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Andrea Huspeni

Andrea Huspeni is a recent graduate student of NYU studying business and economic reporting, Andrea oversees the ticker and writes about subjects pertaining to the New York tech scene. She love covering tech, startups, entrepreneurs, and anything that brings innovation and thought provoking ideas to the world. Prior to becoming a journalist, she was involved in marketing in corporate settings and owned an ecommerce store.

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  • Rushkoff.AuthorPhoto

    For Douglas Rushkoff the future is now — and that’s the problem

    In the digital age, the future no longer matters. All we have is now, says media theorist Doug Rushkoff, author of the newly released “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now.” In it, Rushkoff explores what he calls “presentism,” a concept evolving around  “everything is real-time, always-on, pervasive, and constant.” While invigorating, this concept also presents challenges — from investors expecting a...
  • emoticon letter feature

    Lango steps up visual messaging with editorial content

    Emoticons are stupid. They’re sappy, and won’t go away, like wet leaves on the bottom of your shoe. Yet they’re indispensable for asynchronous communication. That’s because sarcasm does not translate well to email, texting, or comments at the end of news stories. As silly as it may sound emoticons are not just for high school girls or young lovers. They...
  • yoko ono

    Maiden Nation wants to empower women through ecommerce

    What do Gloria Steinem, Yoko Ono, and Lauren Bush have in common (besides the fact they are women)? If you said they’re all jewelry designers, give yourself a pat on the back. Surprised? Don’t be. They, and others, have been seduced by the idea behind New York-based startup Maiden Nation, which launched in November. The company seeks to empower women by...
  • oscar resized

    Oscar isn’t the only one that gets to relish in Kickstarter’s success

    Kickstarter has received a lot of attention over the past few days after backing Inocente, a short documentary that took home an Oscar. But Inocente isn’t the only successful creative project to arise from the crowdfunding platform. While there is no magic equation for how to be successful on Kickstarter, it doesn’t hurt the campaign to have a plan...
  • Frank

    Frank Rimalovski on the importance of entrepreneurship at schools

    New York University is in the midst of its annual NYU Entrepreneurs Competition. Over eight months, teams comprised of students from across the university compete for $200,000 in prize money spread across three tracks – new, social, and technology ventures. The competition has been ongoing since 1999, with one notable previous winner being Pinterest (when it was known as Tote)....
  • resized book image

    Choose your own adventure: Authors turn to Kickstarter to fund their stories

    Game designer Mike Selinker had a dream back in 1995—to bring his puzzle solving fantasy adventure, a book called The Maze of Games, to market. It was, he believed, a story that Narnia fanatics would eat up. After being snatched by a frightening gatekeeper, two siblings, Samuel and Collleen Quiace, scramble around late-19th century England trying to escape. The...
  • social media mystery

    As criminals get more vocal, cops get more social

    Two stories caught my eye this week relating to social media and law enforcement. One was pertaining to police pleading with the public not to use Twitter during the mountain cabin stand off with the ex-cop cum alleged cop-murderer Christopher Dorner, for fear that the updates put the lives of officers in jeopardy. The other was about Brooklyn Deputy...
  • Money-In-Purse

    The Daily Candy for finance rolls out new website

    Personally, I would rather floss my teeth with a Swiss army knife than figure out my personal finances. That’s probably not surprising. Not many jump for joy when we’re budgeting everyday expenses, strategizing investment opportunities, watching our 401Ks plummet, or choosing a retirement fund. But this unwillingness to grapple with personal finance turns out to be a real problem. According...
  • flashcards

    Citia shifts focus from just books to all content creators

    Last night, at a monthly New York Tech Meet-up, Linda Holliday, founder and CEO of Citia, a kind of Cliff’s Notes publisher for “high-velocity reading,” took the stage to talk about storytelling. This might appear an odd topic for the purveyor of a service for the ADD crowd that promises to “shorten and spotlight an author’s big ideas” by reorganizing...