elon with you

When you’re building a company, you get a lot of feedback on what you should and shouldn’t do. I’ve found the best thing to do is smile and nod and thank people even if their suggestions are totally bat-shit crazy.

But there is one question we get over and over and over again that has a ton of merit: Why aren’t our PandoMonthly interviews on iTunes?

Well, finally they are. All of them. Right here. You can commute to them. Jog to them. Code to them. We’ve got your Fred Wilson, your John Doerr, your Elon Musk, your Ben Horowitz, your Drew Houston, your Kevin Systrom, your Reid Hoffman and many, many more. There are some 28 interviews in all, for a total of some 60 hours of content about what has worked and what has failed in the last few decades of the Internet across the San Francisco, New York, and LA startup ecosystems.

Huge thanks to David Holmes for getting them all in there, and to all 28 guests for creating such stellar content.