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Paul Carr is editorial director of Pando. Previously he was founder and editor in chief of NSFWCORP.

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    In New York? Don’t miss tonight’s Pando Monthly with Jeremy Levine

    Just about three hours to go until tonight’s Pando Monthly NY with Bessemer’s Jeremy Levine. Along with a couple of hours of sparkling conversation between Levine and Pando’s Sarah Lacy, there’ll also be all the beer and dim sum you can drink and eat, PLUS all attendees will get a copy of the latest Pando Quarterly print magazine, fresh off the presses. It’s our (first) annual “Tech Assholes” special and so frankly is worth the price of admission alone. There are a…
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.41.46 PM

    Site that mocks tech companies for fancy, expensive offices moves into fancy, expensive office

    Gawker, the web’s most hypocritical media company, has long realized that a good way to get commenters riled up is to point to the excesses of Silicon Valley companies and their fancy office spaces. Just last week they ran a feature titled “Foreign Tourists Stunned By Luxurious Startup Offices“ One of the highlights of the tour was Heroku’s office, a hosting and code-management startup that was picked up by Salesforce for $250 million. Its exposed…
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.28.02 PM

    Workpop is not your father’s job site

    Chris Ovitz has daddy issues. He wouldn’t admit as much himself, of course, or at least not to a journalist, but you only have to spend ten minutes with him, or thirty seconds thinking about his new startup, Workpop, to figure out what’s going on. Tale as old as time: The son of a famous father doing everything he can to chart his own course, be his own man. Ovitz is the son of former CAA kingpin and…
  • US Supreme Court

    Courthouse News Service editor loses his mind, calls Islam “the most sexually perverted religion”

    If you’re a journalist, particularly a journalist on a deadline, you’re likely familiar with Courthouse News Service (CNS). Based in California, the ugly-yet-functional site provides coverage of the latest rulings in more than 2,000 courts across the US. While intended as a subscription-based tool for lawyers, it’s also hugely useful for tech reporters who don’t want to miss the latest class-action against Google, or the next state trying to ban Uber. Dig a little deeper into Courthouse News, however,…
  • Heyward 3

    Whisper CEO: Twitter’s “we’re just a platform” argument is bullshit

    During tonight’s Pando Monthly with Whisper CEO Michael Heyward, the conversation quickly moved to cyberbullying. Admitting “we’re not infallible,” Heyward rejected the argument that as a “platform,” a social network or gossip app has no responsibility to police content. Specifically, he called Twitter’s platform defense “bullshit.” “What happened with Robin Williams’ daughter [on social media] was disgusting,” he said. “The fact that it had to happen to Robin William’s daughter for anyone to care is wrong. It shouldn’t matter who it…
  • Heyward 2

    Whisper launches “groups” feature in new iOS update

    Speaking a few minutes on stage at Pando Monthly, Whisper’s Michael Heyward broke some news: in today’s update of Whisper’s iOS app, Whisper rolled out new “groups” functionality, allowing users to curate their feed by topics. As examples, Heyward cited “Starbucks confessions,” Cross Fit and religious groups as the kind of things users might want to filter their feed to include. Once a user has selected their interest groups, Whispers about those topics take over their entire feed. The interview is still happening…
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.42.42 AM

    Byliner acquired by Vook. Existing authors to get big royalty bump

    Earlier this year, I wrote about my experiences with Byliner, the ebook publishing house that had fallen on hard times. As a Byliner author, I’ve been trying for the past few months to find out what the hell is going on with my book. A few minutes ago, I — and presumably everyone else published by Byliner — got an answer. The company, including their backlist, has been acquired by Vook. I’m still digging into the exact…
  • techtopusii

    Trial date set in Techtopus wage fixing case

    It’s on! Following her rejection of the Techtopus wage fixing settlement, Judge Lucy Koh has set a trial date for the case. Assuming there is no other settlement agreed in the next few months, the pretrial conference date is set for December 19th of this year, with the actual trial beginning on April 9th 2015. Meanwhile, attorneys for the tech companies involved in the suit — including Google and Apple — have filed a request for the 9th Circuit to…
  • yasha

    Come see Pando in LA or San Jose tomorrow evening

    If you’re planning on being in either Los Angeles or San Jose tomorrow evening, here are your plans: In LA from 6pm tomorrow, Sarah Lacy interviews Whisper CEO Michael Heyward at the next installment of our Pando Monthly event series. Given our recent coverage of anonymous apps like Secret and Ask.fm, it’s sure to be a — uh — lively conversation. As I write this, there are just a few tickets left at the sponsored price (thanks Rackspace!) of $20.…
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    As 99 Google Loons go by, someone realizes they probably shouldn’t be represented by tiny fighter jet icons

    A couple of months back, Pando revealed that you could now track the progress of Google’s ‘Loon’ project using commercial flight tracking software. At the time, the Loons were somewhere off the coast of New Zealand. They were also represented, worryingly, by tiny fighter jet icons. The only way to tell for sure that they were balloons was their use of call-signs beginning HBAL. Now, courtesy of Jason Rabinowitz, we learn that Google is flying a new batch of Loons,…

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