A quick update to my post earlier this week about Gogo’s price gouging on in-flight wifi.

Regular readers will recall that Gogo — which powers in-flight wifi for Virgin America, Delta and just about everyone else — had suddenly dropped the “flight pass” option which allowed fliers to pay a flat fee for wifi. Instead, users had to either subscribe for a (automatically rebilling) monthly pass or pay a ridiculous $10 per hour — $60 for cross-country flying — to get online.

Even more curiously, Virgin America’s own customer service team didn’t know anything about the change, originally saying the story was “not true” before realising that — uh — yes it is. In the comments on PandoDaily, flight attendant “FlyErik” said he had been told by a Gogo rep that the move was designed to “limit the time people spend on [in flight wifi]“.

But now, courtesy of Virgin America Vice President of Corporate Communications, Abby Lunardini comes a couple of pieces of good news, for Virgin America customers at least.

Good news number one is that Gogo’s “pre-purchased pass” — which Gogo originally insisted was only available to purchase on the ground — is in fact available in the air. Clicking the ‘Pre-Purchased Gogo Pass” link — helpfully indicated by Lunardini, above — will actually give you all the wifi you need on Virgin America, for less than $20, even if you’ve already started your flight. Huzzah! Ridiculously confusing. But Huzzah!

Good news number two — which I’m hoping jetsetting PandoDaily readers can confirm — is that, following our story and the subsequent Twitter outcry — the old flightpass option has started to reappear on some cross-country flights. Here’s hoping it’ll be back on them all soon.