David Holmes

David Holmes is Pando’s East Coast Editor. He is also the co-founder of Explainer Music, a production company specializing in journalistic music videos. His work has appeared at, ProPublica, the Guardian, the Daily Dot,, and Grist.
You can follow David on Twitter @holmesdm
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  • ss1

    VIDEO: How SoulCycle went from a business plan scrawled on a napkin to an IPO candidate

    When asked about what the future holds for SoulCycle, cofounder Julie Rice told the audience at this week’s PandoMonthly fireside chat in New York, “We think about different things every single day.” A cynic would say that only someone with something to hide would dare answer a question so vaguely. And they would be right, it seems: Sources revealed to Reuters today that the cult-like cycling chain, which began 9 years ago as a business plan written on a napkin,…
  • Butterfield_MG_5159_web2

    Watch the full fireside chat with Slack and Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield

    Few software products have ascended to the ranks of the billion dollar valuation club (or “Club Unicorn”) faster than Slack. The enterprise collaboration platform has found rabid fans in companies as diverse as WalMart, Adobe, and — ahem — Pando, thanks to its ease-of-use, wide range of functionality, and whimsical interface. And yet throughout Stewart Butterfield’s chat with Sarah Lacy on the PandoMonthly stage in San Francisco, he repeatedly downplayed these very narratives, calling his billion dollar status “arbitrary as…
  • doritos-builds-tweet-powered-sxsw-stage-thats-more-awesome-acts-it-147760

    “@SXSWPartyzzzzz” perfectly skewers the tech-damaged cultural mess that is South by Southwest

    On Sunday, I’ll fly out to Austin for my first-ever trip to SXSW. Veterans of the festival will surely tell me that I missed the boat on the event’s golden years, and that the SXSW of the past few years has become a corporate nightmare of brand-induced seizures and status-seeking culture whores. And judging by advents like the stage mocked up to look like a giant Doritos vending machine (pictured above), these critics aren’t wrong. So what better way to prepare…
  • Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.00.12 PM

    What SoulCycle can teach you about scaling a company

    When SoulCycle founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice were announced to the PandoMonthly schedule, there was a bit of head-scratching, even from our staff. Our event series is all about technology entrepreneurs, so what are a couple fitness gurus doing on stage? Is this just our CEO Sarah Lacy indulging in her own well-documented SoulCycle fandom? Not in the slightest. First off, fitness is a crucial component of entrepreneurial lifestyle, and high-profile CEOs like Twitter’s Dick Costolo are among SoulCycle’s most devoted acolytes.…
  • soul-cycle

    Sexy corners: My beautiful dark twisted SoulCycle addiction

    SoulCycle founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice will be our guests at tonight’s PandoMonthly in New York at 6 PM. There are still a few $20 tickets left you can buy here, so grab them before they sell out. It’s pure chaos in the lobby of the Union St. Soulcycle outpost in San Francisco. Scores of women and a couple men pace anxiously, wearing sweats and tank-tops that look painted on, their hair pulled back into sociopathically tight buns. I am one of…
  • New Apple CEO Tim Cook Introduces New iPhone

    Today in Apple news that matters: $50M to diversity efforts and better wages for shuttle drivers

    This week, the big Cupertino corporation named after a fruit announced a computer you wear on your wrist and a regular computer that is different than its other regular computers. Apple aficionados in the tech press were naturally rapt, spilling oceans of ink and pixels on these grey and gold gadgets. But tacked on to the always-irresistible product news, Apple announced two efforts that do more than fatten shareholder wallets, boost earnings, and make journalists’ hearts flutter: A massive diversity push and better…
  • journalist_desk

    Content shakeout alert: Gigaom runs out of money, will shut down

    The past six months haven’t been kind to some of the earliest tech blogs. Last November, ReadWrite was put up for sale* by SAY Media who threw in the towel on its content properties. Now, multiple staffers have confirmed on Twitter that Gigaom will shut down. Why? According to senior writer Mathew Ingram, it simply ran out of cash. (Update: Gigaom’s management has written a post addressing the shutdown, stating that the company is “unable to…
  • bandcamp-guitar-player

    In a huge win for direct-to-fan platforms, Bandcamp has paid out $100 million to artists

    Plenty of startups have promised to save the music industry through technology. That could mean everything from increasing the amount of total revenues — which have been cut in half since 2000 — flowing into the category or making it easier for consumers to discover, access, and connect to bands that they love. But for musicians — the most important constituency of the industry , without whom there would be no product to sell — only one metric matters: artist payouts. On this front, the…
  • social media_uprising

    “The Audit”: A science fiction nightmare about the quantified self

    It was the kind of gorgeous San Francisco morning where the pre-dawn sky, rich with purple and orange sunlight gradients under a blanket of star clusters, looked every bit as good to Bennett Marcus as anything his 20th generation iPhone screen could muster. The sky that humbled Bennett as he sipped coffee and read Twitter on his balcony was the product of a San Francisco entrepreneur posing a very good question to some very rich people: Why should most of the world’s population, having migrated to light-polluted cities…
  • jerrysaltz

    Jerry Saltz, the new Internet content cops, and why if Facebook is network TV, Twitter is HBO

    Last month, the Awl’s John Herrman wrote a great and frightening piece called, “The Next Internet is TV.” Basically Herrman argued that content providers’ own properties — their websites and even their apps — will soon become obsolete as more and more content is discovered and consumed directly on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. These are the channels. Writers, editors, videographers ,and eventually entire newspaper staffs will be little more than Content Creators™ supplying “creative” to these channels. Anybody can still post their content to these networks, but…

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