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Erin Griffith


Erin Griffith covers New York startups for PandoDaily. She’s worked as staff writer for Adweek and a private equity blogger for peHUB. Her writing has appeared in Venture Capital Journal,, Time Out New YorkHuffington Post,, and BUST. She plays keyboard in a band called Team Genius and Tweets as @Eringriffith.

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  • Sell Day

    Work–Bench announces $10 million fund to back enterprise startups

    Work–Bench opened its doors in June as New York’s first “post accelerator,” a program designed to help later stage enterprise startups — ones with funding, a product, and early traction — connect with large corporate customers. Now it has $10 million to back enterprise companies of its own. Work–Bench’s first cohort of companies presented today in a “sell day,” which is a low-key version of a demo day where companies pitch enterprise customers instead of investors. There was…
  • Mike-Swift

    New York’s hackathon superhero sells his hackathon hack to Intel

    If you’ve ever gone to a hackathon, you’ve likely encountered a person named Mike Swift. Typically sporting a smile and a SendGrid t-shirt, Swift (who goes by Swift) has been involved with every single one of the ten or so hackathons I’ve attended. By his count, he’s been to something like 150 hackathons. “I cant get away from them,” he says. “I just love them so much that it’s like, every weekend,” he says. It helps…
  • algebra-2

    Edtech sales are nearly impossible, so Chalkable sold itself

    Chalkable, an edtech startup which provides a platform for all of the apps used by teachers, has sold itself to STI, a private equity-backed data management company serving K-12 schools. The deal value was not disclosed. Chalkable had raised $1.3 million in seed funding from 500 Startups, Expansion Venture Capital and Prolific Venture Capital. Chalkable faced all the challenges typical of an edtech startup trying to ramp up sales. The company offered a useful tool which teachers…
  • money_chefs

    Software eats dinner: Why VCs are pouring cash into food startups

    Startups are seeking to change the way we buy groceries, eat out, host dinner parties, pay for drinks, and cook our meals. OpenTable proved there’s a lucrative business in reservations, earning its investors a solid return. Now, with the Web 1.0 flameout Webvan a distant memory, a new, massive wave of food startups are seeking to cash in on the way we eat. Investors are paying attention. The question is, what do they know about food? Venture capital is…
  • bored_at_thx

    Proust and Heads Up are the antidotes to holiday boredom

    It’s Thanksgiving afternoon. What are you doing on PandoDaily? Oh right, the turkey has been eaten, the table has been cleared, the conversation has been exhausted and now everyone is just sitting around watching a football game they don’t care about. Only the very young and very old find it socially acceptable to nap. All you have to fight the boredom is your smartphone, and you can’t look at another #foodstagram. My first recommendation, if your family can pry their…
  • fab_down

    The Samwer brothers may have the last laugh on Fab after all

    How did Fab fall apart? That’s the question the media and the VCs who pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into “the next Amazon” are desperately trying to figure out. Six months ago, Fab was New York’s hottest startup, with almost 700 employees, $336 million in VC backing and a $1 billion valuation. Now, amid multiple rounds of layoffs, high profile executive departures, and missed revenue expectations, Fab has become a startup cliche — failing to manage its own success.…

    Rukkus launches its “Kayak for tickets” site with tickets from 100 different providers

    New York startup Rukkus calls itself “Kayak for tickets,” but I’d say it’s more of a Hipmunk for tickets. Kayak is great for aggregating flights, and it was the first comprehensive place to do that. But latecomer Hipmunk, in this flyer’s opinion, offers the most user-friendly visual search experience. Today Rukkus has launched to do what Hipmunk did for event tickets. Aggregating tickets online has become a crowded market, especially in the world of concerts. But touring is a…
  • inflection_point

    Techstars NYC is at an inflection point

    After playing musical chairs with its managing directors, and watching as Techstars Boulder claims the program’s biggest success stories, Techstars NYC finds itself at an inflection point. So far, the New York chapter, launched in 2011, has had a mixed record. The Techstars network boasts programs in Austin, Boulder, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and London. But even though New York City is the second-largest tech hub in the country, the Techstars program here has not found the success of Techstars’ other cities. Part…
  • 1382197_627317367312680_1247257685_n

    Poolsidepreneurs, where the cult of entrepreneurship goes to drown

    So you’re a founder, and you’re crushing it 24/7. That’s great and all, but what if you could crush it by a pool? What if there was a luxe new way to work? Anyone who’s ever built a company knows the one thing lacking from the long hours spent hunched over a computer coding, the endless slog of VC meetings, the debilitating experience of being told “no” over and over, and the crippling pressure of competition and fear of failure,…
  • landscapes-play-particularly-well-with-pixelist

    Turn your Instagram photos into oil paintings, thanks to China’s counterfeit art villages

    Ever worry that Internet is too ephemeral these days? That precious photos are too often snapped, Snapchatted, and forgotten? What ever happened to photo albums and scrapbooks? What ever happened to preserving precious memories? Oh right, there are plenty of services offering convenient ways to print our photos onto scrapbooks, calendars, magnets, tote bags, t-shirts, coffee mugs, onesies, pint glasses, boxers, water bottles, pillows, monopoly boards, iPhone cases, keychains, flasks, hoodies, christmas ornaments, shot glasses, wall decals, laptop skins, yoga…

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