OK, our Charity:Water campaign is officially bananas.

For the first few weeks, we struggled to raise $5,000, mostly through upping our ticket sales. But since Tony Hsieh announced his generous Downtown Las Vegas offer last Thursday the campaign has exploded.

We’ve soared past our goal of raising $20,000, which we thought would be a stretch. Our page shows that we’ve raised $34,000 to date, but it’s actually way more than that. That doesn’t include half of the proceeds from the San Francisco PandoMonthy tickets, it doesn’t include Hsieh’s pledge to match donations at the $1,000 level, and it doesn’t include more than 30 additional inquiries we’ve had over email about the $1,000-Vegas donation package. I have no idea how big this is going to get, but so far Hsieh hasn’t told me there’s a limit…

As if all of that isn’t enough, we’ve just had an anonymous donor buy out the rest of the tickets to the New York PandoMonthly this Wednesday with Jonah Peretti. 

BUT, Charity:Water only gets the money on one condition: Fifty entrepreneurs need to claim these free tickets and attend. This person is a big fan of the event series and wanted to do something good not only for Charity:Water, but the New York tech community.

So now, helping Charity:Water has gotten even easier. Just cancel any Wednesday night plans and come eat free pizza, free beer, get a free T-shirt and listen to one of the most fascinating New York entrepreneurs and the master of viral marketing talk for free.

We ask that you reserve a ticket only if you expect to make it so you don’t take another entrepreneur’s slot. We’re trying to honor the generous donor’s wishes and pack the house with people who can learn from what Peretti has done. Please pass on to any developers, students or penniless entrepreneurs you know.

We just added the block to the EventBrite page– go get ‘em! The ticket is called “Anonymous Donor Awesomeness.”