David Holmes

David Holmes is Pando’s East Coast Editor. He is also the co-founder of Explainer Music, a production company specializing in journalistic music videos. His work has appeared at, ProPublica, the Guardian, the Daily Dot,, and Grist.
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  • columbus-ohio-app

    This is how you startup in the Midwest: Whence’s delivery app is uniquely tailored to life in Ohio

    Columbus, Ohio: Not exactly the most obvious place to build a startup, right? Sure, it’s a great American city with a strong independent rock and hip-hop scene, a nice-to-exceptional art community, one of the biggest universities in the country, and cheap rent. (Okay this is the part where I should disclose I was born in Columbus and lived there for the first quarter-century of my life). But while the ratio between the quality of living and the cost of living in…
  • David Karp Tumblr

    Marissa Mayer’s plan to turn Tumblr into YouTube is bold and smart. Too bad it’s probably not going to work.

    When I first read Business Insider’s report that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer plans to turn Tumblr into YouTube, my first reaction was, “Wait, what?” While we’re at it, why doesn’t Facebook turn Instagram into Gmail? Or maybe Google could turn Nest into Foursquare. The news made it sound not only like Mayer wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards, but that she’d thrown the deck out completely and resorted to Mad Libs. But the plan actually makes more…
  • virgin-atlantic-new-plane-vaa-12313

    Why thousands of people are following this fake Virgin Airlines Instagram account

    UPDATE: After this story published, the fake Virgin UK Instagram account is no longer live] People will do almost anything for the promise of free stuff. Remember those old ads that promised a free laptop if you just filled out this one survey? And another? And another? And then a hundred pop-ups later you’re no closer to a free laptop but need one more than ever now that yours is infected with all manner of Internet-transmitted diseases? The stakes are even lower…
  • iphoneamp

    I tried out SoundFocus’ “soundsystem-in-a-smartphone case” and it’s great

    For Alex Selig, great sound quality is more than just an audiophile fetish. The cofounder and CEO of SoundFocus was born with hearing loss that requires him to wear in-ear hearing aids. Headphones and speakers that are personalized to the listener may sound like a first-world luxury, but Selig understood at an early age that not everybody’s ears hear music the same way. “I was seeking solutions to take a radically different approach to how we customize sound to the…
  • ebay-shrugged-omidyar

    What possible reason can eBay have for standing by ultraconservative climate change deniers at ALEC?

    The tech world’s strange love affair with ultraconservative ALEC is unraveling. Over the past two months, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yelp, and Yahoo have distanced themselves from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a Koch Brothers-backed think tank that’s pushed just about every controversial right-wing legislative initiative you can think of. Teaching climate change denial in schools? Check. Advocating for Voter ID laws that disenfranchise minorities? Uh huh. A national “Stand Your Ground” law? Why not? The breaking…
  • pornhub-ads

    Pornhub makes good on its advertising aspirations, launching a 50 foot billboard in Times Square

    When the massive online adult network Pornhub (extremely NSFW) launched a contest to name its first-ever creative director, many wrote the campaign off as a stunt. Like its rejected Super Bowl ad, few people expected the SFW ad spots that Pornhub solicited to actually make it in a major magazine or on a billboard. Instead, these gimmicky gambits function as a reacharound — I mean — workaround to get its ads in front of large numbers of people online, where…
  • basketball-silicon-valley-tech

    Silicon Valley is taking over the NBA — and it’s kind of creepy

    Since former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Los Angeles Clippers for the unprecedented sum of $2 billion (the next largest NBA sale in history was only $550 million), around a third of all NBA teams have a majority owner with deep ties to Silicon Valley. Other billionaire tech-sports enthusiasts include the Dallas Mavericks’ Mark Cuban and Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen who owns the Portland Trail Blazers. So it’s fitting that the NBA has also become one of the most technologically-savvy sports leagues…
  • techbrovenn5

    Another reason we should probably kill the term “brogrammer” forever

    Yesterday, Sarah Lacy published an epic piece on the rise of the “asshole class” among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Her thesis goes that while the kind of person with the drive and talent to build a billion dollar business is often arrogant, intense, and calculated, the trait missing from many of the youngest and worst Silicon Valley offenders, like Uber’s Travis Kalanick and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel, is integrity. And yet the money keeps flowing into these jerks’ coffers while venture capitalists…
  • newspaper-dog

    Social networks are the new journalistic gatekeepers. Thank God for LinkedIn’s Dan Roth.

    As the Internet opened up the publishing world to anybody with a laptop and an opinion, there was a sense, particularly during the early days of blogging, that the old journalistic gatekeepers had finally been vanquished. An underwear-clad blogger was using the same platform and pixels as the New York Times. And despite the fact that the Times’ reputation gave it a built-in audience, social media was a democratizing force giving anybody a shot at success. But Internet idealists were quickly relieved of…
  • diversity-crayons

    How “The Most Diverse Tech Conference in the World” wants to fix technology’s race and gender issues

    This is the part where I talk about tech’s diversity problem. A lot of people have written about this issue, and almost every piece cites the same statistics: Less than 20 percent of the technology workforces at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are women. At those same companies, less than 5 percent of the technology workforces are black or hispanic. Meanwhile, only thirteen percent of venture-backed startups are founded by women, and only one…

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