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Kym McNicholas

Kym McNicholas is an Emmy Award winning reporter (3x Emmy nominated), with 18 years experience in broadcasting. She has spent most of her career in finance and technology, most recently at Forbes.

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    Kickstarter for students: StudyBooster is betting you’ll pay your kids to study

    In high school I had a friend whose parents promised her a new car on the day of graduation if she got straight As. My parents, in contrast, warned me that if didn’t get good grades, they wouldn’t pay for college. One is the carrot, the other the stick. Would my friend have gotten straight As without the bribe of a car? Would I have done as well without the threat of spending my life slinging no-whip mochaccinos? (Not that…
  • Former Google Wave developers use soundwaves to share data between devices

    When Google shut down Google Wave, a real-time messaging system, based in Australia, what ever happened to its developers? Charles River Ventures Partner and angel investor Bill Tai found two of them in an app contest he helped launch at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, where he’s an Innovator in Residence. Alex North and Daniel Danilatos won the “OZAPP Awards,” a nationwide contest that attracted more than 120 entrepreneurs, and offered more than $300,000 in cash and prizes. They…
  • Silicon Valley finds a new crop of tech talent in Australia

    Kiteboarding techies have discovered a new untapped market for talent in Western Australia. You might think these executives and investors from the likes of Apple, Twitter, Silicon Valley Bank, and Qualcomm, would travel nearly 24 hours just to check out one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. But it turns out they’re also just as eager to uncover its budding entrepreneurial community, especially with former Google Wave developers sparking a new wave of innovation. Watch the video above…
  • LAUNCH: Anybot(y) looking for funding?

    We were setting up the studio backstage at the LAUNCH Festival, when we got a surprise visitor: Anybot. Actually, it’s the QB model to be specific. Whatever that means. His name is Noland Katter. Or should I say, the man behind the robot, is Noland Katter. He was testing out his buddy from the demo pit and sent it strolling around backstage while the accelerator panel was entertaining the audience.

  • Mayor Ed Lee at LAUNCH Festival: Immigration and payroll tax are top-of-mind

    Fixing bad immigration laws are top-of-mind for Mayor Ed Lee as he prepares to attend an upcoming March For Innovation with Angel Investor Ron Conway, as well as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

  • LIVE PandoDaily interviews with companies launching at LAUNCH

    More than 50 companies are taking the stage at this year’s LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco with more than $2 million in prizes at stake. They’re all stealth companies just waiting to reveal themselves over the course of this three-day conference. Directly following the presentations, watch LIVE interviews with many of the entrepreneurs on Pandodaily.

  • connected image

    FCC chairman touts Silicon Valley entrepreneurs’ new Internet of Things Consortium

    A group of start-ups, which are making internet-connected devices, are taking the anti-Apple approach to developing products– one in which they develop products that are open and connect to each other. They don’t want to be like Apple’s set-top box, AppleTV, where no one can write any apps or services to connect to it.

  • Competitors in the connected car space thrash it out on the track

    Sonoma Raceway is not your typical venue for a business meeting — unless you’re a professional driver or pit crew. But Chris Hulls, CEO of Life360, the maker of a mobile family locator app, wanted to find a place where entrepreneurs in the connected car space, including competitors, could meet on common ground.

  • Going public in the wake of Facebook: How Shutterstock made it, popped and survived the rollercoaster

    When Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer was in High School, he taught guitar. Never mind he didn’t actually play guitar. So, go figure, when he decided to take his company public, he not only did it without any experience, but in the wake of the botched Facebook IPO. Shutterstock hit the public market in October with 4.5 million shares of common stock at $17 per share. But by the end of the day it surged 27 percent to close at $21.66.…
  • gift giving web

    Last Minute gifts for entrepreneurs that you won’t find anywhere else

    One thing I know about entrepreneurs is that they like supporting other entrepreneurs. So, why not give them the gift of funding a fellow innovator. Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Crowdfunder are great places to find cool new products and services that entrepreneurs would love to support and even be the first to try. Offer $1 for a big solid ‘Thank you” or any level of backing for even bigger rewards. I picked out…

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