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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    These two soda cans are fun shorthand for how Coca-Cola sees men and women

    You’ve certainly seen Coca-cola’s #shareacoke marketing gimmick of putting names on the side of its cans. I first noticed it on the way back from Southland when, sitting next to Sarah Lacy on our flight, my bottle of soda urged me to “Share a Diet Coke with Sarah.” That’s targeted marketing gold right there, Coke. But now Coke has expanded the campaign to include family members and other social roles, and is spreading it across all of the company’s cola lines. Unfortunately, this…
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    $145k and counting! Racists rush to back GoFundMe campaign for cop who shot Michael Brown

    As we learned from the death of Trayvon Martin, the teenager shot by vigilante George Zimmerman, there are two things that will surely happen after the shooting of an unarmed black teen, whether by law enforcement or a neighborhood watch weirdo. The first thing — thank God — is that most of America will be united in a collective “what the fuck?” moment. In Ferguson, following the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a cop, that moment has resulted in days of violence as…
  • TypoKeyboard

    Seacrest out of order: Blackberry asks for sanctions against TV host’s company

    Today in headlines that are actually real: Blackberry has upped its legal fight against Ryan Seacrest for ripping off their keyboard design. According to Law360, Blackberry has asked a California federal judge to sanction Typo Products LLC, co-founded by Seacrest, for continuing to sell a plug-in iPhone keyboard that looks suspiciously — almost exactly — like Blackberry’s keyboard design. The company ‘[called] Typo’s recent distribution of 11,000 keyboards “brazen and blatant.”’ In the original legal complaint (embedded below), Blackberry claimed: BlackBerry’s innovations…
  • alibaba

    Gucci and other luxury manufacturers seek injunction, damages to stop Alibaba selling fake goods

    A group of luxury goods manufacturers including Gucci and Yves St. Laurent have filed suit against Alibaba, alleging that the Chinese ecommerce giant facilitates the sale of millions of dollars in counterfeit goods. According to the 147 page suite, embedded below, Alibaba offers thousands of fake products including shoes, bags, jackets and other items of clothing. The Alibaba Defendants are well aware that: (1)Counterfeit Products are being sold through the Alibaba Marketplaces; (2) their takedown procedures are untimely and ineffective; and (3) more effective…
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    Adam Carolla agrees settlement with podcasting patent troll

    Podcasting patent troll Personal Audio has agreed to drop its high profile lawsuit against DJ-turned-podcaster Adam Carolla. In court documents filed by the company, and embedded below, Personal Audio agrees to drop all claims against Carolla for his use of the technology underlying podcasting. They also agree to drop claims against a number of other high profile podcasters. The settlement is interesting because, until now, Carolla had refused to settle, arguing that it was important to fight back against…
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    Uber urges CA riders to oppose ridesharing bill, neglects to tell them what bill actually does

    Earlier this week Uber riders in California received a stirring email call to action from “Team Uber” It begins… Who would have thought California, the cradle for American innovation, would take the lead in killing it. Governor Brown is committed to leading California into the future, but some in the legislature are anonymously doing the bidding of trial lawyers, big taxi and insurance lobbyists. Their bill, AB 2293, will be voted on THIS WEEK and would kill ridesharing in the Golden State.
  • byttow2

    Brazil bans Secret over anonymous bullying, demands Apple and Google delete it from users’ phones

    A judge in Brazil has ordered Apple and other hosts to remove anonymous app Secret, apparently over fears of anonymous bullying. According to a story on Estadao (h/t Robert Cooper), which I’ve clumsily translated using Google Translate… The prosecutor Marcelo Zenkner opened civil action asking that the app stores from Google, Apple and Microsoft become unavailable the anonymous messaging app Secret to Brazilians. For the plaintiff Marcelo Zenkner, the prosecutor of the Holy Spirit, “the Brazilian…
  • dentonpie

    Judge green-lights class action suit by former Gawker interns

    Bad news for Gawker: A judge has agreed that a group of its former unpaid interns are entitled to bring a class action suit over their treatment while working at Nick Denton’s gossip factory. In her ruling (embedded below), Judge Alison J. Nathan has granted the plaintiffs’ motion for conditional class certification. The ruling means that the interns who initially brought the suit can now issue a notice inviting other former unpaid Gawker workers to join the suit. Here’s Judge Nathan’s…
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    Uber hires former Obama advisor (and shady telecoms consultant) David Plouffe to lead insurgent war

    The word “hypocrite” is so ugly, don’t you think? So much more so than “pragmatist.” In unrelated news, Uber founder Travis Kalanick has further cemented his reputation as a grotesque pragmatist by hiring former Obama advisor David Plouffe as Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy. According to the Wall St Journal, Plouffe’s role will be “to help the taxi-hailing app win battles with regulators and soften its image in the public sphere.” To the untrained eye, Plouffe’s role…
  • taxi_cabs

    SF cab drivers form a union while Rome burns

    San Francisco cab drivers have voted to unionize for the first time in over forty years, reports the SF Examiner. The move, which is either the single smartest or single dumbest thing that cab drivers could do right now, comes as at least one SF cab company is threatening to convert to a limo company to compete with ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. Why smartest? Thanks to ridesharing, SF cab drivers are facing threats from all…

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