Today Y-Combinator-backed startup Kippt joins forces with Buffer for  a partnership. Both apps are taking on popular problems in their spaces; Kippt is a link saving site that allows you to save and search your content in a social environment, and Buffer is a link sharing site that lets users push out content in timed intervals.

“We have been working on this for a while,” says Buffer’s co-founder, Leonhard Widrich, “[Buffer’s] vision is to help you share more efficiently on the Web, you know, to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – wherever you are […] We integrated into a bunch of apps. We integrated into Instapaper, into Pocket, and Reader, and we’re adding more and more apps all the time.” But what they’ve found is that although they help their users share better, “users also want to keep those things,” says Widrich.

Kippt has faced a similar response from its users, while people loving the ability to save content within the site, they desire that precious ego stroke of being able to share their links out in the wild – and see how they spread through analytics.

Widrich believes this is why sites like Delicious are no longer relevant – they’re lacking social features. “On average people say they find five to ten articles that they want to share on Facebook or Twitter,” says Widich. Buffer doesn’t just let its users share through those sites, but also see how their shares and Tweets flow out through their friends. “Everyone wants more likes,” says Widrich.

Buffer has also just opened its API a few weeks ago, and Widrich says that they’ve noticed they’re nearly doubling their app integration on a weekly basis. Next up for Buffer will be to integrate into more social readers like Flipboard and Zite.

“We want to take the burden of Buffer’s sharing applications in apps away from developers,” says Widrich. “It’s a very tricky thing that you need to carry with you – do you want to build a great app for news reading, or build a great app for discovering content? But then you also need to build out a great sharing functionality, which takes away your efforts from your core responsibilities as an app.”

Buffer is focusing on more integrations says Widrich, and they’re in talks with tons of news reading apps and have had several requests from users for integration on Flipboard. “Over the next six months, we want to focus on being the news sharing standard across the web.”