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    Wavii Floats Your News Boat

    Facebook. Yeah, it’s pretty great, just two small gripes. One, I’ve lost track of the real world while stalking high school friends’ through their updates. Two, I’m tired of exercising my witty wrath upon those that repost cat photos. And do I really need to know 40+ times that Canada (only) won a gold in trampoline? Probably not. “It’s kind of annoying, I only get [updates] about my friends,” says Wavii CEO and founder Adrian Aoun. This is exactly…
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    YC’s Kippt Joins Buffer for Saving and Sharing Content

    Today Y-Combinator-backed startup Kippt joins forces with Buffer for  a partnership. Both apps are taking on popular problems in their spaces; Kippt is a link saving site that allows you to save and search your content in a social environment, and Buffer is a link sharing site that lets users push out content in timed intervals. “We have been working on this for a while,” says Buffer’s co-founder, Leonhard Widrich, “[Buffer’s] vision is to help you share more efficiently on the Web, you know, to…
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    Email Attachment Solution Attachments.me Passes 60K Users

    Attachments.me solves a problem that we assumed Google would have been all over – indexing email attachments to make them searchable and usable. Sending attachments is old hat, and most email providers offer up enough room to store years of files. But searching out a document, PDF – or anything really – attached to an email is next to impossible, especially if you can only remember the containing details of the attachment and not the email contents. When I…
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    Tailgate Ruthlessly Repurposes the Calendar for Students

    Before social networks, universities were a different place. Get this: just to find out what my friends were up to, I had to call them, or text them, or even walk across campus just to find them. These were dark days indeed… And yet while technology has jumped ahead, events scheduling has mysteriously remained unaffected – stuck to Google Calendar or…

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    Reid Hoffman: “I’m Motivated By How I’ll Change the World”

    We’re here at Madrone Theatre for PandoMonthly’s fireside chat with Reid Hoffman. The past year has been a massive one for Hoffman. He’s been involved in five companies that have gone public including behemoths Groupon, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He’s acquired loads of publicity from the past year of successes, but for Hoffman says it’s about ‘proof of theory’. Hoffman says he’s…

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    Reid Hoffman: Walks, Talks, and Bridging Failure

    We’re at PandoMonthly’s fireside chat with Reid Hoffman tonight in Madrone Studios. Although Hoffman, who in 2011 either co-founded or invested in five companies that went public, his experience and knowledge came from a long list of fighting and learning from failure. While starting out, and way before joining Paypal, Hoffman would go for regular walks with Peter Thiel and tell…

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    Wedding Republic Handles Your Cash Registry Woes

    The first thing you need to know about Wed-Tech is that it’s totally different from Wedtech – a scandal in the late ’80s involving baby carriages and military contracts. The non-scandal topic is a massive emerging space that’s growing by the day and tugging at my cash-loving heartstrings to get married. One of the most interesting new entrants is Wedding Republic. (Sounds communist, right? It’s Canadian).…

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    Vidyoo Unveils Your Online Video Dating Future

    Vidyoo wants to change the way you find dates online, attempting to be a respectable ChatRoulette aimed at the online dating crowd. “[It’s] an application for meeting and dating new people that enables you to immediately, or very fast, get to a face-to-face meeting with people you find interesting and want to meet,” says co-founder and CEO, Assaf Mendelsen. Co-founders Assaf and Ehud Ramot, also in charge of Business Development, previously launched a successful foreign exchange site called
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    Two-Step Verification Dances Around the Issue

    Last June, millions of LinkedIn passwords were stolen. In July, 400,000 Yahoo accounts were hacked. On Friday, one tech writer, Mat Honan, had his Apple and Amazon accounts hacked through cracks in their customer service, bringing down the rest of his digital identity, as well as wiping years’ worth of personal information. Since Honan’s post on Wired recounting the hack, the Internet…

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    Affectiva Raises $12M, Tells You How You Feel

    Affectiva plays with your emotions. Their platform, which monitors and measures emotions and emotional responses, works through measuring arousal and valence of facial expressions. Arousal is a measure of physical excitation, ranging from calm to excited, and valence measures the positivity or negativity of a reaction to stimuli. The company came to life in the MIT media lab under Rana el Kaliouby, CTO of Affectiva, which was named one of the top 100 innovations of 2006 by The New York…

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