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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    Tonight’s PandoLIVE call-in show starts in two hours

    On tonight’s PandoLIVE call-in show, Sarah and I will be discussing Tor, net neutrality, clickbait… plus whatever your calls demand. More importantly, though, after Sarah’s outrage at Paul’s terrible music tastes last week, all of tonight’s music will be drawn from KOFY San Francisco’s 80s dance party. Be careful what you wish for. The live stream starts at 5pm Pacific right here. The studio call-in number is 877-959-6739 or tweet @pandodaily / email studio@pandodaily.com Missed last week’s show? Listen…
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    Virgin America, Gawker interns, First Look and more: Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE

    In this week’s PandoLIVE, Sarah and I talked about Matt Taibbi’s departure from First Look, Virgin America’s forthcoming IPO, Rackspace’s range of jams made from children, the latest twist in the Gawker intern suit and my godawful taste in music. Plus one caller wants to tell me exactly how much of an asshole I am! You can listen to the latest show using the player below, or subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode. … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting! …
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    Taibbi: “Commenting on Paul Carr is completely beneath my dignity” (But that doesn’t stop him)

    Matt Taibbi, newly freed from Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, is back with a vengeance. Exhibit A: His remarkable Rolling Stone piece about JPMorgan Chase’s $9bn witness. I say remarkable for two reasons: First, because it’s an aggressive return to form for Taibbi who effectively vanished from the universe for months after he was hired by Omidyar. And second, because Taibbi revealed that the piece was originally intended to be the launch splash for his now defunct Omidyar project,…
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    Judge sets first trial date for GM ignition injury and death litigation

    A New York judge has set January 2016 as the “reasonable but aggressive” date for the first trial over wrongful death and injuries caused by GM’s defective ignition switches. According to Autonews: U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in the Southern District of New York on Thursday chose the date for the bellwether — or test trial — during a court hearing in the litigation, which consists of approximately 130 lawsuits so far against the company. The cases include claims for personal…
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    Michael Malone: We cost the valley probably ten billion dollars, but we saved a lot of lives

    Earlier today, at the Intel Capital Global Summit, Pando’s Sarah Lacy sat down with author Michael Malone to talk about his latest book, The Intel Trinity. Or at least that was the ostensible topic of conversation — in fact it ranged from Intel, to the changing face of Valley sexism, to the difference between software people and hardware people and the dire state of Silicon Valley journalism. You’re not going to want to miss a second of this.
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    This week’s PandoLIVE call-in show starts in TWO HOURS

    Live at 5pm pacific, Sarah and I will be in the Rackspace studio for another rip-roaring episode of our PandoLIVE call-in show. As always, you can listen to the show LIVE right here, and join the discussion by calling 877-959-6739. Cowards might prefer to use @pandodaily or studio@pandodaily.com Tonight’s planned topics of conversation include Pierre Omidyar, Matt Taibbi and First Look; the latest twist in the Gawker unpaid intern suit, Virgin America, Taylor Swift and whatever else you want…
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    Court rejects Gawker’s hilarious claim that its former unpaid interns don’t use social media

    When last we checked in on the class action suit against Gawker by a group of former unpaid interns, Gawker was trying to restrict the ways in which attorneys for the interns could publicize the case. Specifically, they wanted to prevent social media from being used to disseminate a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) court authorized notice which would notify other plaintiffs that they might be entitled to join the class action.

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    Virgin America gives Gold and Silver loyalty members preferred access to IPO

    Virgin America sent an email to its Gold and Silver loyalty members this morning promising frequent fliers special access to their upcoming IPO. We wanted to show appreciation to our Elevate Gold and Elevate Silver members that made it happen, and make you a part of the next exciting chapter of our company. It is with this in mind that we are offering you access to shares in our IPO at the same price, and at the same time, as…
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    Everybody sucks, except Matt Taibbi

    In the days since Matt Taibbi quit Pierre Omidyar’s quarter billion dollar media startup, two things have become clear. The first is that Taibbi’s former colleagues at First Look are determined to smear him as a bullying mismanager who stormed out after failing to find a way to secure editorial independence from Omidyar. The implication, of course, being that those left behind are the opposite: People-persons who have succeeded in carving out a Passport To Pimlico style independent dukedom inside Omidyar’s empire. Lest…
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    First Look staffers finally admit Omidyar massively interfered with editorial, say Taibbi accused of sexist bullying

    Well this is absolutely remarkable. Just a few days after NY Magazine reported that Matt Taibbi was on the way out of Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, Taibbi’s former colleagues have published what they claim is the inside story on his departure. In the post, the First Look staffers finally admit what Pando has been reporting for months: That Omidyar exercised a ridiculous level of editorial control over First Look. That control included vetoing editorial hiring and firing and even…

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