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Sarah Lacy

Founder and Editor-in-chief

Sarah Lacy is the founder and editor-in-chief of PandoDaily.

She is an award winning journalist and author of two critically acclaimed books, “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0″ (Gotham Books, May 2008) and “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global Chaos” (Wiley, February 2011).

She has been covering technology news for over 15 years, most recently as a senior editor for TechCrunch.

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  • ode-to-uber

    “Safe writing, ladies”: It’s female reporters who are holding Uber’s feet to the fire

    After a year of threatening and intimidating multiple female journalists who wouldn’t fall in line, Uber appears to have awaken a sleeping female reporting giant. I’m heartened to see that while David Plouffe’s photo opps may have distracted much of the tech blog corps (before, yunno, Plouffe got unceremoniously kicked upstairs to make way for the harder-charging Rachel Whetstone), it’s largely female reporters who are continuing to ask Uber the hard questions. (With the noted exception of Kara Swisher.) Remember Buzzfeed…
  • burnett

    David Letterman and the long, Internet-enabled decline of the nightly talk show

    Every once in a while we like to throw a PandoMonthly curve ball. A fascinating guest who entrepreneurs can learn from but who you probably weren’t expecting to see on a Pando stage. One of the first of those curveballs– and still one of my favorite PandoMonthlys– was a fireside chat with Rob Burnett, executive producer of David Letterman’s production company, WorldWide Pants. I’d gotten to know Burnett because he was promoting a new film, made and distributed using tons of technology that’s democratized…
  • mediocre-vc

    How to identify a mediocre VC: They speak in stupid absolutes

    “It depends” is a shitty answer to give an entrepreneur if they’re stuck, panicked, and looking for advice. But at least it’s an honest answer. What pisses me off is VCs who talk in absolutes. It either telegraphs that the VC has never done this before and doesn’t understand the inherent nuance to building a company, or it telegraphs a VC who worked at one very successful startup — probably coming in later when the early kinks were worked out…
  • google-glass-what-a-bargain

    Working hard or hardly working: Why everyone may be their own mini business in the future

    At the end of every PandoMonthly, we ask our guest what they believe that few other people believe. Naval Ravikant’s answer (way back in my pregnant days as you’ll see from the video) was either a striking utopian or dystopian vision for the future. It depends on how much of a risk taker you are versus how much you like safety and security of a pension and a 40 hour work week. And of course, it also depends on how fluent…
  • unicorn

    Unicorn sugar crash

    It’s always interesting to know when a company gets a $1 billion valuation. But, as Pando has written time and time again, a valuation is not the most important term on a term sheet. It is not the ultimate arbiter of a company’s health. We’ve even gone so far as to say it is “arbitrary as fuck.”  Other publications have tried to put this “one metric to rule all metrics” in proportion as well. And yet, many entrepreneurs read these things,…
  • marcelo’s Sheila Marcelo: “I didn’t experience discrimination until I came to this country”

    Ever feel like an outsider in your career? Sheila Marcelo of can relate. She was our guest at last night’s New York PandoMonthly and over the course of the conversation she told the story of her journey to become one of a handful of female public company CEOs. It’s an elite club that makes up a shocking 3% of all publicly traded stocks. And unlike other female CEOs in tech like Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Marissa Mayer, Marcelo…
  • icahn-lyft

    Lyft and the coalition of the billionaires who didn’t invest in Uber

    Here was a fun Friday surprise: Carl Icahn has invested $100 million in Lyft as part of a new $150 million expansion of its series E. World’s most notorious sharp-elbowed, combative, activist shareholder invests in…. Silicon Valley’s most cuddly startup? As a reminder, mustachio’d Lyft has eschewed all the scandals and tough guy tactics of its arch rival Uber, refusing even to make hay as Uber was embroiled in scandal after scandal last year. Back when Lyft was trying to raise a…
  • lyft-line-fun-time

    The growing gap between what Lyft is becoming and what I want it to be

    Sharp eyes will notice that Lyft has updated its FAQ on Lyft Line this week. There was a surprise at the end—at least to me. In San Francisco, you can now give “feedback” and send notes to fellow passengers. From the FAQ: On your Lyft Line ride receipt, you’ll have the option to provide positive feedback to the other passenger if you had a great experience, or notify our Support team if the other passenger’s conduct wasn’t up to…
  • Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.51.30 PM

    Uber hit with billion dollar lawsuit by man who claims Travis Kalanick stole his idea

    Ok, we haven’t seen this before. We saw the case between the Winklevosses and Mark Zuckerberg turned into a film, but a trailer to an actual lawsuit? Today, a billion dollar lawsuit (embedded below) was filed by Kevin Halpern alleging that Travis Kalanick, Garret Camp, and early Uber investors Bill Trenchard, Bill Gurley and Scott Belsky stole his idea and cut him out to create Uber. The rhetoric around it is certainly intense. In an email to Pando, the firm said, “It…
  • Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.37.39 PM

    The New Yorker profiles the boldness and baldness of Marc Andreessen

    You know when a New Yorker article starts with a tone that mocks someone’s appearance (he’s bald!) and eccentricities (he hates germs!) that it’s going to be highly flattering in the end. It’s a veteran reporter trick, buying credit with the reader so the subsequent glowing piece doesn’t sound too fawning. Such was the recent– and excellent– profile of Marc Andreessen by Tad Friend. [Disclosure: Bald germaphobe Andreessen is a personal investor in Pando.] I’m a few days late getting to it,…

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