Bryan Goldberg

Bryan is an entrepreneur in New York and San Francisco. He is the Founder and CEO of Bustle.com. He previously founded Bleacher Report, and currently advises several startups. You can follow him on Twitter.

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  • humility_

    Humility, Pt. 2

    I am not a humble person by nature. If you have read more than four of my articles, then you know that I have strong opinions and strong ideas. But part of being an entrepreneur is knowing when to be humble. And if you are a second-time entrepreneur, even one who had a great deal of success the first time around, then the rule applies doubly. A few observations thus far from the second go around: 1. If you are entering a…
  • film_moster_pd

    Online video is a pain in the ass

    Now that my new content website is well underway, I’ve had a number of ‘coffee conversations’ with investors and advisors. While discussing the site with them, I get a lot of questions about our strategy and how we will differentiate ourselves from the pack. But no question rears its head more so than this one: “What’s your video strategy?” My answer is very crisp and to the point. I simply walk them through Bryan’s Eight-Step Video Launch Strategy… Step 1: Launch…
  • six_wigs_pd

    Raising money for the sake of raising money

    What is a startup CEO’s primary job? It’s to keep the company financed. Usually that means raising money, and a great CEO will be able to effectively manage his company’s capitalization. But that doesn’t mean that some CEOs don’t get carried away. Some CEOs in Silicon Valley get completely carried away, and they raise money because… well, that’s a good question. The news that Eventbrite just raised $60 million — on a reported $650 million valuation — would appear to…
  • typewriter_money

    The separation of “church and state” in publishing

    For a long time — I don’t know how long, but it certainly predates my brief existence on this planet — the publishing world has talked about “church vs. state.” The concept is simple. Advertisers want to inject themselves into a publication, and journalists want to keep their writing pure. So, if you are going to advertise in the New York Times, you must do it in a way that does not encroach upon the content that would otherwise exist…
  • nerd_feature

    I speak fluent Nerd. I speak fluent Hipster. I speak fluent D-Bag.

    I speak fluent Nerd. Sure, I don’t write code, but I do create my own SQL queries, because no man tells me how to query. And when work is done, nobody can out-geek me. I’m a Level 99 nerd where it counts. Yes, I have played Magic the Gathering for more than twenty years. I have my favorite MTG guilds, just like any other nerd (Boros and Gruul, in case you have to know). And it doesn’t end there. I…
  • Internet money PD

    Great, now engineers think that they are economists too

    Several months ago, one of my company’s engineers told me about Bitcoin. It wasn’t the first time that I had heard about the concept, but it was the first time that somebody I knew actually bought some. Did I say some? What I meant to say is that he bought a crapload of Bitcoins. They were worth about $9 each when he acquired them, and he decided to drop a healthy $5,000 on his roll of digital bullion. Today, even as he has sold…
  • moby dick

    Do men read?

    What! How dare I ask such a question? You are a man, perhaps, and you like to read — why, you have visited six different websites today alone. PandoDaily is just one of many fine periodicals that round out your day. Right? But I’m still going to ask the question, and I am also going to broaden it into an action-oriented one: Is it worth it to launch a digital publication that targets men? For me, the answer is no. And…
  • not_as_good_pd

    You are not as good as you think you are

    You just sold your company for hundreds of millions of dollars, and months later, you are still getting congratulatory emails from people you barely remember. You worked your ass off to build that company, and you genuinely deserve credit for what you achieved — sure, there was some luck involved. More than you even want to think about. Still, nobody can doubt the accuracy of your original vision, the outstanding decisions you made along the way, and your innate ability…
  • Carnac

    How much was GoodReads worth? My calculation says $3 billion

    Earlier today, BusinessWeek speculated that Good Reads — the terrific social network founded by Otis Chandler and Elizabeth Khuri Chandler — was acquired for about $1 billion. Like most people who read this headline, I immediately clicked the article, drove a unique visitor to BusinessWeek, viewed an advertisement, and contributed a tenth of a penny to Michael Bloomberg’s net worth. I then read a ridiculous article that made nonsensical claims about valuing social networks. It claimed that valuing “users…
  • Income tax

    Because of asset seizures, I am starting my new company outside California

    Today was a bad day. After meeting with my tax accountant, I am now cutting a very large check to the State of California, all of which resulted from Proposition 30 and the “retroactive tax” that was levied on my 2012 income. This despite the fact that I already paid my 2012 taxes back in September. While the law stipulates that I must surrender this money, I refuse to acknowledge this as a tax at all. This is not a tax.…

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