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Erin Griffith


Erin Griffith covers New York startups for PandoDaily. She’s worked as staff writer for Adweek and a private equity blogger for peHUB. Her writing has appeared in Venture Capital Journal,, Time Out New YorkHuffington Post,, and BUST. She plays keyboard in a band called Team Genius and Tweets as @Eringriffith.

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  • 4116871601_fd9d301588_b

    Live in 10 cities, Techstars grad Jukely closes seed round for concert promotion app

    Jukely, which graduated from Techstars last year, has closed a seed round worth $500,000, bringing its total funding to $800,000. Investors include David Cohen’s Bullet Time Ventures, Larry Marcus of Walden Venture Capital, Hany Nada of GGV Capital, Charles Goldstuck, CEO of TouchTunes, SF Music Tech Fund. Prior investors include angel investors Paul Sethi and David Lerner. Jukely launched its app in June of last year with the goal of spreading the word about cool upcoming…
  • Old_skool

    Whyd is like Instapaper for music (if that makes sense)

    Today a new music streaming startup called Whyd launches with $700,000 in seed funding from private French investors. Whyd is founded by Giles Poupardin and Jie Meng-Gerard, both based in Paris. The site aims to be a place for users to collect digital music from around the web. Spotify and Netflix have pioneered the model of access over ownership — meaning people don’t buy, download, or rent CDs or DVDs anymore, they just stream the content they want to consume. But…
  • 3134346534_bfcd0abbb2_b

    How Quibb has cleverly won over tech’s early adopters by rejecting the majority of its users

    A piece of startup advice I’ve been hearing a lot lately is, “do things that are very unscalable when you’re first starting out.” Airbnb is the quintessential example: CEO Brian Chesky said he was “literally living with our users” in the early days, asking feedback and ensuring he was building a site that they loved. This is obviously not possible once you grow to 550,000 listings. Another startup, Quibb, a link-sharing community for professionals, got its start that way,…
  • RTB_viewability_Integral

    Integral Ad Science raises $30 million for ad policing

    If I learned anything about adtech last year, it’s that ad viewability is a big business. That much became very clear when comScore, a billion-dollar publicly traded company, sued three startups over its ad verification patents. No longer just a tiny, esoteric service for advertising companies, viewability — the business of making sure the ads a company buys are actually shown to the person they are supposed to be shown to — has become increasingly important. Stats like “77…
  • weight_lifting

    Get your life together with Agent, the utilities app for Android that just became free

    Since Agent launched ten weeks ago in the Google Play store, tens of thousands of users have downloaded it to organize their digital lives. Eighty percent of downloads use the app every day to manage their phone’s modes related to battery life, sleeping, parking, meeting and driving. Now, to ring in the new year, and according to CEO Kulveer Taggar, to “think about growth,” Agent is free to download. The company has worked out a way to refund paid users…
  • bbe-u-make-me-lol-thumb

    Want an immediate reaction to all that stuff you’re sharing? Try this app

    Today in completely-unnecessary-but-I-love-it-anyway apps: Meet Gigglemail. It’s a way to share photos and videos with your friends, the same way you would with just about any of the other social networks, except for one key twist. You know all those times you send someone an image, be it via text message, email, Snapchat, or Frontback, or now, Instagram Direct? They might send you back a general “nice” or “awww” or “LOL.” They might respond with an emoji. They…
  • online_edu_computer_pd

    Neverware raises $3 million to save school computers

    New York edtech company Neverware has raised $4.156 million $3 million in new equity funding, which a prior $1.7 million in funding into its Series A round, according to an SEC filing. [Note: CEO Jonathan Hefter has clarified that this round was for $3 million, not the $41.56 million I previously wrote, as the filing includes past funds raised. Neverware’s total funding across rounds is $4.7 million.] Neverware provides technology to schools that helps them salvage outdated or dying…
  • slime_dude

    Dead Century fights monsters, heteronormativity with beautiful RPG game

    We know gaming culture is male-dominated and rampant with sexism. We also know there is a scientific connection between video games and rape culture, and that the oversexualized, unrealistic portrayal of female bodies can cause women to internalize “blame the victim” myths. We know that, despite that, almost half of all gamers are women. Beyond sexism, there’s also the issue of heteronormativity! Games are not only designed with a male in mind, they’re designed with…
  • firstg

    Meet the secret accelerator that many of New York’s best startups have gone through

    New York’s best accelerator isn’t much of an accelerator at all. First Growth Venture Network has operated for three years under the radar. It’s not covered by the tech blogs but well-known among founders and VCs. The program has hardly advertised itself, but once I found out about it, every person I asked in New York’s tech scene seemed to know it. “FirstGrowth? Oh yeah, that’s a great program.” Its stellar reputation among founders and investors is due, in…
  • coupons3

    RetailMeNot wins the holidays by not overthinking it

    Each year a new wave of ecommerce companies whips up an innovative business model. There was group buying, then flash sales, then subscription commerce, sampling commerce, and “stuff in a box.” There is always a new kind of marketplace, a new brand of “social commerce,” or a new twist on personal shopping, stylist curation and showroom shopping. But this week I remembered how basic this stuff is. No need to over think it: people love coupons. I was reminded of…

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