I love Silicon Valley.

We always ask anyone we interview if they could have one mediocre super power in the world what it would be. People usually struggle with it, because entrepreneurs typically want to do massive, grand things. You could see the look of disappointment on Reid’s face last night when he heard that word: Mediocre.

Leave it to entrepreneurs to turn this little tradition into a challenge. I recently got an email from Thomas Ilk, a regular attendee, who is working on an app to make Mark Pincus’s super power — the ability to take a perfect self-portrait with an iPhone — possible for the masses. The approach is pretty clever, and I won’t spoil it here.

But he ended the email with: “The Arm detacher will be our next project. I hope it’s okay for you that we just blatantly steal Pando’s superpowers.”

That’s a nod to my favorite Mediocre Super Power anyone has given: An ability to temporarily detach an arm while spooning with a girl. Turns out other people are working on this one as well.  From Twitter this morning:

I can’t wait for the app that keeps you perfectly caffeinated all day long.

In fact, to encourage innovation, we’re offering a free, one-year PandoMonthly VIP membership to anyone who creates a working, viable prototype to solve that or any of the other mediocre superpowers.* And of course we’ll let you demo it live on stage at PandoMonthly. Start building!

* Rules: one winner per superpower, the PandoDaily team gets to decide what constitutes “working and viable”.