We know Mark Zuckerberg did not build Facebook to get rich. His vision of “making the world more open and connected,” is Facebook’s real raison d’être. But even he will admit–as he did on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt last week–that employees aren’t going to live on a grand vision and ramen noodles. “The best people want to work on a mission they believe in, and make money,” he said.

It’s a reality all startups face. You want developers, designers, managers and biz dev people who aren’t in it for the money–but you still have to pay through the teeth for them.

For guidance in that department, Wealthfront has put together a handy interactive visualization of compensation at startups. It’s customizable by job function, level, company size and region. The chart takes equity into consideration as well. (Not a shocker: Bay area talent is the priciest.)

Bonus! It’s embeddable. See how your compensation stacks up against your peers below.