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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    AOL picks content farm founder to run TechCrunch

    Oh man. A few years ago, just after I resigned from TechCrunch over AOL’s ousting of Mike Arrington (how funny that seems now), CNN’s Howard Kurtz invited me on to his show to discuss the flame-out, and to ask me a question: Is TechCrunch “done”? My answer at the time was that while TechCrunch itself would probably continue to exists as a “content” “brand,” the TechCrunch that Mike Arrington founded, and that I had come to love in a Stockholmy way,…
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    The Queen thinks selfies are “strange”

    The Queen has reportedly told a British magazine that she considers selfies “strange.” Per the BBC: The monarch is said to have made the comments during a “nice chat” to US ambassador Matthew Barzun at Buckingham Palace after his appointment. Mr Barzun told Tatler magazine: “She was essentially saying, ‘I miss eye contact’.” Here are some things the Queen apparently does not find strange: 1) This hat…   2) And this one…   3) This son, who talks to…
  • Uber

    Uber asks judge to toss class action lawsuit by claiming it was only lying to passengers, not drivers

    Uber has asked a California judge to reject attempts by drivers to launch a class action suit over unpaid tips. The suit claims that passengers were tricked into believing that the mandatory gratuity added onto Uber rides went entirely to drivers. It doesn’t. The case has been wending its way through the courts for just over a year and Uber’s latest gambit, according to Law360, is to argue that “there’s no evidence the drivers relied on any of…
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    According to the site’s own numbers, The Intercept’s traffic has averaged just 13k pageviews a day

    A few days ago, Pierre Omidyar’s the Intercept underwent a much-needed facelift. Aside from a shiny new WordPress template and a nice AJAX-y continuous scroll thing, Editor-in-Chief John Cook has added a feature popularized by his old employer, Gawker: public pageview counts for articles. The addition of the counts, which show the total views for every article on the site, suggests that the Intercept may soon be judging contributors based on how effectively they attract clicks to their pieces. As Cook notes,…
  • ode-to-uber

    Uber sues Ohio to prevent insurance policies from being shared with the public

    Uber is trying to secure a last minute injunction in Ohio to prevent the public learning the extent of its insurance coverage. According to Courthouse News, a local ABC affiliate in Columbus, OH, has used an open records request to require the city to share insurance documents that Uber included in its application for a license to operate there. Uber claims that the documents include “trade secret information” and so is suing the city to prevent their release. “Releasing…
  • uber-assault

    Uber banned from operating in all of Germany

    For now, at least, Uber is over in Germany. A court in Frankfurt has banned Uber from operating in the whole of Germany, citing the absence of an official permit under the country’s Passenger Transport Act.  According to Der Spiegel, the ban takes immediate effect and lasts until Uber requests a formal hearing by the court. If the company breaches the ban in the meantime, it faces a fine of up to 250,000 Euro. The ban covers both the regular Uber service…
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    Starting right now: The NSFWLIVE radio show is back for one day only. Listen live!

    Be careful what you wish for. A couple of months ago, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce an uncensored history of NSFWCORP, the news magazine (with jokes) that I founded back in 2011 and which was acquired by Pando back in February. As is expected when launching crowdfunding campaigns, I spent some time coming up with different reward levels — $5 for the ebook, $20 for the paperback — that kind of thing. Partly for…
  • ibm

    US judge says it’s “regrettable” that IBM can’t be punished for knowingly aiding apartheid

    From the holocaust to apartheid, where you or I see an atrocity, IBM sees an opportunity. Still, a US district judge has ruled that IBM cannot be prosecuted in the US for supplying computer systems to South Africa’s apartheid regime. Describing her own decision as “regrettable,” Judge Shira Scheindlin explained that the 1789 Alien Tort Statute doesn’t usually apply to behavior by companies outside of US borders. From Bloomberg: The judge said she was bound by earlier court rulings barring U.S.…
  • Here's A Secret: We Need Anonymous Social Networks - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

    Israel becomes latest country to try to ban Secret bullying app

    Despite recent attempts to curb bullying on its platform, the backlash against Secret continues. Now an Israeli lawmaker has called for the country to ban the app, just days after Brazil also took steps to block its use. According to the Jerusalem Post, Knesset Committee for Children’s Rights chairwoman Orly Levy-Abecassi has warned that  “the application turned into a platform for cyber-bullying for Israeli youth, who, in many cases, used it to smear and harm others.” It’s hard to comprehend how…
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    Shockingly, Chris Christie just lied in a press conference about Pando’s pension coverage

    Earlier this year, we published a series of investigative reports by David Sirota, revealing violations of New Jersey’s rules around pension investments. One of the firms with which the Chris Christie administration agreed an investment deal, Chatham Asset management, subsequently threatened to sue Pando unless we retract our reporting. We continue to stand by our story, and Chatham continues to have not got around to actually suing us. Meanwhile, the scandal continues to dog Governor Christie. Earlier today, during a…

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