fred_wilson_logoIt’s no surprise that Fred Wilson was watching our last PandoMonthly with John Doerr closely. Sure, a big part of it is that he respects Doerr as the “Michael Jordan of venture capital.” But another part is he knew it was his turn in the hot seat next.

Next Thursday, we’re excited to  bring you an in depth and unfiltered conversation with the don of the New York startup world. Get your tickets to see him now!

If you don’t know, Wilson is an investor in Twitter, Zynga, Etsy, and a host of other big names on the Web. And — like Chris Dixon — he’s used blogging and social media to vault his brand ahead of many other established Valley VCs.

He’s a proponent of the New York scene, but Wilson is no cheerleader. He takes bluntness to a new level. In an industry rife with ass-kissing, I always know we’ve done a good job when I get a morsel of praise from Wilson — because if not, he’ll be the first to tell me otherwise. He has frequently over my career. My favorite email was about two months after we launched, when he informed me we hadn’t yet replaced TechCrunch for him. “We’ve only been around a few months!” I protested, but excuses don’t wash with Fred. I imagine his portfolio companies feel much the same. (We are not one, btw.)

But Wilson ultimately provides such tough love, because he cares greatly about companies he bets on. He doesn’t love to talk to the press — he prefers to blog his thoughts directly. So we’re excited to get him all to ourselves on stage for 90 minutes to talk about whatever we want.

This is going to be one of our best New York events yet, so get your tickets now! Thanks to Projective and Smartling for sponsoring this one.

[Image via wikimedia commons]