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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    AOL sites will now track you, whether you like it or not

    AOL has updated its privacy policy to say that it won’t respect Do Not Track requests from visitors to its sites. As first reported by Law360, the new text reads: Some web browsers may transmit “Do Not Track” signals to the websites and other online services with which the browser communicates. Currently, there is no standard that governs what, if anything, websites should do when they receive these signals and AOL currently does not take action in response…
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    Julian Assange says he’ll leave the Ecuadorian embassy… soon

    You have to hand it to Julian Assange: When it comes to publicity stunts, he makes PT Barnum look like an also-ran. Earlier today, the Wikileaks founder who has been living inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for two years, summoned the world’s journalists to hear some big news. The whisper: That he was about to hand himself over to British authorities. But no. During the press conference, Assange said that had no immediate plans to turn himself in, but that he…
  • DAHL

    Washington Post claims careful insertion of affiliate links into news stories happened by accident

    Last week, I reported that the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post had started putting “Buy it now” links in its news stories. In a follow up piece, I discussed the mixed reaction to the change — with many journalists crying foul but plenty of regular readers welcoming it. Today the Post has told Mashable — Mashable! — that the whole thing is just a big technical hiccup… “What happened was, with the recent introduction of our new article…
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    Ready: Willing and able. Braintree CEO accepts Sarah Lacy’s Ice Bucket challenge

    Earlier today, Pando’s Sarah Lacy accepted Jeff Weiner’s “Ice Bucket” challenge to raise awareness (and money) for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The challenge has already raised close to $13m in new donations for the ALS Association. Afterwards she “called out” Southland speakers Al GoreChristy Turlington BurnsBill Ready and Andy Dunn to take up the challenge. A few minutes ago, Braintree CEO Bill Ready posted this video…. Well played, Bill! Now it’s your turn, Al, Christy and…
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    “That’s so much worse than I thought it would be!” Sarah Lacy takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

    Earlier this afternoon, Pando’s Sarah Lacy accepted LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s “call-out” to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, to spread awareness of the ALS Association. Sarah’s son Eli did the honors, with a little help from me… The chain started when CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla was challenged by Biogen, a pharma company that produces ALS medication… Quintanilla challenged Twitter’s Dick Costolo… Costolo challenges Zillow’s Spencer Rascoff… Rascoff challenged LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner… …who challenged Sarah, who has now extended the challenge…
  • money-and-journalism1

    Turns out plenty of readers think that payola in news is just peachy

    Journalists, me included, spend a lot of time fretting about — and writing about — how quickly our industry is going to the dogs. We have to believe that if readers knew the truth about native advertising, or pay-to-play, or the dirty reality of who runs the newsroom at certain high profile sites, they would demand a return to the good old days of editorial/commercial independence. At Pando — as I’m sure is the case at many, but certainly not all,…
  • uber

    Woah. A LOT of armed cops just busted this Uber driver, apparently for a street-pick up

    A few minutes ago, right near Uber’s old headquarters at 3rd and Mission, I watched as an unmarked car, filled with undercover cops, pulled over an Uber limo, apparently for picking up a passenger off the street. The sting looked pretty well arranged, with at least one other vehicle pulling up shortly after the bust (and just after I took the photo, above), apparently filled with SFMTA agents. The cops who did the original stop weren’t messing around: All were armed and…
  • DAHL

    Bezos-owned Washington Post now inserting gross Amazon affiliate links into news articles

    There’s something creepy in this Washington Post piece about Penguin’s new “adult” cover for the 50th anniversary edition of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Well, something else creepy, beyond the weirdly over-sexualized cover itself. Six paragraphs into the story, we find this… …a “buy it now” button, wedged into editorial copy and linked to an affiliate account of Amazon. A quick skim around the WaPost site suggests this is something the Post is doing with all of its book reviews now, as well…
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    I was wrong about Ira Glass. (This is your weekend viewing)

    There are cultural chasms that divide people like me — the immigrants — from good ‘ol natural born Americans like, maybe, you. The longer I stay on this side of the Atlantic, some of those chasms get filled in with either acceptance or understanding: Having to say “movie theater” instead of “cinema,” commercials playing immediately before TV credits, America exceptionalism… all seem reasonable enough after a while. Soon there doesn’t even seem to be anything inherently wrong with the word “dude,” or with wishing…
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    LinkedIn CEO does that ice water stunt thing, calls out Sarah Lacy to go next

    So apparently everyone is having freezing cold water poured over their heads for charity. Earlier today, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner was the latest to be “called out” for the stunt, which somehow results in money going to help fight ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. (I honestly don’t understand how it works, but you can donate to the ALS Association here.) As promised/threatened at last night’s Pando monthly, Weiner called out Reid Hoffman, Aneel Bhusri and Pando’s Sarah Lacy to continue…

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