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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE

    In this week’s episode of PandoLIVE, we were joined by David Holmes from SXSW and Yasha Levine to talk about his almost completely funded Surveillance Valley Kickstarter campaign. Listen again to the full episode below…
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    We’re LIVE with another PandoLIVE. Listen LIVE now.

    It’s that time of the week again — Sarah and I are LIVE with another episode of PandoLIVE. We’re joined this week from our brand new studio by David Holmes at SXSW and Yasha Levine to talk about the progress of his Surveillance Valley crowdfunding project. Listen here. And join the conversation by Tweeting at @pandodaily or emailing
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    Ellen Pao and Apple Watches: Listen again to last week’s PandoLive

    On last week’s PandoLive, Sarah and I were joined by Dan Raile, fresh from the Ellen Pao courtroom, and Nathaniel Mott who shared his thoughts on the new Apple Watch. We also learned, live on air, that Gigaom was closing down. The show was also the very last one from the Rackspace studio which, you’ll surely agree, makes it a collectors’ item. Join us tonight, live, for a brand new show from a brand new studio. And, in the…
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    Uber’s ideas to win back women: The complete list

    Uber customers might have been surprised this morning to receive an email from the company bragging about its new partnership with UN Women, “the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women” to “create 1,000,000 jobs for women globally on the Uber platform by 2020” “Join the conversation,” the email urges riders, “and help ensure the UN Women’s mission of economic empowerment is heard.” The email came just two days after Uber launched a separate…
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    Listen LIVE right now to Pando LIVE

    It’s that time of the week again: Time for PandoLIVE. And the very last episode we’ll be broadcasting from the Rackspace studio. Join us to talk about the Ellen Pao vs Kleiner trial, Senators who don’t send emails and our upcoming trip to New York for PandoMonthly. Listen live right here.
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    Gawker exclusively reveals that the Daily Mail is horrible

    Earlier today, Gawker published a damning takedown of the Daily Mail, a newspaper which, as any British reader will tell you, has been immune to damning takedowns since, well, this… As attacks on the Daily Mail go, the Gawker piece — by former Mail scribe James King — contained few surprises. Who knew that the Mail was little more than linkbait and stolen stories, written and published by awful people who don’t care much for the truth? If you answered “everyone…
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    Palantir founder hates that women have the vote… but apparently quite likes Hillary Clinton

    The Washington Examiner reports that Palantir, the intelligence contractor founded by Peter Thiel, donated  “six figures” to the Clinton Foundation in 2014. The foundation is headed by Hillary Clinton and her husband, President Bill Clinton. [Disclosure: Thiel is an investor in Pando through Founders Fund.] The Examiner also reports that Palantir spent half a million dollars on lobbyists in 2014. Palantir has long had a partnership with the Clintons, including helping to fund the Clinton Global Initiative (headed…
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    As Ellen Pao gets her day in court, Valley investors still support those who harass and abuse women

    The message, at least from the assembled media, was clear. The court was not simply sitting in judgement on if a single employee was sexually harassed by a partner at the Silicon Valley office of one of the world’s most powerful firms. Rather, an entire industry was on trial for how it treats female employees, from the highest paid partners to the most menial support staff. The plaintiff’s claims were simple enough to understand: She had been blocked from the opportunities afforded to her…
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    Immigration reform: It’s time for the lucky few to stand with the millions still living in fear

    Of all the varieties of slacktivism, surely Twitter slacktivism is the slackest. I’ve written for years about my opposition to the whole sorry spectacle. The empty gesture of retweeting a hashtag or — Jesus wept — changing the color of one’s avatar in “support” of schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria or the persecution of protesters in Iran. The act of “raising awareness” of precisely nothing more than one’s own inability to meaningfully influence world events. My relatively modest number of Twitter followers might, therefore, have been…
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    Oscars, Surveillance Valley and Paul’s horrible music taste: Listen again to tonight’s PandoLIVE

    If you missed tonight’s PandoLIVE, you missed Rdio’s Marc Ruxin talking about the Oscars, Yasha Levine discussing Surveillance Valley and everyone agreeing I have horrible taste in music. It was a doozy. You can listen again to the whole thing below. Or subscribe via iTunes here so you never miss another installment. … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting! Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free hosting from Rackspace.

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