founders Assaf and Ehud Ramot, also in charge of Business Development, previously launched a successful foreign exchange site called They “founded it, built it, and now have a management team running it.” So they’ve decided to focus on another project with the help of their other co-founder and Chairman, Gigi Levy.

“It’s unique in the field of applications in that nature, in that most dating applications don’t have the ability to get into that face-to-face meeting,” says Assaf. “Ehud’s brother is trying to find people on all these different dating applications. And you get all these pictures of really nice ladies, but actually you have no idea who’s really behind it.”

When they were looking into possibly building the application, they realized “there were no applications that mimicked what used to be a ‘spin-dating session’, where you would go to one place and have your five minutes of glory with some candidate,” says Ehud.

“Once we match people up based on their preferences and their likes and interests and so on… We can offer some people to the person, and he can look them up and review them, screen them out. And the minute he’s actually interested in someone,” says Ehud, “he can, on the spot, see if they’re online and engage in a six minute face-to-face conversation with them. Cutting short a lot of problems there were previously.”

But with users chatting in a video chat, there are a lot of problems that arise. So they devised the “Privacy Curtain,” a block so you don’t have to see the other person, and slowly reveal how much of them that you can see. It’s like slowly lowering the drawbridge to let someone in.

Each user has control over the other user’s “curtain” (snicker), meaning you don’t know how much your partner is looking at you, and they don’t know how much you’re looking at them. It starts out completely veiled, and you choose how much you want to see. Ehud and Assaf say it’s specifically in order to block the problems that grew out of ChatRoulette.

“Most of the problems that people have with video chat is all the exposure that happens,” says Ehud.

The app also offers up numerological pairing, so users can meet partners who match their name and date of birth. The app is now available in English and Spanish, since they’re the two most spoken languages on the platform.

As for developing apps on the Facebook platform and the recent controversy, they say, “On the one hand, it’s a really huge user base, on the other hand it’s a bit of an autocracy.”

The duo will have two more apps coming out in the next few weeks as well, under their FBHatchery label, one called “Friendmeter” and the other a “social jury.”