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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    Join us live at 5pm Pacific for PandoLIVE

    Happy New Year! Sarah and I are back in the Rackspace studio from 5pm pacific today for PandoLIVE. Huzzah! In this week’s show we’ll be discussing the Healbe GoBe, Bono, extremist toddlers and brunch. We’ll also be outlining some of Pando’s plans for the New Year (including announcing a very special event later this month). Listen live right here at 5pm pacific, or join the conversation — / @pandodaily. … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting!  Visit to see if…
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    CNET drools over the Healbe GoBe, proving there’s one gullible journalist born every minute

    For a large chunk of last year, Pando’s James Robinson followed the utterly ridiculous story of the even more ridiculous “Healbe GoBe”. The device, which raised over a million dollars on Indiegogo, claimed to be able to count the number of calories you had consumed throughout the day by reading blood glucose levels through your wrist. Despite the fact that doctor after doctor after scientist after scientist lined up to tell Pando that the claims made by the device…
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    John, forgotten: The Intercept has stopped showing pageview counts on its posts

    Back in September, I noted that as part of a major facelift of Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept, the site had begun displaying traffic numbers for its posts. As I wrote at the time, those publicly available numbers seemed to show a site which was struggling to break into the mainstream, with just 13k pageviews a day. The move was apparently the idea of former Gawker editor John Cook, who had copied it from his auld boss Nick Denton. Denton has always taken…
  • Travis Kalanick

    Travis Kalanick jokes about hiring sexist, racist blogger who says Uber should be more aggressive

    While most people see the dawn of a New Year as a chance to make amends for past mistakes, and vow to do better in the months ahead, it’s — uh — refreshing to know that not everyone buys into the tyranny of “being a better person.” Take, as a completely shocking example, Uber’s Travis Kalanick. In 2014, Uber’s attitude towards women’s safety came under intense scrutiny after several Uber drivers were accused of raping or otherwise assaulting female passengers.…
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    Just a few hours left to grab your super early bird pass to Pandoland 2015

    Happy new year! For Pando readers in the UK and further east, it’s already 2015. Here in the US there are just a few hours left of 2014 to enjoy. That means there are also just a few hours left to grab your super early bird ticket to Pandoland 2015, our flagship annual conference in Nashville, TN. The event will be held June 15-17 2015, at Marathon Music Works. The 2o14 line-up included Chrisy Turlington Burns, Vice President Al Gore, Braintree’s…
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    “A tool of soft-power of the Empire”: Pando’s Yasha Levine talks Tor, in Spanish

    My Spanish is horrible, so I have very little idea what Yasha is saying in this interview he gave La Marea about Tor and its funding by the US government. According to Google Translate, though, Yasha gives a great explanation of the people and funding behind Tor, which he describes at one point as: [A] tool of soft-power of the Empire, a tool against countries like China and Iran to hinder its network control. Which is a pretty great line, and probably…
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    Gawker takes its time releasing documents in unpaid intern lawsuit, refuses to provide tax returns

    The disclosure process in the class action suit mounted against Gawker by a group of former unpaid interns is rumbling along. There are just a few snags, according to recently filed documents. The first is snag is that, as a cool, digital company, Gawker apparently doesn’t generate a whole lot of paper. At the end of the non-electronic disclosure period, Gawker has apparently delivered a grand total of four pieces of paper to the plaintiffs’ attorneys. Not four hundred. Four. The second…
  • rottenonion

    If you still trust Tor to keep you safe, you’re out of your damn mind

    Earlier today, a group of hackers who had previously shut down Playstation Network and Xbox Live turned their sights on a bigger target: the Tor network. That news isn’t, of itself, surprising. Hackers gon’ hack, right? But what is truly shocking — and what has to shoot a spike of fear through of any tinker, gamer, solider or spy who relies on Tor to hide his online activity — is that the hackers actually stand a fighting chance of compromising the network. Reports Gizmodo: The hacker…
  • Christmas-Miracle-on-34th-Street

    Here it is… The War Nerd Christmas Special!

    Happy Christmas! As a holiday gift to you, we’re delighted to share a very special interview between Gary Brecher — aka the War Nerd — and Mark Ames. An “around the wars in 60 minutes,” if you like. Pull up a comfy chair, pour yourself some mulled wine and click the play button below to hear the whole thing.  If you’re in a reading mood, the full transcript is below. Also: If you’re still looking for a very last minute gift…
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    Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE Christmas Special

    In last night’s end-of-year/Christmas special episode of PandoLIVE, I was joined by Pando’s Yasha Levine, Mark Ames and Nathaniel Mott to discuss Tor, Facebook in Russia, Snowden in Kansas and much, much more. Also: Christmas music! Listen again below: … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting!  Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free hosting from Rackspace.

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