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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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  • virginair

    Virgin America gives Gold and Silver loyalty members preferred access to IPO

    Virgin America sent an email to its Gold and Silver loyalty members this morning promising frequent fliers special access to their upcoming IPO. We wanted to show appreciation to our Elevate Gold and Elevate Silver members that made it happen, and make you a part of the next exciting chapter of our company. It is with this in mind that we are offering you access to shares in our IPO at the same price, and at the same time, as…
  • taibbi

    Everybody sucks, except Matt Taibbi

    In the days since Matt Taibbi quit Pierre Omidyar’s quarter billion dollar media startup, two things have become clear. The first is that Taibbi’s former colleagues at First Look are determined to smear him as a bullying mismanager who stormed out after failing to find a way to secure editorial independence from Omidyar. The implication, of course, being that those left behind are the opposite: People-persons who have succeeded in carving out a Passport To Pimlico style independent dukedom inside Omidyar’s empire. Lest…
  • taibbi

    First Look staffers finally admit Omidyar massively interfered with editorial, say Taibbi accused of sexist bullying

    Well this is absolutely remarkable. Just a few days after NY Magazine reported that Matt Taibbi was on the way out of Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, Taibbi’s former colleagues have published what they claim is the inside story on his departure. In the post, the First Look staffers finally admit what Pando has been reporting for months: That Omidyar exercised a ridiculous level of editorial control over First Look. That control included vetoing editorial hiring and firing and even…
  • PandoLive

    Listen again to this week’s episode of PandoLIVE

    Not to be confused with St Louis, Missouri restaurant, PanD’Olive, PandoLIVE is our weekly call-in show, hosted by Sarah Lacy and me. In this week’s episode, embedded to listen again below, we go back to the 90s to talk about Monica Lewinsky and Jerry Yang. We also talk about sexy ebola which, frankly, is the main reason to listen. So, here’s the show…
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.48.57 PM

    What’s In A Name: PandoLIVE is not to be confused with Pan D’Olive

    For the past month or so, Pando’s “What’s In A Name?” series has been examining the importance of choosing the right name for your startup or product. You might think, then, that we’d have taken some of our own advice. For example, before deciding to name our new call-in show PandoLIVE you might think we’d check that there wasn’t already something using that same name. Certainly we wouldn’t plan an entire radio show, find a sponsor and create all kinds of visual…
  • taibbi

    Matt Taibbi leaves First Look Media (And this time he means it!)

    Following an earlier report in New York Magazine that Matt Taibbi had taken a “leave of absence” from Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, Omidyar has now confirmed Taibbi’s permanent departure. In a statement published on FirstLook.org, Omidyar writes: I regret to announce that after several weeks of discussions, Matt Taibbi has left First Look. We wish him well. Our differences were never about editorial independence. We have never wavered from our pledge that journalistic content is for the journalists to decide,…
  • taibbi

    Taibbi takes time out from First Look after “disagreements.” Can I publish our emails now, Matt?

    “As soon as one journalist starts asking another journalist about how they’re doing their job — forget it, you’re a pariah.”Matt Taibbi Matt Taibbi is taking a “leave of absence” from Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, according to New York Magazine. The move comes “after disagreements with higher-ups inside Omidyar’s organization, a source close to First Look confirmed today.” Over the last year, however, the center of gravity of the organization has shifted, as Omidyar and his…
  • PandoLive

    Tonight’s PandoLIVE call-in show starts at 5pm Pacific

    It’s Monday again! And that can only mean two things: 1) This is the day you wish your bed was already made 2) PandoLIVE starts at 5pm Pacific, hosted by me and Sarah Lacy On tonight’s show we’ll be talking about sexy ebola, Jerry Yang, sexy ebola, Soylent, sexy ebola, Uber, sexy ebola, Vegas Tech Fund and sexy ebola. The call in number if you’d like to join the conversation is 877-959-6739 or tweet @pandodaily or email studio@pandodaily.com. Otherwise you…
  • Welcome to Vegas

    Confirmed: Andy White leaving Vegas Tech Fund, marking shift in fund’s investment strategy

    Further to Pando’s report that Andy White has left his role running Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund, we’ve received confirmation of the move from partner Zach Ware. He also confirms a change in strategy for Vegas Tech Fund… “As companies (and funds) grow they often make strategic choices that take them in a different direction,” Ware wrote by email. “We have decided to focus our efforts on re-investing in select portfolio companies so we can provide the growth capital needed…
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.46.00 AM

    Sources: Andy White, Vegas Tech Fund partner, latest to go in Tony Hsieh’s housecleaning

    I’m hearing from various sources close to the Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Downtown Project that Andy White, a high profile partner in the Vegas Tech Fund, has been “let go” from the fund. I’m using those quote marks until I can get on the record confirmation of the circumstances behind White’s departure but the unconfirmed word in Vegas is that White was the latest firing in Hsieh’s downtown bloodletting. The departure comes just weeks after the surprise shuttering of…

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