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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    Palantir founder hates that women have the vote… but apparently quite likes Hillary Clinton

    The Washington Examiner reports that Palantir, the intelligence contractor founded by Peter Thiel, donated  “six figures” to the Clinton Foundation in 2014. The foundation is headed by Hillary Clinton and her husband, President Bill Clinton. [Disclosure: Thiel is an investor in Pando through Founders Fund.] The Examiner also reports that Palantir spent half a million dollars on lobbyists in 2014. Palantir has long had a partnership with the Clintons, including helping to fund the Clinton Global Initiative (headed…
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    As Ellen Pao gets her day in court, Valley investors still support those who harass and abuse women

    The message, at least from the assembled media, was clear. The court was not simply sitting in judgement on if a single employee was sexually harassed by a partner at the Silicon Valley office of one of the world’s most powerful firms. Rather, an entire industry was on trial for how it treats female employees, from the highest paid partners to the most menial support staff. The plaintiff’s claims were simple enough to understand: She had been blocked from the opportunities afforded to her…
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    Immigration reform: It’s time for the lucky few to stand with the millions still living in fear

    Of all the varieties of slacktivism, surely Twitter slacktivism is the slackest. I’ve written for years about my opposition to the whole sorry spectacle. The empty gesture of retweeting a hashtag or — Jesus wept — changing the color of one’s avatar in “support” of schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria or the persecution of protesters in Iran. The act of “raising awareness” of precisely nothing more than one’s own inability to meaningfully influence world events. My relatively modest number of Twitter followers might, therefore, have been…
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    Oscars, Surveillance Valley and Paul’s horrible music taste: Listen again to tonight’s PandoLIVE

    If you missed tonight’s PandoLIVE, you missed Rdio’s Marc Ruxin talking about the Oscars, Yasha Levine discussing Surveillance Valley and everyone agreeing I have horrible taste in music. It was a doozy. You can listen again to the whole thing below. Or subscribe via iTunes here so you never miss another installment. … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting! Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free hosting from Rackspace.
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    Autodesk at the Oscars

    A couple of weeks ago Pando’s Sarah Lacy sat down with Autodesk’s Carl Bass to tape a new episode of their (sponsored) audio show, the Pandocast. I don’t normally write posts about the Pandocast episodes because they’re sponsored things and they have their own site. But his month’s episode is particularly topical, and interesting, given last night’s Oscar’s ceremony. As Bass explains, for the 20th year running, not just every winner of the visual effects Academy Award but every nominee…
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    “Welcome to the slaughterhouse”: Ken Silverstein’s account of working with Greenwald and Omidyar is brutal

    Earlier today I reported that acclaimed investigative journalist Ken Silverstein had resigned from First Look media, citing management incompetence. Well, now Romemesko has Silverstein’s full resignation announcement and… well, holy shit. Not only does Silverstein give both barrels to Omidyar who he claims “blocked [Silverstein’s reporting] every step of the way” but he also lays into Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Betsy Reed: You know what’s cool about being a former employee of First Look/The Intercept? That Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy…
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    Ken Silverstein reportedly quits First Look, blaming “management’s incompetence”

    “Toldya.” Acclaimed investigative journalist Ken Silverstein has reportedly resigned from Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media. According to a tweet by the Wall Street Journal’s James Grimaldi, Silverstein announced his departure on Facebook citing “management’s incompetence and bad faith.” If confirmed, Silverstein would be the latest of Omidyar’s high profile hires to quit, after Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Matt Taibbi, John Cook, Alex Pareene, Jay Rosen, Marcy Wheeler and many, many more. Cook and Pareene have since limped back to Gawker which shares an office building…

    Finally Healbe’s calorie counting watch gets an in-depth review. Guess what? It doesn’t work

    Long time Pando readers will remember the Healbe “GoBe,” a miracle calorie counting watch that was in no way miraculous, not least because there was almost zero chance it was able to actually count calories. And yet, as James Robinson reported here on Pando, the Russian entrepreneurs behind the GoBe were able to raise over a million dollars in crowdfunding thanks to Indiegogo turning a blind eye to dozens of red flags around the device. As one doctor put…
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    Gawker asks court to ban lawyers for former unpaid interns from using Reddit to promote their lawsuit

    This past weekend, I reported that lawyers acting for Gawker’s army of unpaid former interns had asked for the court’s permission to promote their upcoming class action suit on Reddit. Their plan included posting on at least one subreddit affiliated with Gamergate. It didn’t take Gawker long to object. The company’s lawyers have written to Judge Alison J. Nathan and asked not only that the lawyers be blocked from targeting Gamergate subreddits, but barred entirely from promoting the suit on Reddit. In their letter…
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    And now Dilbert weighs in on Uber’s threats against Pando’s Sarah Lacy

    A couple of weeks ago, Uber investor Chris Sacca snarkily Tweeted to Pando’s Sarah Lacy that the world had “moved on” from caring that an Uber executive had threatened to destroy her and her family over our coverage of the company. Of course, every sane person who saw Sacca’s Tweet realized it was some extremely wishful thinking by a man who stands to make an exorbitant amount of money from Uber, and who has to try every positive affirmation trick in the book…

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