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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    Live Now! Pando’s “mobile is dragging you global” webinar

    Live from San Francisco, it’s Pando’s “Mobile is dragging you global” webinar, sponsored by Smartling. Hosted by Sarah Lacy, the conversation also features Glassdoor co-founder Robert Hohman, Postmates SVP business Holger Luedorf and Magisto CEO Oren Boiman. The panel will discuss how “mobile first” companies are getting dragged global faster than ever before and how to benefit from it without getting crushed. You can get a login for the event here.
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    1pm Today! Pando’s “Mobile is dragging you global” webinar featuring Glassdoor, Postmates and Magisto

    At 1pm today, we’re live streaming or second Pando webinar: “Mobile is dragging you global (whether you like it or not).” Hosted by Sarah Lacy, the conversation also features Glassdoor co-founder Robert Hohman, Postmates SVP business Holger Luedorf and Magisto CEO Oren Boiman. The panel will discuss how “mobile first” companies are getting dragged global faster than ever before and how to benefit from it without getting crushed. Whether you’re mobile first or not, the discussion will be Thanks to our sponsor,…
  • Welcome to Vegas

    Sarah Lacy talks Vegas Downtown Project on NPR

    As the unravelling of the Las Vegas Downtown Project continues, Pando’s Sarah Lacy appeared on KNPR’s State of Nevada this morning to discuss what went wrong. During the interview, which you can listen to in full here, Sarah talks about how bad management and broken promises at the DTP eroded public trust and how they were given a pass by “breathless”  reporting in the media. But she also dismisses the notion that companies who received investment from Vegas Tech…
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    HUZZAH! Our new call-in show, PandoLIVE starts on Monday

    It’s always slightly embarrassing to be scooped on your own news. But, yes, as Betabeat first reported here, we’re launching a brand new weekly call-in radio show: PandoLIVE. Hosted by Sarah Lacy and me, the format of the hour-long show will be familiar to anyone who remembers the old NSFWLIVE show: Listener calls, intense arguments, occasional bursts of Taylor Swift and — fair warning — the kind of uncensored discussion that means you’ll probably want to use headphones if you’re…
  • Hsieh

    Fired from Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project? Cool! Now you can attend Tony Hsieh’s $250 music festival!

    Earlier today, it was reported that Tony Hsieh’s Las Vegas Project has fired a ton of its staff amid rumors of total organization meltdown. A few hours later, this… uh… slightly ill-timed email was sent to members of the Downtown community by the Hsieh-backed Life Is Beautiful festival, suggesting they skip work to attend the $250 music event. Delivering happiness indeed. (Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund is an investor in Pando and was previously an investor in my company, NSFWCORP. As…
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    Techtopus judge Lucy Koh to preside over new wage fixing suit against VFX and animation giants

    Earlier this month, Pando’s Mark Ames broke the news of a new class action suit against Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony and others, filed on behalf group of VFX and animation workers. Now, Law360 reports that the case will be heard by Silicon Valley super-judge, Lucy Koh. Judge Koh is already presiding over the main Techtopus wage-fixing claim against a number of Silicon Valley giants, including several cited in the new suit. You can follow all of Pando’s coverage of…
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    “An abrupt turn of events.” Jonathan Weber out as Managing Editor of the Information

    Jonathan Weber is out as Managing Editor of the Information, and judging by this Tweet it wasn’t entirely his own decision: Weber joined the paywalled news site back in March from Reuters News where he was West Coast Bureau Chief. At the time, Information founder Jessica Lessin wrote: I am delighted to announce that Jonathan Weber, a veteran editor and journalism entrepreneur and who is currently West Coast Bureau Chief for Reuters News, will be joining us as…

    US jury says Arab Bank is liable for helping to fund suicide bombing

    Back in February, Pando’s Adam Penenberg told the story of the victims of Palestinian suicide bombing who were suing the Arab Bank in the US for helping to facilitate the funding of terrorism. Suicide bombers with the wherewithal to plan ahead could even opt for their own “Martyr Kit,” a package containing all the necessary forms and instructions, an account card from the Arab Bank, and an official death certificate issued by the Palestinian Authority. Newspaper…
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    Trademark filing suggests Matt Taibbi’s new site will be a lot like Gawker

    Here’s a story I missed last month. Capital New York reports that Matt Taibbi’s new e-magazine, bankrolled by Pierre Omidyar, will likely be called “Racket.” According to a trademark filing by First Look Media, the publication will publish: “news, commentary, information, non-downloadable audio and visual media, and… editorial articles in the fields of government, politics, finance, business, sports, the media, entertainment, humor, arts and culture” It will also feature: “technology that enables users to view, find, comment on, discuss, aggregate, bookmark, personalize,…
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    Grubhub targets cash-rich, brain-poor consumers with “Bro, do you even takeout?” ad campaign

    Silicon Valley gets a lot of shit — rightly so — for the brogrammer culture that has infected some, though not all, west coast tech startups. Uber, Snapchat, Secret, Tinder all hop readily to mind when you think of companies operated by, or staffed by, dicks. Still, at least most companies on the left-hand side of America are slowly realizing that a “for dudes, by dudes” image is great for “male lifestyle brands” but best avoided if you want to maintain widespread popularity. Apparently…

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