• innospring

    InnoSpring, The Valley’s First US-China Tech Incubator, Opens Its Doors And Launches A Seed Fund

    China. It’s got nearly 1.4 billion people within its borders — and over 1/3 of them are online. It’s the largest online population in the world. To say that it’s an important market would be a ludicrous understatement. Alas, it’s also an incredibly difficult market to break into — especially for those from outside the region. Just ask Groupon. This evening, a new incubator is opening the doors to a handful of US startups looking to expand into China,…
  • layout 2

    Fan Page Mobilizer Turns Your Facebook Fan Page Into a Solid Mobile Web App For $5 (Or Free)

    Let’s say you run a small business. I don’t really know you, so I’m going to assume that you’re in the business of making and selling small hats for dogs. Regardless of the naysayers, your tiny hat company has taken off. You’ve found customers near and far, and your Facebook Fan Page is followed by literally dozens of canine headpiece enthusiasts. The next step, clearly: You need a mobile app. The problem? You don’t know a thing about making…
  • Pairmixer Screenshot

    Single? Still Want To Thumbkiss? PairMixer Finds You Someone To Pair With

    Pair. Pair Pair Pair Pair Pair. Everyone’s talking about Pair. And why wouldn’t they? You can send drawings to your significant other! You can share photos with each other in a relatively private manner! You can kiss with your thumbs! Sure, sure, the idea has its flaws — but my god, it’s like they taught a Care Bear to make iOS apps. I simply can’t hate on it. The only problem? If you’re single, Pair… isn’t much fun.…
  • old ovooko

    Ovooko Takes the Organizing Out Of Organizing a Meetup

    You know what I quite enjoy? Going to random meetups. You know what I don’t enjoy at all? Organizing meetups. I’m perfectly happy to swing by a bar to crash a “People Under 30 Who Like Pictures Of Cats In Sweaters” (or whatever) meetup. But to actually start my own meetup group? Yeah, not something I’d do. That’s why I’m digging the idea behind Ovooko:…

  • 500 info

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About 500 Startups: The Infographic

    While talking with 500 Startups about their news this morning, they sent over this ridiculously handy infographic. I was going to just stuff it into the bottom of that post, but then I realized: for anyone looking into which seed fund/accelerator is right for them, this sort of thing is incredibly handy. It deserves its own post. I kind of wish every firm…

  • 500 partners

    500 Startups Lands New Partners, Files To Raise $50 Million

    Big news out of Dave McClure’s seed fund/accelerator 500 Startups this morning, some official and some mostly official. The official news: two long-time staffers have been promoted all the way up to the Partner spot (effectively doubling the number of partners at the company), while two new folks have been brought on board as Venture Partners to help flesh out 500’s international portfolio.…

  • warb arps

    Facebook’s Mobile Web App Sees More Monthly Users Than Its iOS/Android Apps Combined

    If anyone ever tells you to eschew building for the mobile Web and only worry about native app development, you might want to be wary of taking the rest of their advice. I was just over at Facebook HQ for a quick meeting with a small chunk of the Silicon Valley press corps. While it was mostly to discuss their mobile strategy and wasn’t…

  • Layout shot

    Brilliant: OKeez Turns Your iPad Into A Hardcore Customizable Game Controller

    I love when I find something I want to write about by accident, something that I stumble across by pure luck, with nary a pitch to be heard. It’s like finding an Easter Egg in the middle of September. Such is the case with OKeez, a brilliant project out of Belgium. OKeez wants to turn your iPad into a totally customizable, community-driven controller…

  • IMG_0442

    Snark.ly: A Battle Of Wits For Internet Glory

    Do you fancy yourself as some sort of Internet funny man? Does every comment you leave explode into a dazzling spectacle of upvotes? Are you the last standing disciple of online jocosity, raised in the ancient writings of Maddox and Seanbaby? Prove it. Snark.ly wants to be a community of funny people, all caught in an endless battle for the Internet’s most precious currency: the approval of strangers. (more…)
  • backstory logo

    Backstory: Push A Button, Custom Tailor Your Site For Each And Every Visitor

    We, as website operators (and I say “we” because, well, who doesn’t own a domain or three these days?), know a ridiculous amount about the people visiting our sites. Even if we don’t really try to gather any information, we can generally determine what sort of device the user is visiting from, what website lead them to us, and which pages of ours…

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