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Nathaniel Mott is a staff writer for PandoDaily, covering startups and technology from New York.

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  • Facebook-Thumbs-Down

    Facebook at Work makes sense for Facebook and no one else

    Facebook is working on a version of its site devoted workplace collaboration. According to the Financial Times, the site has been in development over the past year. (Facebook employees have used an internal version of the site for the last few years.) The new site is expected to look much like the consumer-facing version of Facebook with some additional features, such as the ability to collaborate over documents. It’s unclear when the site, called “Facebook at Work,” will make its public debut. I understand why…
  • airplane_knot

    DoJ uses planes to spy on tens of thousands of Americans per flight

    You might soon start associating the sound of a plane flying overhead with government surveillance. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Justice Department is using devices attached to planes to gather location information, interrupt phone calls, and learn the unique identifier associated with “tens of thousands” of cellphones every time the planes make their way across the country. The devices force passing cellphones to connect to them by pretending to be a strong cell tower. Once they’ve accomplished that, they’re able…
  • bad_apple

    Apple downplays Masque Attack, but don’t be fooled: It’s a problem

    Apple and the federal government apparently disagree on the severity of Masque Attack, a bug revealed earlier this week that allows hackers to replace legitimate iOS software with malware. The team responsible for issuing cybersecurity alerts warned about the bug last night; Apple then sent an email to the San Jose Mercury News saying that it doesn’t know of a single person affected by it. Hackers wouldn’t be able to take advantage of Masque Attack if Apple hadn’t included a feature…
  • Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.26.38 PM

    As free apps continue to spoil us, don’t forget that indie developers deserve to get paid

    The human race has reached peak entitlement, and it’s all the App Store’s fault. Apple’s software marketplace has done a lot of good for consumers and developers. Without it, downloading software would still be an arduous process that most people would rather forgo, and it’s unlikely that many of the world’s largest companies would exist in their current forms. The App Store has also undoubtedly made life easier for independent developers. But damned if the promise of cheap software hasn’t turned…
  • zuckism1

    Facebook still collects massive amounts of data, but at least it’s more honest about it than ever

    Facebook might finally have learned that it’s better to ask permission than beg forgiveness. Instead of making unilateral changes to its data policy — the document that dictates how it uses the information gleaned from its 1 billion users — the company has published a draft of the new policy and asked users to comment on the proposed updates between today and November 2o. The updated policy makes clear just how much information Facebook gathers when its users post a status update,…
  • snowden

    Thanks to the Snowden disclosures, Americans are more paranoid than ever

    Americans no longer think it’s safe to communicate via social networks, email services, or even landline phones, according to a Pew report on the public’s thoughts on the post-Snowden era. Some 81 percent of people feel insecure sharing information on social media sites, and a surprising 31 percent are also wary of landline phones. That’s a respectable number of paranoid citizens. And it’s apparently all thanks to the news organizations using Snowden’s documents to expose the NSA’s surveillance programs. Most people didn’t…
  • crowdfunding

    Anonabox heads to Scampaign Central (aka Indiegogo) after being booted off Kickstarter

    Indiegogo will basically allow anyone with a bank account to use its crowdfunding platform. That’s the only explanation for the site to allow Anonabox, the Internet router that promises to anonymize any activities made via its connection, to seek funding there after it was banned from Kickstarter. Anonabox is uniquely suited to take advantage of Indiegogo’s lack of scruples. It’s a hardware project that people are effectively pre-ordering by supporting it; it’s an anonymity-focused product debuting in Edward Snowden’s wake; and…
  • disckrete-sex-tape-security-app

    Masque Attack is the latest bug affecting iOS devices

    Researchers have revealed the existence of a bug allowing hackers to install malware onto iOS devices by sharing links to seemingly-legitimate applications via text message, email, and links shared via social networks. The researchers have dubbed the bug Masque Attack, and they warn that it’s more dangerous than WireLurker, a similar exploit which was revealed on November 5. The exploits work in similar ways: they sneak malware onto a phone via infected applications downloaded from outside the App Store,…
  • shining

    Darkhotel offers yet another reason not to use hotel Wi-Fi

    There are plenty of reasons not to use hotel Wi-Fi. It’s often expensive, sluggish, and unreliable. Sometimes it seems like nobody knows the network password, and when trouble arises it’s hard to convince the front desk that there’s a problem with their network, not one with your devices. Now you can add something new to that list: Hackers are using hotel Wi-Fi to steal data through zero-day vulnerabilities that companies like Adobe and Microsoft aren’t even aware of. Kaspersky Lab has…
  • Photographer camera

    Camera obscura: Harvard’s attendance research shows not all surveillance is digital

    It was revealed last week that Harvard monitored the attendance of some 2,000 students by taking a picture of the seating arrangement in 10 lecture halls every minute. The images are said to have been destroyed, but the data gleaned from them was used in research presented during a conference at the college earlier this year. Students whose images were captured as part of the research will be informed, “using enrollment data,” of their unwitting involvement. This episode isn’t as…

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