David Holmes

David Holmes is Pando’s East Coast Editor. He is also the co-founder of Explainer Music, a production company specializing in journalistic music videos. His work has appeared at, ProPublica, the Guardian, the Daily Dot,, and Grist.
You can follow David on Twitter @holmesdm
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  • twitter-facebook-brothers

    Why you shouldn’t freak out about Twitter’s new timeline experiments

    For the most-experienced power users of Twitter, the timeline is sacred. We constantly prune and pluck at the accounts we follow, shaping our feed to produce the funniest and smartest timeline of curated chaos we can handle. But most users don’t do this, and Twitter knows it. That’s why it’s been experimenting with the home timeline, adding popular or relevant tweets from accounts you don’t follow or activity from accounts you do. Many have already observed these changes on their own feeds —…
  • ode-to-uber

    After a heated hearing, NYC taxi commission postpones ridesharing vote

    Following a series of arguments from stakeholders across the taxi, car service, and ridesharing spectrum, New York City’s Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) decided to postpone a vote on controversial rule changes governing ridesharing services today. The current rules allow for a driver who works for a black car service to also accept rides through Uber or Lyft without any fuss. The TLC’s proposal, however, would require drivers to align themselves with just one company or “base” at a time. If…
  • rat-mites

    You already have bed bugs. Now get ready to deal with rat mites.

    You’re not going to like this. Imagine taking the two most disgusting creatures that torment New Yorkers. Now combine them into one creepy abomination whose capacity to repulse is nothing short of complete; a nightmare-monster associated with the diseases of rats, but small enough, like a bed bug, to creep into your bed while you sleep to tear away tiny bits of your flesh, leaving your skin itchy and red, and your ability to ever relax again just totally gone. No, this isn’t a horror movie. This is another awful reality New Yorkers…
  • hbogo

    Game of clones: Assessing the winners and losers now that HBO is going to be more like Netflix

    Netflix has said it’s goal is “to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” Today, HBO just took a huge step in that direction. After years of speculation and months of rumor, HBO has finally announced that it will offer a standalone streaming service for customers who don’t have cable subscriptions. The announcement was made by HBO head Richard Pleper at Time Warner’s investor meeting. Although the news is hardly surprising, it has major ramifications on both the streaming…
  • iggy-pop

    Power nerds and computer Putins: Iggy Pop weighs in on the new music economy

    I discovered the punk pioneer Iggy Pop in the least punk of ways: In the bargain bin of a suburban Virgin Megastore. The cover and title of “Raw Power,” and the animalistic interplay between them, were irresistible. Coming of age in the 90s, my conception of punk rock was informed by Green Day, the Offspring, and Blink 182. But this clearly wasn’t the work of privileged pranksters or skateboard brats. This would truly tear me to shreds. Now, 40 years after the…
  • click-bait

    Clickhole brilliantly sends up Ello with its ad-less, colorless, wordless social network Zylch

    Columbia Journalism Review? Nieman Lab? David Carr’s Times column? You’re all on watch. Clickhole has become the best media criticism site on the planet. The subsidiary of the Onion began by largely lampooning the clickbait listicles and quizzes of sites like Buzzfeed and its Expanded Universe of copycat sites like Viralnova and Distractify. Recent highlights include “How Many Of These Smells Can You Identify?” and “8 Signs He’s Cheating” (like “A hound barks thrice at dawn”). But…
  • Levine2

    Watch our full PandoMonthly fireside chat with Bessemer Venture’s Jeremy Levine

    Jeremy Levine has invested in some of the biggest consumer hits of the Web 2.0 era, including LinkedIn, Yelp, and Pinterest. He’s also refreshingly humble and honest about some of his biggest misses — In 2004, Levine brushed off a relentless kid named Eduardo Saverin, telling him, “Kid, haven’t you heard of Friendster?” That mix of wisdom, candor, and storytelling made for one of our most enjoyable and valuable PandoMonthlys yet. Joining Sarah Lacy on stage in New York, Levine…
  • twitter-pr-or-journalism

    Let’s all calm down about Vivian’s Schiller’s exit — Twitter was never a “news” site, and that’s okay

    Over the weekend, the Guardian’s Jane Martinson had some things to say about the recent management shakeup at Twitter. If you haven’t been following along, the company merged its news, government, and elections team under one roof which resulted in some redundancies. The most notable exit was Vivian Schiller, the ex-NPR and NBC executive brought in to head Twitter’s news department. On Schiller’s departure, Martinson writes, “The management meltdown has simply served to highlight an ongoing struggle…
  • ode-to-uber

    Uber’s war of attrition in Europe continues as Dutch police arrest 4 drivers

    Uber’s struggles in Europe continued over the weekend after four Uber drivers in Amsterdam were arrested by Dutch police for operating transportation services without the proper permits. According to Bloomberg, a Ministry of Environment & Infrastructure spokeswoman Yeter Atmaca said the drivers could be fined up to 4,200 euros or $5,300 each. The arrests were made as part of a sting operation in which Ministry inspectors posed as passengers. This is only the latest in a series of setbacks…
  • brunch

    Brunch-shaming: Why the backlash against brunch is dumb and needs to stop

    There’s nothing like a horribly wrong New York Times opinion piece to get the blood flowing at the end of a long week. Today’s entry in the Grey Lady’s ever-expanding thinkpiece imaginarium is a screed against that most indulgent of weekend meals: Brunch. “Brunch is for jerks,” writes Times contributor David Shaftel: It’s gone way too far. Saturday and Sunday mornings in New York’s West Village, where I have lived for nearly 20 years, used to bring an almost pastoral calm.…

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