1. secret

    Now we’ve seen Secret’s ugly soul, will investors act?

    When I wrote a post last week calling out otherwise good people for investing in Secret, I expected some strong reactions. What I didn’t expect was what happened over the past four days. Four days ago, I had no particular view of the founders of Secret.  I was merely concerned about an app that I personally considered morally bankrupt, and amazed that otherwise ethical investors (some of which we share) would want to be part of it. Based on…
  3. byttow2

    Secret accused of being “too busy raising money to care” about teen suicide warning

    “We solve complex issues with work, not talking.” – David Byttow, Secret The story of anonymity app Secret just lurched from breathtaking to horrific. An advocate for teen suicide awareness in Silicon Valley has told Pando that Secret executives were “too busy raising money to care” when she tried to warn them of the potential danger of their app. Christine Lu is a advocate for teen mental health issues, who regularly speaks to high school students about her sister’s suicide. She is also…

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