Kevin Kelleher

Kevin Kelleher is a writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked at Bloomberg, Wired News and The Industry Standard magazine and has written for Wired magazine, Reuters, Fortune, GigaOm, Popular Science, Salon, Portfolio as well as many others.

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  • facebook-future

    Facebook: What could possibly go wrong?

    It’s a little hard to believe now, but here is what Wall Street was saying about Facebook only a year ago: Mobile revenue was sluggish, user user engagement was declining, targeted ads weren’t winning over advertisers. Back then, the stock was still trading below its $38 a share offering price, and few analysts saw the stock rising very far above it. Today, it’s a very different story. Facebook is trading near $70 a share, mobile makes up
  • coupons

    Coupon.com’s IPO: This deal deserves a clipping

    Ain’t no one player that could beat this lunacy. / Ain’t no hustler on the street could do a whole community. -The Coup What to make of an Internet IPO, the second of the year in the consumer-Web space, that nearly doubles from its offering price on its first day of trading? That has the ominous ticker COUP and a name that rhymes with Groupon? That, like Groupon, went public with a business plan to remake an old retail…
  • weird-topgun

    Twitter suspends an account and crashes Top Gun

    Update: The @555μhz account is back up on Twitter. Twenty-eight springs ago, I sat in a cinema and watched Top Gun. At the time, I thought it was bad. There are films you hate when they come out and learn to love over the years. But after a few decades, Top Gun is still pretty bad. I get that many like it, or even revere it. I’ll just never be in that camp. What I did come to like about Top…
  • donahoe

    eBay and the declaration of PayPal’s dependence

    If Carl Icahn has turned the simple tweet into a weapon in proxy fights, his chief adversary at eBay is returning fire with an older, still formidable weapon: the CEO news interview. John Donahoe has been making the rounds at newsrooms arguing against Icahn’s campaign to spin off PayPal. When eBay reported its financial earnings, the company said companies controlled by Icahn bought a 0.82 percent stake of eBay in January. Icahn asked for seats on eBay’s board and,…
  • cable

    Whatever happened to broadband competition?

    My mom is as sweet and easygoing as they come, but there is one word that can get her Irish blood boiling: Comcast. For the sake of her blood pressure, I try not to utter it when I’m around her, yet every time I visit her one or another of the Comcast boxes in her place is on the fritz. Once, after an hour-long phone session and a series of tests that concluded that either 1) my mom’s set-top box…
  • New Apple CEO Tim Cook Introduces New iPhone

    Wall Street wants to know if Apple is still Apple

    “Are you still a growth company?” The question was thrown at Tim Cook during a conference call Monday to discuss Apple’s earnings last quarter. The headline numbers – revenue: $57.6 billion, net income: $14.50 a share – came in ahead of analyst estimates. But the tone of many analysts asking questions didn’t signal much pleasure, but rather a growing sense of impatience with the company. As Cook fielded questions, Apple’s stock was tumbling toward $502 a share, a 9-percent drop…
  • blackberry

    BlackBerry: Tech’s dark horse in 2014

    Is it over for BlackBerry yet? For so long the consensus has been yes that you half expect to hear funereal organ music on the company’s earnings calls. Which makes it somewhat surreal to hear more contrarian voices arguing that, here in BlackBerry’s darkest hour, the company is finally lining up the pieces to turn things around. The case for being bearish on BlackBerry is widely known. It hasn’t changed much through the past few years and three CEOs. There…
  • stocks_2

    What’s with the sudden correction in Internet stocks?

    For many stocks, 2013 is proving a tough act to follow. Last year was a great year for a lot of tech stocks. Pandora tripled in price, while Netflix quadrupled. The bullish sentiment spread into names that few but their most ardent defenders were expecting to rally: Groupon staged a recovery that sent its stock up 144 percent. Zynga overcame its past troubles to rise 63 percent. Most bizarrely, tech retailer Best Buy rose 242 percent. So far in 2014,…
  • Video_feedback_octagon_pattern

    A look back into 2013 to see what’s ahead in 2014

    Year-end predictions are a fool’s game — especially when it comes to tech stocks — yet one that many find too irresistible to sit out. If anyone really had a gift for reliable predictions, they’d keep their mouth shut and just make their shrewd investments. It’s more of a parlor game, a conversation of the moment, one that most assume will be forgotten in the coming months. And sure enough, 2013 had its share of events that proved the publicy…
  • keyboard cess pool_FINAL

    A sort-of glossary for our lives lived among clicks

    God help you if you’ve selfied yourself twerking this year. Doubly so if you can spare any love for the English language. Both words were in the running for the “Word of the Year,” a dubious race of lame horses run by the historically esteemed Oxford Dictionaries (10 years ago the honored word was “metrosexual” and 20 years back it was the words “information superhighway”). This is a race measured by the online “usage” of words in conversations among people…

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