Last week, we wrote about former ShoeDazzle CEO Bill Strauss and his strange decision to no longer allow people like me to pay his company money. It was a gutsy move — to put it euphemistically — in the insanely crowded shoes-in-a-box market, and one that seems to have cost Strauss his job. It may cost ShoeDazzle the market lead if returning CEO and founder Brian Lee can’t right the ship.

Since ShoeDazzle didn’t give me the story about the CEO switcharoo last week in hopes that the news would blow over, I’ve decided to cover everything ShoeDazzle does in the next pivotal weeks under the returning regime.

As I outlined in my previous post, I was a happy ShoeDazzle customer paying them $40 a month, until Strauss suddenly ended all subscriptions. I haven’t bought a pair of shoes from the company since. ShoeDazzle has lost hundreds of dollars just from me, and my hunch is, I’m not alone.

I’m curious how ShoeDazzle goes forward. Killing off subscriptions was tantamount to strangling a whole flock of golden geese. Will they try to make Strauss’s plan work or revert back to subscriptions? And if the plan is to bring subscriptions back, will they start with trying to salvage lapsed customers like me? Getting someone to sign up for a subscription online is hard enough once. Will it work twice? With heavy incentives, maybe.

Today, I noticed the first sign of ShoeDazzle trying to woo me back: an email offering me an extra $15 if I buy something in the next week (screen shot above). Maybe this was already in the works, but it reads like the first move of someone trying to right the ship. I have no clue if this is just for lapsed customers or everyone.

If you’re seeing different promotions from ShoeDazzle or have other info on what’s going on inside the company, email tips(at)