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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    The Guardian’s Whisper story shows why journalists should never sign NDAs to visit tech companies

    Early today, the Guardian delivered a remarkable scoop: that anonymous app Whisper employees claim to be tracking users in ways that would make the NSA rise to its feet in applause. Even more remarkable, the claims were made directly to Guardian staffers visiting Whisper to discuss a possible partnership with the app. The Guardian witnessed this practice on a three-day visit to the company’s Los Angeles headquarters last month, as part of a trip to explore the possibility of…
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    Listen again to Monday’s PandoLIVE

    If you missed Monday’s PandoLIVE call in show… two things. First, I feel sorry for you. By not listening live, you missed your chance to call in and join the discussion about sexism at Microsoft, what the hell “Dreamforce” is all about and whether Peter Thiel is actually a libertarian. You also missed out on winning a t-shirt for correctly identifying show tunes. Second, all is not lost! Not only is every episode available on iTunes and streamable
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    Oh look! It’s Pando’s Sarah Lacy on NBC’s Press:Here with Peter Thiel

    This past Sunday, Pando’s Sarah Lacy appeared on NBC’s Press:Here along with NPR’s Laura Sydell and (Pando investor) Peter Thiel. As befits that panel, the conversation was wide-ranging, including the difference between “good” and “bad” monopolies, the benefits of creating your own liberal arts education, Thiel’s views on Techtopus and whether Elon Musk’s SpaceX is really a “zero to one” company. Here’s the intro video… …the other two parts are here and here.
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    What do you want to talk about on Monday’s PandoLIVE?

    On this coming Monday’s PandoLIVE, Sarah and I will be back in the studio, taking your calls and trying to find compromise in our respective musical tastes. This is your weekly reminder to tune in at 5pm Pacific, and to call in (877-959-6739) to join the live discussion. It’s also your chance to suggest topics for discussion. Right now, our list includes… Satya Nadella’s moronic comments about pay for female workers (Pando investor!) Peter Thiel’s new book.
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    Jay Rosen quits First Look, to allow him to write more credibly about how great First Look is

    Eyebrows were raised in media land when press critic Jay Rosen announced he was joining Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media. Especially notable was his assertion that working for Omidyar meant he would no longer be able to comment honestly on the quarter-billion dollar media startup: From here on, I am a player in NewCo. I’m not just giving advice to a company that pre-dated my involvement. I am involved in the effort to create something. I am being…
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    Here’s the audio and transcript of Episode One of PandoLIVE

    This past Monday, Sarah and I hosted the very first episode of our call-in show, PandoLIVE. Much like it’s predecessor, NSFWLIVE, the show was a healthy mix of great conversation, questionable music,  engaging calls and liberal use of the phrase “eye-fucking.” If you weren’t able to listen live, don’t fear. The entire thing is available to listen again (below), or you can just read the transcript and imagine what the music sounded like. Either way, don’t miss next week’s show…
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    Does Obama know about his LA host’s ties with gross “women are targets” pickup artists?

    ‘”Since the very beginning of the administration, the President and vice president have made it a top priority to end sexual assault. Today, one in five women is sexually assaulted while in college,” senior Obama officials told reporters on a conference call.’ — CNN “Whether you’re into younger women, hot Asian women… girls at your college… Mack Tactics has got you covered.” – Mack Tactics Later todayOn Thursday, according to press reports, President Obama will visit LA for a series of events…
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    Our new call-in show is starting right now. Call in and join the conversation!

    PandoLIVE, our new call-in show, is about to go live. Amongst the topics Sarah Lacy and I will definitely be discussing live on air are… Silicon Valley’s “asshole” problem, what the hell happened to Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Downtown Project, this Medium story on “eye fucking” and the potential for a Yahoo! spin-off. That’s just the start though: What we end up talking about is entirely up to you. The call in number is 877 959 6739 and lines…
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    Here’s what we’ll be talking about on the first episode of PandoLIVE. What have we forgotten?

    Earlier this week, we announced the imminent arrival of PandoLIVE, our new call-in show, hosted by me and Sarah Lacy. The first episode starts at 5pm (Pacific) on Monday, live from the Rackspace studio in downtown San Francisco (Rackspace is sponsoring the show, and letting us use their studio space). You’ll be able to listen live right here, and a few hours later we’ll make the entire show available through iTunes. Really, though, you should listen live: the bulk…
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    Live Now! Pando’s “mobile is dragging you global” webinar

    Live from San Francisco, it’s Pando’s “Mobile is dragging you global” webinar, sponsored by Smartling. Hosted by Sarah Lacy, the conversation also features Glassdoor co-founder Robert Hohman, Postmates SVP business Holger Luedorf and Magisto CEO Oren Boiman. The panel will discuss how “mobile first” companies are getting dragged global faster than ever before and how to benefit from it without getting crushed. You can get a login for the event here.

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