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Farhad Manjoo


Farhad Manjoo graduated from Cornell University in 2000. In 2008, he was hired as a staff writer for Slate magazine, covering technology, journalism and politics.

Farhad is a paid contributor to PandoDaily.

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  • larry_page

    Why “Don’t Be Evil” Is Evil, and Why Google Isn’t So Bad

    Early in 2000, a tiny but much-beloved search company held an employee meeting to figure out something that all successful firms feel they have to face at a certain point: What should we be about? For most companies, the core-values conversation is a useless bit of corporate tedium that usually results a list of anodyne adjectives that most employees can’t remember, and that nobody would ever oppose. Microsoft’s core values favor “integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual…
  • iphone-battery

    It’s the battery, stupid: The looming 4G smartphone crisis

    What’s your favorite thing about your smartphone? Is it its minimalist design? Its pretty interface? How about the fantastic HD display, the apps, 4G networking, or great cloud backups? Or maybe it’s all of those things? If someone were to ask me what I like about my phone—my year-and-a-half old iPhone 4—I’d likely say some combination of these factors. I like the OS, I like the display, and I like that there are a whole lot of apps in the…
  • jeffbezos

    Amazon’s brilliant plan to pay you crazy money for your iPad 2

    It’s been three days since Tim Cook unveiled the new iPad, but you’re still stuck with your trusty old iPad 2. You’re keen to get rid of it so you can buy the new one, but you forgot to log in to one of those buy-back sites before Wednesday’s launch. Predictably, the announcement sent trade-in values plummeting—before the launch, some of these sites were offering close to $300 for your entry-level iPad 2 (the 16GB Wi-Fi model),…
  • fax_machine_hp_1010

    Starting a Business is Easy, But Starting a Company is Too Damn Hard

    Well, I’m a corporation. And it feels great! For many years, I’ve been a mere sole proprietor, a fledgling one-man band in the eyes of the IRS. But due to some financial changes in my life—a book deal, a New Year’s resolution to become more organized with my money, a realization that I could slightly lower my tax bill by changing my status—I recently…

  • Dropbox

    Steve Jobs was right: Dropbox is a feature, not a product

    I’ve always been a big fan and committed user of Dropbox. Over the last couple years the handy file-sync app has gotten me out of many scrapes—when I need to access six-month-old interview notes when I’m out of town, it’s always a thrill to find them in my Dropbox. Along with my sit/stand desk, my Livescribe pen, and my MacBook…

  • Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History

    Don’t mess with credit: Why the future of payments is already in your pocket.

    Everywhere you look, someone is working on a new way to let you pay for stuff. It’s obvious why: Paying for stuff is the most fundamental activity in commerce, something you do many times a day, wherever you are, even at home, even in secret. Thus anyone who hits on a creative new way to get people to part with their money stands to gain a slice of an unbelievably huge market. And, of course, we all…
  • screenshot_startScreen_page

    Why Windows 8 tablets could be a bonanza for start-ups

    Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. I don’t think the world is adequately excited about what happened this week with Microsoft. This happens often nowadays; the world is never as excited as it ought to be about big news coming out of Redmond. The giant announces something huge, it gets a few links on Techmeme, and then we all go on pretending that the tech world revolves around Cupertino and Mountain View. Which it…
  • Money fan

    Silicon Valley’s engineering salaries are finally getting fair. Thank Facebook.

    Silicon Valley’s engineers have it great. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway. Everyone’s heard about the free food, on-site laundry, the Wi-Fi commuter shuttle, and the haircut trailer in Google’s parking lot. It’s not just perks. These guys are swimming in cash, too, aren’t they? Facebook’s IPO will create more than a thousand millionaires. Then there are those tales of high-stakes bidding wars between Google, Facebook and Twitter, with the most-prized engineers getting potentially millions to go…
  • android-wallpaper5_2560x1600

    How Google can save Android: Close it. License it. Swim in the profits.

    For much of 2011, it looked like Android was crushing it. Google had brilliantly pushed its free mobile OS to every corner of the earth—you could pick up an Android phone from every manufacturer on every carrier at every price point, most often just as a consolation prize for signing a contract. Looking back, I’d peg Android’s high-water mark at around April Fool’s Day, when Fred Wilson declared Google’s OS to be the preeminent marketplace for…
  • galaxy-01

    Why OnLive’s Windows-on-iPad App is Revolutionary

     The other day I pulled up a Flash-heavy site on an iPad, and it loaded up faster than you can say “banned from the App Store.” In fact, the site—, which is so annoying it’ll put you off from buying a luxury car forever—ran faster on the iPad than it does on my monster desktop at home. Next I loaded up an HD movie trailer, and it began to play instantly. As I scrubbed from the…