David Holmes

David Holmes is Pando’s East Coast Editor. He is also the co-founder of Explainer Music, a production company specializing in journalistic music videos. His work has appeared at, ProPublica, the Guardian, the Daily Dot,, and Grist.
You can follow David on Twitter @holmesdm
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  • twitter-facebook-brothers

    If Twitter implements a Facebook-style algorithm, you may not hear about the next Ferguson

    Like many across the country, I’ve been closely following the aftermath of the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, allegedly at the hands of an white cop. And also like many, I’ve relied largely on social media for reports and analysis about the story. While these networks are often full of false or incomplete information, with a little discretion and skepticism on the part of the reader, social media provides the broadest and most up-to-the-minute picture of…
  • puff-puff-chat-pot-leaf

    The hidden synergies between Uber and marijuana

    Yesterday, Weedmaps, a marijuana dispensary locator and community site for pot enthusiasts, announced a partnership with ridesharing giant Uber. The seemingly strange bedfellows are working with a Denver-based marijuana dispensary called the Clinic to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. For every rider that uses the promotional code “clinicms,” Uber will donate $5 to the National MS Society. Companies run charity campaigns all the time, and certainly MS research is as worthy a cause as any, what with
  • silicon-valley-hbo

    HBO’s “Silicon Valley” may fix its “female problem” in Season 2

    HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” which wrapped up its first season in June, was one of the most frustrating television shows in recent memory. On one hand, it perfectly captured many of the details and vocabulary of Bay Area technology types, which in and of itself is a tiny miracle — from “Social Network” to “Hackers,” Hollywood’s version of techies almost never resembles the truth (at least “Hackers” had the decency to know it was ridiculous). On the other hand, the show…
  • netflix-problem-two

    MediaREDEF expands its original content offerings with a depressing take on online video

    Jason Hirschhorn’s Media Redefined newsletter, which culls together the day’s best digital media stories, has become a sort of daily gospel around tech circles. (If you’re a regular or even occasional Pando reader, there’s no reason not to sign up right now). Our editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy has repeatedly told us that the one metric she cares most about isn’t pageviews or social shares, it’s influence, which has quickly translated into appearing in the MediaREDEF newsletter – that’s…
  • anonymous

    Anonymous hackers claim to know ID of Ferguson police officer who killed unarmed Michael Brown

    Last Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri, a reportedly white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown. The police claim the shooting was done in self-defense, but eyewitness accounts tell a very different story, one where an officer opened fire on a teen for little more than not getting out of the street quickly enough. Meanwhile, the St. Louis County Chief of Police maintains that a “physical confrontation” occurred, one that was initiated by Brown when the officer tried to exit…
  • airbnb

    Thanks to Huntbnb, people who secretly list their apartment on Airbnb have nowhere to hide

    Say you’re a greedy landlord (I know that might be a stretch to put yourself in such skeezy shoes, but bear with me). You’re in the business of squeezing as much money as you can out of tenants, cutting corners whenever possible, whether it’s over repairs or bedbug treatments. With this cash-hungry attitude at the heart of your business, you probably wouldn’t want your tenants making extra dough renting your property on Airbnb for a weekend here or there while they’re out of town,…
  • Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.42.30 PM

    My Big Break: How Ken Lerer helped Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti turn viral prankery into an $850M business

    Before cofounding Huffington Post and later Buzzfeed, Jonah Peretti was basically a guy who liked fucking around on the Internet. Sure, he was far earlier than most to experiment on the web, and he’s probably funnier and knows a lot more about network effects than you. Yet as he told Sarah Lacy at a 2012 PandoMonthly event in New York, his early viral projects, including the Nike sweatshop emails, the New York Rejection Line, and Black…
  • benders-robots

    Rise of the machines: Up to 8.5% of Twitter users are robots

    It’s become sort of a tradition on Wall Street every time Twitter releases an earnings statement to fret over the social network’s user base. At last count, Twitter had 271 million monthly active users, or less than a third of big brother Facebook’s billion-strong base. After five straight quarters of decelerating growth, the rate at which Twitter is picking up new users has finally bounced back a bit. The company has also said it will start reporting usage metrics in ways that better reflect…
  • sabotage

    Sabotage! Uber employees allegedly called and cancelled over 5,000 Lyft rides since October

    “The economic value of a man’s work is determined, on a free market, by a single principal: by the voluntary consent of those who are willing to trade him their work or products in return.” That quote comes from Ayn Rand, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s favorite philosopher and hero of libertarians the world over. Sounds like a pretty nice concept — the “man” with the best product wins. But despite Kalanick’s vociferous support of Randian principles, even he knows…
  • buzzfeed

    Not content to be the new HuffPo, Buzzfeed raises another $50M to be like VICE too

    Last night, Buzzfeed announced a $50 million round from Andreessen Horowitz at an $850 million valuation. [Disclosure: Andressen Horowitz partners Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, and Jeff Jordan are personal investors in Pando]  In the grand scheme of wild funding rounds at even wilder valuations, this one is comparatively sober. Buzzfeed is expected to turn a profit on $100 million in revenue this year, and the company just turned down an acquisition offer by Disney. (Fortune’s Erin Griffith has a good rundown of what…

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