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Kym McNicholas

Kym McNicholas is an Emmy Award winning reporter (3x Emmy nominated), with 18 years experience in broadcasting. She has spent most of her career in finance and technology, most recently at Forbes.

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    When crowdfunding doesn’t work

    When I first saw the horrific images on television a week ago Friday… Twenty young kids shot and killed in their classroom, I froze. I was speechless. I felt helpless. All I wanted to do was to muster up a superpower and teleport over to that elementary school in Newtown, CT, and bring them back to life. As if that was possible. But I wanted to do something. I realized that all I could do was to figure out a…
  • Office Crashers: Chegg’s opening up its education platform which reaches 30% of college students

    Chegg arguably has 30% of U.S. college students using its online education portal which sells textbooks, helps students manage their classes, and even find scholarships. It has 15% of High School Students using its resources. That’s why CEO Dan Rosenweig says he gets lots of calls and emails from other companies wanting access to his customers and data. But he’s been resistant to the idea until now.

  • Meet America’s youngest venture capitalist, Alex Banayan

    20-year-old USC student Alex Banayan not only has the title of Youngest Associate Venture Capitalist on his resume having signed with Alsop Louie Partners at age 19, but now he has become the youngest person to sign a business book deal with Crown Publishers (Random House, Inc.).

  • Agent of Presence: Where Prada meets Apple

    I first got a glimpse of the high-tech runway when Pop17’s video blogger Sarah Austin was my intern at Forbes in June, 20011. In this video, She interviewed former reality star Diana Eng, who has a line of high-tech fashions that cost between $10,000 – $20,000. The dresses, with circuit boards hidden behind the fabric powering lights flashing in not-so-subtle ways, were not ones the average person would ever wear to a cocktail party or…

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    Tim Ferriss attempts to do what hundreds of years of psychological research couldn’t

    Tim Ferriss is probably one of the most notable self-marketers around. Some people love him. Others think he’s full of shit. But there’s one thing that no one can argue with and that’s that the author of “The 4-Hour Work Week,” “The 4-Hour Body,” and his latest book, “The 4-Hour Chef,” is always up for a challenge. And he certainly has one with his latest experiment. He’s trying to automate the process of behavioral change. What does that mean? Ferriss…
  • Keep your iON The Game with a new action sports camera

    I know we have a lot of adrenaline junkies in Silicon Valley. The entrepreneurial lifestyle encourages risk-taking, both in and out of the board room. So keeping my eye on the action camera market to find the latest devices you can use to capture all of the action, I found the new iOn The Game. Unlike iON’s first generation of iON Air Pro products released last May, the iON The Game is a small square device that can be used…
  • Chess: The secret to entrepreneurial success

    [youtube=] Peter Thiel is proof that chess concepts can turn one into a billionaire when applied to the entrepreneurial world. He has attributed his success to what he learned playing the game, and ultimately becoming a Grandmaster.

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    How to become the world’s best place to work

    Great Place To Work Global just announced its list of the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces 2012,” and the world’s largest private software company, SAS, topped the list. Google came in second, NetApp was third, Kimberly Clark was fourth, and Microsoft rounded out the top five on the list. To come up with the list, researchers analyzed the most successful companies and measured the…

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    A death-defying ride for entrepreneur, Peter Pham

    [youtube=] Science co-founder and Partner Peter Pham called me out on Twitter after he saw that I chose Branchout CEO Rick Marini to take the ride of a lifetime on the back of a Superbike with a pro rider, popping wheelies at 150mph down the straight-aways of Sonoma Raceway. Actually Peter Pham was one of my top two picks. But I wrote him off because he had moved from Nor Cal to So Cal. That…

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    Spikes wins Founders Showcase Pitch Competition

    [vimeo w=500&h=375] Watch out Symantec, yet another potential disruption to your security suite is creeping up from below. Spikes, the maker of security software for large corporations that virtualizes the browser in the cloud –making getting hacked by browsing the web virtually impossible, won the overall vote from the audience and an esteemed judging panel at this year’s Founders Showcase Pitch Competition. The Founders Showcase Pitch Competition is a 3-month competition hosted by…

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