apple-press-releaseAs you’re likely aware, Apple’s developer conference – WWDC – is about to kick off here in San Francisco. As you’ll hopefully also be aware, Pando has a policy of not republishing press releases.

Let’s be honest, WWDC, while a fascinating event for many reasons, is also the world’s longest, flashiest press release. For that reason, we’ve decided not to cover the on-stage announcements here on Pando.

If something genuinely newsworthy occurs at (or around) the conference, of course we’ll cover it but readers looking for second-by-second coverage of products announced at the event should head to one of the many, many, many tech blogs who will be covering every on-stage squeak and slide. To help you out, we’ll be linking to the best coverage from elsewhere over on the Pando Ticker –>

Alternatively, stay tuned to Pando for up to the minute coverage of everything else happening in the world of tech.

[Illustration: Brad Jonas for Pando]