• New TV

    The new television: How is NimbleTV different from Aereo?

    This morning, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia was in Baltimore to mark the TV-over-the-Internet service’s launch in the city, its 10th of 22 cities that it had planned to reach by the end of 2013. (Kanojia now says the company will hit that goal by early 2014.) Kanojia’s appearance at Baltimore Tech Breakfast came a day after news that a competing service, NimbleTV, announced that it was now available to all-comers in New York after a year-long…
  • SpaceX Snapchat

    Snapchat vs. SpaceX: Which gets more attention?

    On the one hand, we have Snapchat, an immensely viral app that lets people send disappearing messages to each other. It has been in the news recently for turning down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook, for having no clear revenue model, and for an increasingly ugly dispute between its frat-brother founders. On the other hand, we have SpaceX, an 11-year-old company that makes and launches rockets.

  • QuikIO

    Yahoo acquires QuikIO, yet another startup to add to its video team

    Early this morning, the creators of a little known but excellent cross-platform video streaming app called QuikIO sent a farewell note to its users. After December 31, the “FedEx of media files” would be shut down, the email said. When I sent an email to founder and CEO Michael Chen asking him what happened, my query was directed to a Yahoo public relations representative. And so I learned of yet another Yahoo media acquisition. “I can confirm that…
  • NSA letter

    Silicon Valley vs the NSA: We need more than just a website

    A beautiful website and a stake in the ground. That’s what we got last night from the US’s tech giants in an attempt to ratchet up pressure on the government to rein in the surveillance state. Today, there were full-page newspaper ads, too, with Google, LinkedIn, AOL, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo as the signatories. It should only be considered a very small step in the right direction – a public relations exercise, even. But it should also be…
  • costolo 112

    Sarah Lacy to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: “How much of a fuck-up was losing Instagram to Facebook?”

    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo seemed momentarily taken aback at last night’s PandoMonthly in San Francisco when Sarah Lacy asked him “how big of a fuck up” it was that Twitter missed out on acquiring Instagram. “How much of a fuck up was it?” Costolo asked, as if he were surprised, and perhaps ever so slightly insulted, by the question. Given the speculation around what actually went down in the days leading up to the announcement that Facebook would acquire the…
  • Upworthy

    Upworthy hits 87M monthly uniques, says “Don’t call us clickbait”

    First, the huge metric. Last month, Upworthy pulled in 87 million unique visitors. For an 18-month-old media company, that is simply jaw-dropping, even accounting for the much talked about Facebook Surge. It’s almost twice as many uniques as Upworthy’s previous record month, October, in which it netted 47 million. But this time round, Upworthy is going out of its way to prove that its social sharing prowess does not just come as a result of its infamous headlines.…
  • New Medium

    Flipboard vs Medium, native vs Web

    Medium rearranged the furniture yesterday and in doing so changed the way we should look at the whole house. It’s not just that founder and CEO Evan Williams has finally declared Medium to be a “platform not a publication” – an important distinction that was revealed in a correction note on a Fast Company article. And it’s not just the fancy new clothes that “Medium 1.0” comes dressed in, which include full-bleed cover photos and new layout options.…
  • innovation act

    5 potential pitfalls of the Innovation Act

    Tomorrow, the US House of Representatives is likely to vote on the Innovation Act, a landmark bill that has bipartisan support and would make life harder for the patent trolls that file frivolous lawsuits in order to extort payments from companies, and particularly tech companies. Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s bill passed the House Judiciary Committee by a margin of 33-5 votes, giving it rare bipartisan momentum as it heads to the floor for a full House vote. The bill contains…
  • 09 - Ben Rattray Founder Changeorg

    Google, Omidyar, and Ashton Kutcher lead investments in civic tech, says new Knight report

    Google, the Omidyar Network, and Ashton Kutcher are among the leading investors in civic technology according to the Knight Foundation’s first report on the subject, which is being released today. In “The Emergence of Civic Tech: Investments in a Growing Field,” the first report of its kind, the Knight Foundation sheds a light on an emerging field of technology that until now has been not well understood.

  • nuance_bully

    A small Chinese startup stood up to patent bullying from the maker of Siri – and won

    CooTek, the Shanghai-based maker of the TouchPal smartphone keyboard, expected to be sued by Nuance Communications. After all, the Burlington, Massachusetts-based software company, best known for owning the voice-recognition technology behind Apple’s Siri, has a history of aggressive patent litigation. Over the past 12 years, it has sued at least 10 companies over alleged patent infringements. Some of those companies, including Zi and Vlingo, were acquired by Nuance after the cases were settled.

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