First Round Unicorn Video

I know I’m a nerd, but I really look forward to the First Round Holiday Videos. I look forward to them as much as Josh Kopelman’s teenaged daughter dreads them. This year’s just came out and, well, there are pyrotechnics again. But it’s a bit of let down after last year’s “Gangnam Style” extravaganza.

Take a look…

Kopelman joked at our PandoMonthly this needed to be a year of resetting expectations. It’s still good. It’s just not 15-feet fireball good.

In case the partners care, here are my suggestions for 2014’s holiday video:

– More Kopelman dancing awkwardly.

– More focus on one or two memes.

– More entrepreneurs making total asses of themselves. Unicorn masks gave too much cover.

(Of course this could just be sour grapes, because Kopelman is a personal investor in PandoDaily, and as such I am not eligible to be in the videos. To be clear: The worst First Round video still beats anything else any venture firm does for the Holidays.)