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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    US judge says it’s “regrettable” that IBM can’t be punished for knowingly aiding apartheid

    From the holocaust to apartheid, where you or I see an atrocity, IBM sees an opportunity. Still, a US district judge has ruled that IBM cannot be prosecuted in the US for supplying computer systems to South Africa’s apartheid regime. Describing her own decision as “regrettable,” Judge Shira Scheindlin explained that the 1789 Alien Tort Statute doesn’t usually apply to behavior by companies outside of US borders. From Bloomberg: The judge said she was bound by earlier court rulings barring U.S.…
  • Here's A Secret: We Need Anonymous Social Networks - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

    Israel becomes latest country to try to ban Secret bullying app

    Despite recent attempts to curb bullying on its platform, the backlash against Secret continues. Now an Israeli lawmaker has called for the country to ban the app, just days after Brazil also took steps to block its use. According to the Jerusalem Post, Knesset Committee for Children’s Rights chairwoman Orly Levy-Abecassi has warned that  “the application turned into a platform for cyber-bullying for Israeli youth, who, in many cases, used it to smear and harm others.” It’s hard to comprehend how…
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    Shockingly, Chris Christie just lied in a press conference about Pando’s pension coverage

    Earlier this year, we published a series of investigative reports by David Sirota, revealing violations of New Jersey’s rules around pension investments. One of the firms with which the Chris Christie administration agreed an investment deal, Chatham Asset management, subsequently threatened to sue Pando unless we retract our reporting. We continue to stand by our story, and Chatham continues to have not got around to actually suing us. Meanwhile, the scandal continues to dog Governor Christie. Earlier today, during a…
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    Silicon Valley favorite Ron Paul secretly paid a state senator $73k to buy his support

    The free market strikes again! A former Iowa state senator has pled guilty to receiving (and concealing) a $73,000 payment from Ron Paul, Silicon Valley’s favorite libertarian, to switch his support away from Michele Bachmann in the last presidential election. Kent Sorenson originally explained his sudden change of heart came because Ron Paul was “the most conservative [candidate] of this group.”  Which is true, if you take “conservative” to mean “most willing to drop 73 grand.” It’s unclear if, when making an absolute mockery…
  • Steve Jobs

    Shareholders sue Steve Jobs’ estate, Apple board members over wage fixing cartel

    This one’s going to run and run. An Apple shareholder has filed a shareholder derivative suit against Tim Cook, Bill Campbell and other members of Apple’s board over the company’s behavior, highlighted during the Techtopus wage fixing suit. The suit also includes the estate of Steve Jobs as a defendant. Plaintiff R. Andre Klein, acting on behalf of other Apple shareholders, claims that not only was Apple part of a secret wage-fixing cartel but it also failed to disclose to shareholders a…
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    Racists help crowdfunding campaign to support Michael Brown cop hit $250k target (and counting)

    Way to go, racists! As I reported yesterday, a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Ferguson teen Michael Brown, had already passed $145k in donations. Many of the donations were accompanied by racist slurs and attacks on Brown… Earlier today, the campaign ended after breezing past its $250k fundraising target. That’s $50k more than the reported total raised by Trayvon Martin killer, George Zimmerman. Shortly afterwards, Shield of Hope, the group behind the…
  • byttow

    As backlash continues, Secret finally blocks names and photo uploads in attempt to curb bullying

    Earlier this month, Pando’s Sarah Lacy wrote that Secret’s investors should “stop trying to justify the lies and libel of Secret.” In response, Secret’s co-founder, David Byttow responded in the worst possible way, revealing that he only cared about teen bullying and suicides if they threatened to cause a PR backlash. A few minutes later, that backlash began. First the Huffington Post picked up our story, linking…
  • Crime Scene

    Kleiner reports theft of laptops, personnel records from Menlo Park office

    A thief “circumvented” building security at Kleiner Perkins’ office in Menlo Park and stole several laptops, including one used by the firm’s finance department. Details of the theft, which happened in July, have emerged after Kleiner sent a letter to the Attorney General of New Hampshire informing him that one of the password protected machines contained financial records for a resident of the state. That resident appears to be a Kleiner employee. In the letter, embedded below, Kleiner general counsel Paul Vronsky writes…
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    Fitbit just got a great (and probably free) shout out on Big Brother

    Viewers of tonight’s dramatic Big Brother twist, that saw Nicole return to the house (SHUT UP — IT’S A GREAT SHOW!) will have heard Fitbit get a great shout out. And, unlike most of the expensively placed products shown on screen, it doesn’t look like they paid for it. Throughout the season, several references have been made to the “activity trackers” worn by the housemates to monitor which is the laziest. Pointedly though the brand name of the device…
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    Wait, Postmates’ surge pricing is really called “Blitz pricing”?

    I’m becoming increasingly addicted to Postmates, the “Uber for deliveries” startup founded by my (disclosure…) good friend Bastian Lehmann. For a few dollars delivery fee, San Francisco residents can have pretty much anything delivered to their door in about an hour. Recently, for me, that has included everything from pizza to jelly beans and contact lens solution. Tonight though, something new appeared on the app when I tried to order dinner: A warning that 1.75x “Blitz Pricing” is in effect. Apparently…

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