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Erin Griffith


Erin Griffith covers New York startups for PandoDaily. She’s worked as staff writer for Adweek and a private equity blogger for peHUB. Her writing has appeared in Venture Capital Journal,, Time Out New YorkHuffington Post,, and BUST. She plays keyboard in a band called Team Genius and Tweets as @Eringriffith.

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  • nas_daq_final

    Nas and his manager have invested in 40 startups, and they’re just getting started

    Counting the rapper Nas among your investors undoubtedly carries cool points for any startup. But is there much value beyond dropping a famous name? Nas, and his manager Aymen Anthony Saleh, are working hard to prove there is. Over the past two years, Saleh and Nas have invested their own capital into 40 startups, including the Fancy, Coinbase, Rap Genius, Prism Skylabs, Zest Finance, Stance, mParticle, Proven, Earbits, Trendabl, Crowdtilt, 21E6, Balanced, MeCommerce, DeviantArt, 500 Startups, Push IO, Swarm Mobile, Glio, Boosted Boards, MadeFire, Fashion GPS, Washio, SellSimple, Hotelzilla, Signal Ventures, Clean…
  • insta-signal

    When competitors won’t sell, Zuckerberg calls the man who did: Kevin Systrom

    Instagram is the billion-dollar purchase that just keeps on giving. Yes, some of its best innovations of late came from copying competitors — Vine’s video, and, as of today, Snapchat’s private messaging — but at least those features are popular with users. Facebook can’t say the same for its own copycat efforts. Copies of Twitter’s hashtags and embedded posts haven’t really taken off. Facebook Places, the Foursquare killer, didn’t kill Foursquare. And of course, Poke, the Snapchat clone, failed miserably. When…
  • spotify question

    Spotify is now free on mobile. So why bother subscribing?

    At the moment, 20 percent of Spotify’s users subscribe to Spotify’s premium service. That’s around six million people paying $10 a month, or $120 a year, for music, and represents the vast majority of Spotify’s income. For users, the main benefit of paying to subscribe to Spotify is streaming music on your mobile device. Free users were previously limited to desktop-only streaming. But today, Spotify dropped that requirement. Free users can now stream Spotify’s entire catalog on tablets. Mobile…
  • exposure

    How did Exposure crack the photosharing code? By charging its users

    Over the weekend, Exposure, the latest in a what feels like a never-ending parade of doomed photosharing apps, did something rather shocking: It racked up a ton of users in a short period of time. More than 10,000 to be exact. The photos they shared have been viewed half a million times. What’s more interesting is the fact that these are paid users, or at least a number of them are. Several hundred of Exposure’s sign-ups have opted for…
  • blackhearts-process-sc590x430-t1316045696

    How MilkMade is turning a boutique ice cream company into a venture-backed startup

    MilkMade isn’t a traditional startup, but it’s also not a traditional food company. Founder Diana Hardeman has eschewed the usual routes to success in consumer packaged goods, which usually involves private equity, Whole Foods distribution, and shipping partnerships. She’s also steered clear of the path some of her food industry peers have taken, entrenching themselves in a local market with catering gigs, food trucks, and local stores. Both of those approaches can yield successful businesses, but that’s…
  • DSC_0703

    Freight Farms raises $1.2 million for greenhouses built in old shipping containers

    Often companies that go through accelerator programs are accused of not being ambitious enough. Investors kvetch that that the startup ideas offered are “incremental” or “unoriginal.” That knock does not apply to Freight Farms, a startup which retrofits recycled shipping containers into modular mini-farms. The company graduated from Techstars Boston this Spring. Today, Freight Farms announced it has raised a Series A round of funding worth $1.2 million. Morningstar Venture Investments Limited led the round with Launch Capital and…
  • thrillcall_bus

    Vice Mayor of Sausalito accused of misusing funds from his concert ticketing startup

    While fallings out between startup founders aren’t unusual, it’s not often that they come to litigation. And it’s full-on weird when one of the parties in that litigation — the founder and CEO of the company — is also the Vice-Mayor of Sausalito. Jonathan Leone, Sausalito’s Vice-Mayor and self-purported President and CEO of concert ticketing start up Thrillcall, has been sued by his two fellow founders, Chad Taylor and Matthew Tomaszewicz, in a lawsuit filed in California Superior…
  • SOPH1286

    Here’s why Twitter’s CEO doesn’t see the company as “the anti-Facebook”

    Twitter’s IPO was in many ways defined by what Facebook’s IPO was not. The company’s pre-IPO acquisition was a nuts-and-bolts adtech company like Mopub, not a shocking $1 billion play for a hot zero revenue app like Instagram. The company’s CEO was an experienced operations guy in his 40’s, not a young, hoodie-wearing visionary. Where Facebook’s S-1 featured a manifesto about “The Hacker Way” that Mark Zuckerberg wrote on this phone, Twitter’s S-1 featured a simple, straightforward “thank you” to…
  • magazine_laptop

    Medium gets even magazine-ier

    Magazine is an adjective, I promise. Today Medium, which has been called a “magazine killer,” rolls out a new design and a bunch of new features that make it even more magazine-like. The blogging platform was designed to solve the combined shortcomings (or build on the combined strengths, depending on your point of view) of co-founder Evan Williams’ two prior companies, Twitter and Blogger. Medium offers the built-in audience of Twitter, with the highly malleable publishing capabilities…
  • 11_i_need_money_2006

    This is how you do “founder-friendly”: Kima Ventures promises investments in 15 days

    After decades of little change, venture capital is in a period of rapid evolution. New platforms like AngelList are cutting out seed investment firms. Up-and-coming funds with hot “brands” are stealing away deal flow from established VC’s. And providing services like marketing and recruiting is now table-stakes for a venture firm. VC’s are selling themselves to startups as much as startups are selling themselves to VC’s. The next move is transparency. As a private alternative asset, venture capital doesn’t have

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