• kendo-Mobile

    Telerik’s Kendo Schools You in Dojo

    Telerik’s Kendo UI offers up a complex set of design tools for building Web, mobile, and data visualizations that translate languages for cross platform use. The problem with Kendo, like most development environment, is that they’re very complex to get started in. “The Kendo UI Dojo gives developers interested in HTML5 mobile development the perfect starting point by...
  • scott-jochim

    Scott Jochim Sees a Practical Future for Augmented Reality

    I often toss Augmented Reality in the same filthy bucket as QR Codes, an awkward marketing upsell tactic to fool non-technical clients into spending money on unproven initiatives. Case in point for QR Codes: Canada’s CBC overlays them on their TV shows linking to their site. Question: How is opening a QR code reader, lining it up on a TV...
  • logo-mendeley

    Mendeley Seeks to Speed Up Academic Impact Factor

    Research site Mendeley has launched a new dashboard that allows academics to monitor and track journal data on the site in real-time. Effectively, it gives users a way to see what journals or research is being read and cited. And while this may not seem that significant to the average non-academic user, it has the potential to increase the...
  • old-radio

    TuneIn Raises $16M, Hits 40M Monthly Users with Streaming Radio

    TuneIn has avoided publicity for the better part of two years, choosing rather to focus on growth. But now the streaming radio service is back with its third check-in since June. Last we heard, the streaming radio service had reached 70K channels with 267 percent year-on-year listener growth and penned deals with three major content providers. Now, they’ve closed a...
  • Board-pic-pandodaily

    Clipboard Goes Mobile With “Private Pinterest”

    Clipboard CEO Gary Flake, three-time regional wrestling champ and former R&D lead at both Yahoo and Microsoft, once said in a TED speech that “the whole of the data that we consume is greater than the sum of its parts.” That seems to be his touch-off point for Clipboard, which officially launched in May. At first blush, Clipboard looks a...
  • AirService.010

    AirService Delivers Where Check-In Leaves Off

    AirService exists in a space that leaves you wondering why this wasn’t around five years ago. While checking into a location is great, that misses out on the actual experience at a venue. AirService assumes that ground by letting you place orders at a venue from directly within their app. Unlike other services, the processing is done through the single...
  • openstudy

    OpenStudy Catapults Learning With Cash

    OpenStudy has spent the past five years building a community of learners from around the world, now they’re dangling a carrot for students with their latest – a crowdsourced reward program called Catapult. OpenStudy is a spinoff of a research project by Ashwin Ram, a Georgia Tech professor, and Preetha Ram, an Emory University dean in collaboration with their…

  • iRise-logo

    iRise Visualizations Partners with SAP to Provide Enterprise Solutions

    iRise offers a range of solutions to bring visualization software into enterprise companies. Their platform allows large companies to create workable mockups of apps before they lay down a single line of code. It even offers the ability to layer solutions overtop of existing designs to see how the layout will function relative to the design. It’s an important...
  • bizzabo

    Bizzabo Raises $1.5M to Expand Conference Networking App

    Bizzabo has built a LinkedIn for real-life. The app seeks to simplify networking at meetups and conferences by directing you to the people in the room that it feels you should be in contact with at each event. It also handles a chunk of the event organizing by sending alerts to users in the room about scheduling. The startup...
  • greatwhitenorth

    Defrosting The Great White North’s Startup Ecosystem

    The Canadian tech ecosystem has suffered in silence. Not unlike that guy in the ED commercials, it’s ashamed of failures, but equally afraid of a short-lived success. The startups that moved south and succeeded usually refrained from moving back after the ecosystem labelled them “sell outs.” The ones that stayed, struggled. In Waterloo, that played out in the shadow of RIM….

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