• fools full

    In Which I Get RickRoll’d By Telegram

    There I sat, staring grumpily at my monitor and tapping every key just a little too hard. The two companies I’d planned on writing about today had both decided to push their launches back at the last minute — which, while totally understandable, kind of messed with my day. Then this arrived and made everything all better.

  • screenshot leap

    The Debrief: Leap’s Co-Founder On Facebook Woes, Being Inspired By Bacon, and The First Month After Launch

    And we’re back with another edition of The Debrief, our shiny, new, and hopefully somewhat-regular column, where we talk to founders a few weeks after launch on the twists, the turns, and the lessons learned so far. The first Debrief was with Justin Kan, a seasoned vet of the startup world with a hefty bevy of companies under his belt. I figured we’d mix things up a bit this time and chat with someone new to…
  • Home Transformers

    Hey NBC: That’s Not Your Artwork, It’s Apple’s

    NBC is hard at work on a new TV show called Home Transformers. So hard at work, it seems, that they can’t even find the time to make their own artwork. (more…)
  • IMG_0416

    SnapGuide: A Simple (and Incredibly Pretty) Way To Make And Share How-To Guides On Your Phone

    In the past 24 hours, I’ve learned how to change a bike tire, catch Dungeness crabs, and bottle beer, all from the same iPhone app: SnapGuide. I’d have just sat there and kept learning things all day, really, but I had to take a break to write one of the app’s founders an email. I don’t usually do that. The email read, quite simply: Holy…

  • handheld

    Live From The Y Combinator Demo Day

    Hurrah! After a not-so-quick battle through traffic, we’re live at Y Combinator’s first Demo Day of 2012, where roughly 60 companies will be debuted to the world. Couldn’t make it out to the West Coast? Couldn’t get an invite? Don’t worry — I’m taking live notes on the companies as they present throughout the day. Check ’em out below. (more…)
  • josh

    OnTheAir: Why Just Video Chat When You Can Have Your Own Talk Show?

    My God, you’re beautiful. Just look at you! Smart, too! You should have a talk show. Alas, the corporate big wigs just don’t appreciate your pilot for “Guy From The Internet Talks About Cats And Things” nearly as much as they should. Well, forget them! You’ve got a camera! You’ve got cats! You’ve got things! What else do you need? Ah, right. You need somewhere for people to watch you. That’s where OnTheAir comes in. (more…)
  • hidden cam

    Well, That’s One Way To Advertise Your Startup

    So you’ve got a new startup, right? You’re building a reputation system for Craigslist users, allowing them to rate and review each other. For it to really work, you need to convince your audience that every interaction on Craigslist could potentially lead to them getting robbed, harassed, or stuffed in a freezer. So… how do you do that? The answer, at least for the guys at Replyboard: Respond to Craigslist posts and act absolutely bonkers. On hidden…
  • Galileo

    The Galileo: Your iPhone’s Robotic Best Friend

    I’m starting to build up something of a love/hate relationship with Kickstarter. On one hand, it lets entrepreneurs with crazy ideas find funding when it’s quite possible they wouldn’t have otherwise. On the other, I keep finding things I want to throw all of my money at. That’s money I should be spending on other things. Like…concert tickets…and…uh…bounce house rentals? Oh God, I just realized…

  • Floss Daily

    Leap: Better Living Through Scavenger Hunts

    Do you ever wish you were more…I don’t know…awesome? Wish you remembered to hit the gym more often, or floss your teeth daily, or to call your mom once a week to say hello? Don’t worry. Me too. We can do it together. Well, we’d each floss our own teeth and call our own respective mothers, but you get what I mean. Hell, we’ll make a game of it. That’s the idea behind Leap, a new scavenger hunt-esque iPhone app.…
  • twitter cake

    A Wishlist For Twitter On Its Birthday

    Oh, Twitter. Just look at you. You’ve got your sundress on, your hair done up in bows. Grandma and grandpa are on the way, presents in tow. This can only mean one thing: It’s your birthday! LET’S CELEBRATE! Just kidding. You’re a Web service. You don’t even have hair. Or grandparents. I guess we could put a sundress on one of your servers, but that would just look ridiculous. So rather than eating cake and swinging a stick…

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