• homeless_justice

    Poverty and the “Just World hypothesis”

    There’s an idea that gets thrown around in tech circles — notably in the high-profile rants of Peter Shih and Greg Gopman — that “poor people” or “homeless people” are “lazy” or they “deserve to be poor.” Sometimes this isn’t stated outright but rather strongly suggested or implied. I’ve heard it most recently in connection to the San Francisco housing debate, but it’s by no means unique to any one issue. It tends to crop up anywhere welfare or government…
  • space_odyssey

    Ray Kurzweil is wrong: The Singularity is not near

    Technology culture celebrates “the crazy ones,” those who expand our understanding of life, who can forge new realities out of their own imagination. Then again, sometimes “the crazy ones” come up with things that are just plain crazy. I am thinking of Ray Kurzweil. No doubt he’s brilliant. He’s the inventor of the flatbed scanner and an innovator of many other technologies, including those involving character recognition, text-to-speech, speech recognition, and the music synthesizer. Currently head of engineering at Google,…
  • hater_winds_feature

    What is a hater?

    Conventional Internet wisdom tells us that the Web is a never-ceasing hotbed of negativity, a swirling cesspool of haterism. Don’t ever read the comments. Don’t feed the trolls. Block and unfollow with impunity. Haters, please show yourselves to the left. Thus it is, and thus it always shall be. The only problem with this way of thinking is that it doesn’t actually allow for what the Web is best at, communicating in real time. If citizens of the Web are encouraged to…
  • quixote

    Magical thinking in Silicon Valley

    In 1962, science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote his Three Laws of Prediction, on how to think about future technologies. The third law is by far the most popularly quoted: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Sometimes I wonder if we’re entering a period of history where technology advances at such a fast clip that the thinking of ordinary people about tech starts to approach this sort of superstitious reverence. It’s a well-heeled paradox that a…
  • work_3_pando

    The late, great 8-hour workday

    Startup founders have been known to talk about “entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.” Long hours, bad food, poor job security – these are bragging rights among many tech founders. They’re building something after all. Worrying about physical well-being and mental health and wearing clothes that aren’t sweatpants can wait until after the big exit, and sometimes not even then. Tech people will tell you that they’re not concerned much with their own personal needs to rest or to spend time away…
  • journalists-whatever

    Whatever works: A wife’s tragedy and an instructive moment for online journalists

    Here at the dawn of the Digital Era, many issues remain up for debate. Appropriately, most of these debates are happening on or around the Internet, and unsurprisingly, few of them show signs of being resolved. The basic problem is this: The Internet revolution has happened so quickly and has brought such rapid change that we don’t really know how to handle all our new power. Our technological advances have outgrown our ability to adapt normative ethics, and so we…
  • pandodaily-default

    PandoMonthly Presents: A Fireside Chat with Elon Musk

    We’re here at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, CA for our first ever PandoMonthly LA event, where our own Sarah Lacy will sit down with SpaceX founder and PayPal and Tesla co-founder, Elon Musk. Those three companies will surely list among the various topics up for conversation, though knowing Sarah, we expect a curveball or two as well.

  • Thank You Facebook

    Watch the Bizarre Social Networking Love-Fest That is “Thank You Facebook”

    If you haven’t yet seen the newest viral video sensation “Thank You Facebook,” you must watch. It’s…amazing.

  • Calvin

    Who Are You Again?

    Remember when your company consisted of ten people in a room, sharing Chinese food off each others plates? When you knew everything there was to know about your co-workers and the synergy and energy that came from that was contagious? Start-up mode. My favorite. But then the inevitable happens. All that passion and energy allowed ten people to morph into thirty, and…

  • kara

    Quantic Dream Debuts Gorgeous Demo Video for New Playstation 3 Motion Capture Tech

    You’re going to want to want to watch this five-minute demo video “Kara” by Quantic Dream, the studio behind new 3D motion capture tech for the Playstation 3. More than the fact that the video is just mindbogglingly gorgeous, its most interesting aspect might be that it was captured on the Playstation in real time. “It’s not CG, [and] it’s not pre-rendered. It’s really the game,” says…

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