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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    Bezos-owned Washington Post now inserting gross Amazon affiliate links into news articles

    There’s something creepy in this Washington Post piece about Penguin’s new “adult” cover for the 50th anniversary edition of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Well, something else creepy, beyond the weirdly over-sexualized cover itself. Six paragraphs into the story, we find this… …a “buy it now” button, wedged into editorial copy and linked to an affiliate account of Amazon. A quick skim around the WaPost site suggests this is something the Post is doing with all of its book reviews now, as well…
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    I was wrong about Ira Glass. (This is your weekend viewing)

    There are cultural chasms that divide people like me — the immigrants — from good ‘ol natural born Americans like, maybe, you. The longer I stay on this side of the Atlantic, some of those chasms get filled in with either acceptance or understanding: Having to say “movie theater” instead of “cinema,” commercials playing immediately before TV credits, America exceptionalism… all seem reasonable enough after a while. Soon there doesn’t even seem to be anything inherently wrong with the word “dude,” or with wishing…
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    LinkedIn CEO does that ice water stunt thing, calls out Sarah Lacy to go next

    So apparently everyone is having freezing cold water poured over their heads for charity. Earlier today, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner was the latest to be “called out” for the stunt, which somehow results in money going to help fight ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. (I honestly don’t understand how it works, but you can donate to the ALS Association here.) As promised/threatened at last night’s Pando monthly, Weiner called out Reid Hoffman, Aneel Bhusri and Pando’s Sarah Lacy to continue…
  • Radio Free Strawberry

    Listen to Pando’s Mark Ames talking about Techtopus wage fixing and selective Valley libertarianism

    Yesterday afternoon, Mark Ames joined journalist Doug Henwood on his radio show to talk about Silicon Valley wage-fixing and the selective libertarianism of the Valley. The full interview is now available to stream here. For background, be sure to read Mark’s coverage of the Techtopus wage-fixing scandal, and his investigation into the sick, twisted history of Reason magazine.
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    Ask’s CEO: “We won’t run a bullying site. If we can’t fix Ask.fm, we’ll shut it down”

    “We’re not going to run a bullying site,” Ask.com CEO Doug Leeds tells me. “If we can’t [fix Ask.fm] we’ll shut it down.” It’s a pretty bold claim for a man who had just finished telling me that he’s committing what will likely be millions of dollars into buying and fixing one of the Internet’s most infamous bullying platforms. Yesterday morning, struggling (former) search engine, Ask.com announced that it had bought Ask.fm, the anonymous Q&A site that has been…
  • JW Edit

    “It’s your ball. Run with it.” Jeff Weiner explains how he ended up as CEO of LinkedIn

    On stage tonight at Pando Monthly, after some weirdness about facial hair and a long discussion about his time at Yahoo, Jeff Weiner told Sarah Lacy, and a standing room only audience, about how he ended up at LinkedIn. After Yahoo, Weiner ended up in the slightly curious position of being at both an EIR at both Accel and Greylock. He knew he didn’t want to found a company but rather “I wanted to join something a little later stage.”…
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    Tonight’s Jeff Weiner event is sold out, but here’s how to get instant access to the live stream

    This month’s Pando monthly interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, hosted by Sarah Lacy, is completely sold out. But if you haven’t been able to get a ticket, or you’re not in San Francisco, don’t worry: You can still watch the interview via our members-only live stream. Not only do Pando members get access to an HD live stream of every Pando monthly event (and other special Pando events), but they also get a ticket to attend each Pando…
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    “Ironic, no?” Jezebel headline repeats false Anonymous claim that they’d found Michael Brown killer

    Just days after writers at Gawker’s Jezebel site complained that bosses were enabling bullying by allowing trolls to post comments without moderation or oversight, Jezebel published this headline… The post continued: This morning Anonymous tweeted the name of the police officer they claim killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday, August 9. The name has not been confirmed by national media nor Ferguson police because of death threats that have been levied against the officer and his…
  • A booking photo of Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes is shown in this handout supplied by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office in Centennial, Colorado

    Judge rules that Colorado movie theater shooter, other murderers, can’t intervene in Techtopus suit

    Judge Lucy Koh has blocked an apparent attempt by some of America’s most notorious killers to intervene in the Techtopus Silicon Valley wage-fixing case. You know you’re living in interesting times when sentences like that one are accurate. As I reported late last month, Koh’s court had received a handwritten “motion to intervene” apparently signed by a group of high-profile convicted murderers including: Christopher Wirth, William Parker, Jimmy James Thule, Jared Lee Loughner, Jodi Ann Arias, James Holmes,…
  • monkeys

    Ask.com buys anonymous bullying site Ask.fm, vows to rip out its ugly guts

    Either Ask.com is lying to us, or lying to itself. Those are the only two possibilities after this morning’s announcement that IAC’s “not-the-same-since-Jeeves-was-fired” search site has acquired teen bullying platform, Ask.fm. For those over the age of 15, Ask.fm is an anonymous question and answer platform, in the model of the now defunct Formspring. And like Formspring, it has been implicated in a string of teen suicides and attacked for its horrible response to them. (Not to…

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