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Michael Carney is a West Coast Editor at PandoDaily, covering venture capital, financial technologies, ecommerce, on-demand services, and the future of television, among other subjects. He has spent his career exploring the world of early stage technology as an entrepreneur and early-stage investor, working in multiple countries within North and South America and Asia. He is an enthusiast of all things shiny and electronic and is inspired by those who build businesses and regularly tackle difficult problems. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mcarney.

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  • General Images Of Mobile Devices In Use As Competition For New Japan Subscribers Intensify

    Life360 takes family peace of mind overseas with Yahoo! Japan partnership

    The desire to remain close to and protect one’s family is as universal as anything, transcending language and culture. Which is why it’s little surprise that adoption of Life360, the family social network, has grown organically around the world despite limited localization efforts by the company to date. Today, the company is taking a more proactive approach to international expansion via a partnership with Yahoo! Japan and a dedicated product for that market. Usage of Life360 spiked in Japan…
  • Meh cat

    Hong Kong authorities give a giant “meh” to regulating bitcoin

    What the appropriate governmental response when citizens of your country have been scammed out of millions of dollars in wealth in a crypto-currency get rich quick scheme. Well, if you’re Hong Kong, apparently the answer is not much of anything. As Pando an others have reported, supposed bitcoin exchange MyCoin emerged as a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme earlier this year. The Commercial Crime Bureau, which puts losses at (a surprisingly modest given early reports) $180 million HKD (US$23.2 million),…
  • Tow truck

    Honk raises a stout $12M Series A to free stranded motorists from their auto-club shackles

    Honk, which might be the greatest thing to happen to stranded motorist since run-flat tires, has raise a massive Series A round of funding. The Santa Monica-based on-demand, mobile towing and roadside service startup now has an additional $12 million in its war chest with which to disrupt the legacy towing industry. The round was led by Altpoint Ventures, with participation from existing investors Structure Capital, Karlin Ventures, Expansion VC, and Venture51. The round brings Honk’s total funding
  • South Park Leprechaun

    Andreessen: VC-entrepreneur misalignment is a myth

    There has been a chorus of high profile investors beating the fear drum in recent weeks on Twitter, on their personal blogs, and on stage by criticizing overheated valuations and predicting a near-term market correction. It’s a necessary discussion, and the frequency with which we’re having it publicly today suggests that there may be more near-term risk than many are ready to acknowledge. Yesterday evening Andreessen Horowitz partner Marc Andreessen* switched things up slightly, launching one of his infamous tweetstorms…
  • stopuber

    Uber reckoning: Ride-sharing drivers attacked by frustrated taxi incumbents in Brussels

    Uber has been a lightning rod for controversy almost since its first day in existence. More often than not, the company has been the one flaunting laws and, arguably, putting its riders and drivers at risk. But, this is not always the case. Occasionally, Uber ends up playing the role of victim. In the latest instance of such a role reversal, Uber drivers across Europe have been the target of attacks by local taxi drivers. These protests took an…
  • Nasdaq wall

    Institutional grade: Nobel bitcoin exchange to woo Wall St. with Nasdaq trading technology

    The Nasdaq brand travels the world over. I remember spending time in Asia in the mid-aughts as a banker trying to convince local technology companies to pursue small-cap IPOs in America. For these founders, it was Nasdaq or nothing – the NYSE didn’t even register as an option. The glimmer of Nasdaq’s technology-powered platform took a hit within Silicon Valley following the debacle of Facebook’s IPO, but nevertheless, the exchange is known as the most progressive and forward-thinking…
  • Crowley

    Crowley’s rebuttal and more signs of life at Foursquare

    My email inbox and Twitter have been buzzing all morning with alerts from friends and colleagues about Dennis Crowley’s latest blog post on Foursquare, “Six Years In.” (For those of you who sent it through, thanks. For those who haven’t, rest assured, I’ve seen it.) You may have read my recent assessment of what I called the “sad” evolution of Foursquare since it split off the Swarm check-in product in Summer 2014. Some took that post as an early…
  • Hydra

    Enter the “Samaccalacanis”: Three early stage VCs dissect the overheated seed market

    Have you had your semi-annual dose of valuation hysteria lately? If not, three of the most highly visible, most active early stage investors in the game have got you covered in the form of a three-way tweetstorm battle royale yesterday.  Loopt founder and Y Combinator President Sam Altman, early Twitter and Uber backer Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital), and Launch festival creator and Uber investor Jason Calacanis spent Sunday afternoon taking Twitter audiences down the familiar rabbit hole of “startups…
  • quantified_life

    A decade in, the “Quantified Self” is still more hope than reality

    Ever since Wired editor Kevin Kelley first coined the term “Quantified Self,” organizing a meetup of interested lifehackers and relentless self-improvers in 2007, the world at large – and the technology industry more specifically – have been predicting the rise of a global quantified self movement. More recently, the industry has turned its attention toward a search for the killer wearable tracking device – one hardware product that would take the category from niche and novelty, to mainstream and must-have.…
  • chains

    Intel’s skunkworks group begins experimenting with the blockchain

    Just days after the bitcoin ecosystem celebrated news that IBM is conducting blockchain research and development with the hopes of reinventing global banking, Intel has thrown its hat into the crypto ring. In a job posting on its website, the company’s internal skunkworks division Intel Labs is hiring for a “Cryptographic Researcher.” In the description of the role, the company writes: …you will focus on development of cutting-edge, cryptographic algorithms for improving the robustness and assurance of transaction…

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