• Loon Balloons in Flight

    You can spy on Google’s spy balloons using regular flight-tracking tools

    Google’s Project Loon — “balloon-powered Internet for everyone” — is something you’ve likely heard about. You might even have read concerns about how they could, in theory at least, be used for spying. But, unless you live near South Island, New Zealand, it’s unlikely you’ll have actually seen one of Google’s fancy hi-tech balloons. If you’re curious where they are, though, it turns out there’s a way to find out.  Even though they fly between 60,000 and 90,ooo…
  • Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 6.34.16 PM

    Hip-hop, housewives and hot startups: A guide to Atlanta’s startup scene

    Atlanta: Home to hip-hop, housewives and hot startups. Ok, this post, and the guide embedded below, is really only about the last thing on that list, although many people outside of Atlanta are more familiar with the former: hip-hop and “real” housewives. Of those two things, one makes us proud and one makes us, let’s just say not so proud. Hot startups though—we’ve been busy on that front. I’m in Silicon Valley about once a month and I’m constantly asked,…
  • Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.51.23 AM

    Google emails users, telling them to kiss Orkut goodbye

    Orkut, Google’s first attempt at a social network, is closing in a few months. In an email sent out last night, Google warned Orkut’s users that their accounts would close on September 30th, though their data would be retrievable by Google Takeout through 2016. The move by Google shouldn’t surprise anyone: Orkut was hardly a success and with the introduction of Google+, it was destined to be forever be a second-class social network in the eyes of its parent company.…
  • psychic

    Why can’t all companies access the same data-driven intelligence as Google or Amazon?

    [Editor’s note: This is a guest contribution by Jamie Grenney, VP of Marketing at Infer. The post went through Pando’s usual editorial process, and Mr. Schroeder was not paid for his work.] When I joined Salesforce.com in 2002, the question we were trying to answer was “Why isn’t all enterprise software as easy to use as Amazon.com?” That simple idea gave rise to a billion dollar business. The cloud-computing model was so disruptive because it dramatically reduced the risk and lowered the total…
  • cloud-confusion

    Startups Anonymous: 25 questions founders are too embarrassed to ask

    As a long-time founder, I feel I should have most of the answers. I’ve been at this startup game long enough where nothing should be new to me. Sadly, I find myself with questions that someone with my tenure should have the answers to.

  • Capture

    Creative Policing: Confidential police report shows software giants sponsoring their own piracy

    A confidential report seen by Pando and commissioned by the City of London Police shows that major Silicon Valley corporations, and other companies, are unwittingly sponsoring piracy through pay-par click adverts on websites whose users share copyrighted content. The report also shows how the United Kingdom’s piracy-fighting strategy is turning more technical. Using data gathering, web crawling and a points system, the City of London Police, in partnership with virtually all the big intellectual property stakeholders, is now able to…
  • failed_ceo

    Startups Anonymous: How I Earned My MBA in What Not To Do

    Several years ago, I co-owned a company that sold hospitality supplies such as cutlery, dinnerware, linens, and towels to hotels in the Caribbean. Basically, we sold what hotels need to operate day-to-day, and business was booming. Here’s my story about launching a new business and the lessons I learned by doing almost everything wrong

  • Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 2.50.59 PM

    FAA publishes drone guidelines, including this handy infographic

    As more and more drones take to the skies, the FAA has just released guidelines explaining where hobbyists can fly commercially available drones and model airplanes. The agency acknowledges that recreational flying “doesn’t require FAA approval” but also makes clear that such activity should “avoid doing anything hazardous to other aircrafts or people and property on the ground.” In other words, if you have a drone and like flying it around, don’t be a jerk about it. They also tell…
  • grumpy

    BuzzFeed knock-off “PlayBuzz” has added 53M visitors since February. But can it last?

    Business Insider reported last week that BuzzFeed –the online viral juggernaut—appeared to be “tanking” in terms of its Facebook traffic. In March, BuzzFeed articles were shared 13 million times on Facebook. The number fell to 10.4 million shares in April, then down again to 5.9 million shares in May. Business Insider attributed this drop to a “decrease in quizzes being produced by Buzzfeed’s staff.” Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen these BuzzFeed quizzes.  You get…
  • bubblegum

    Startups Anonymous: “We’re in a bubble”

    Look, kids, listen to grandpa here. I’m old enough to know people who lost huge amounts of money in 1999-2001, and know a few people now in retirement age who ended up semi-retired on account of the last tech bubble.

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