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Michael Carney is a West Coast Editor at PandoDaily, covering venture capital, financial technologies, ecommerce, on-demand services, and the future of television, among other subjects. He has spent his career exploring the world of early stage technology as an entrepreneur and early-stage investor, working in multiple countries within North and South America and Asia. He is an enthusiast of all things shiny and electronic and is inspired by those who build businesses and regularly tackle difficult problems. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mcarney.

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  • p2p-payments

    Killing cash: It’s not just credit cards that are under assault by mobile payments platforms

    Mobile payments have gotten a lot of press lately, but most of the discussion has been around replacing credit cards for use in brick-and-mortar and online commerce. There’s an entirely different segment of the economy, however, that is also up for grabs: peer-to-peer (P2P). While it’s hard to determine the exact size of the P2P payments economy, it’s believed that more than $1 trillion of cash and personal checks change hands every year in contexts like paying the babysitter, sharing…
  • artist_coder

    Cloud this: Adobe has been screwing art students out of the CS6 licenses they paid for

    As expensive as education may be, it’s one of the few things in life that once you acquire it, nobody can take it away from you. But tuition often covers more than just the classes a student attends, and students and alumni at one of California’s most popular art schools are finding that these ancillary benefits can be a bit more fleeting. Current and former students at Academy of Art University (AAU) have filed a grievance against the university and…
  • angels

    Halo Report: Angel deals see rising valuations, but shrinking round sizes in Q2

    Much of the discussion around bubbles and rising valuations centers around venture capital investors and late-stage, gravity defying financing rounds. But before most companies make it to that stage, they find support and backing from a far less institutional class of investors: angels. CB Insights, in its Q2 2014 Halo Report compiled in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank and the Angel Resource Institute, delves into a similar set of changes taking place in the angel investing landscape. The big…
  • Tesla D

    Elon Musk’s unveils “the D”: Hands on (and off) with Tesla’s newest AWD luxury supercar, now featuring Autopilot

    The hottest ticket in LA last night wasn’t to President Obama’s $34,000 per plate dinner at Gwyneth Paltrow’s house. It was to Elon Musk’s sold out unveiling of the “D,” a mysterious upgrade to his already popular Model S sedan.  The event was held in a tented space along the Hawthorne Airport runway that looked better suited to a private concert or a Hollywood awards ceremony, complete with velvet ropes, a red carpet, a step and repeat wall, spot lights,…
  • Bitcoin superman

    Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos wows Canada’s Senate Committee on Banking

    As regulators around the world attempt to get a handle on the emerging virtual- and crypto-currency phenomenon, today, Canada’s Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce is meeting in a session called “Study on the use of digital currency.”  In one of the more illuminating discussions, the senators heard from prominent bitcoin developer, Blockchain.info Chief Security Officer, and former financial services network security technician Andreas Antonopoulos. The conversation covered lots of ground, and repeatedly left the senators making remarks like “most impressive,”…
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Atlanta’s Voxa raises $2.5M to add an intelligence layer to enterprise email

    The enterprise has an email problem. Despite the average employee spending more than one third of their time using email, it’s largely a black box that offers no insight or analytics into productivity. Voxa is an Atlanta-based email intelligence startup that is working to change this by giving management and employees access to details like the number of emails sent and received, average response times, and outstanding requests. The platform also uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate…
  • Line in the sand

    Quartz coins “the Venmo Line”: Reminding us that the under-30 crowd lives in a totally different digital world

    Quartz’s editorial team stumbled upon a generational divide earlier today, describing the phenomenon “the Venmo line.” One one side of the line are millennials and their elders who value privacy and view digital services that threaten it with suspicion. On the other side are youthful, digital natives who view public sharing as foundational an element of their lives as breathing. Judging by Quartz’s unscientific data, this line appears to fall right around 30 years old. (Disclosure: The author of…
  • concertphoto

    StubHub hires its first Editor-in-Chief, looks to become a destination for sports and music fans

    StubHub has an image problem. Consumers think of the ecommerce platform as a place to find tickets to events that they know about. But rarely do they visit the site to discover and browse the thousands of local events that they’ve never heard about – everything from beer tastings to outdoor movies, and, yes, concerts and sporting events. Moreover, most consumers, if asked, would explain that the majority of tickets on StubHub are marked-up from their face value. And…
  • Competition

    Recent poached hires remind us why competition is good for any industry

    “We view competition as a positive. It validates that we’re working in an attractive space.” This is one of the oldest cliches in the book. But that’s the case, in part, because it’s true. There are other benefits to competition within a category, however, than simply validation. One of the more counterintuitive areas where this is true is in the war for talent. It’s easy to view talent as a zero-sum game. After all, there is only a fixed number of…
  • Goalposts

    What you label your funding round matters a lot less than how much you raise and what you accomplish

    If you’ve followed the startup world long enough, you’ve surely found yourself asking the question, what’s the line between a Seed round and a Series A? The same goes for Series A, Series B, and so on. Depending on who you ask, you’re certain to get different answers, especially if the person answering has an incentive to fall on one side of that line or another. Many people wrongly believe (or assume) that a Seed round is simply the first…

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