Richard Nieva

Richard Nieva

Richard Nieva is a staff writer for PandoDaily, covering startups and technology in Silicon Valley. He was previously a reporter for Fortune Magazine, and his writing has appeared in the New York Times and on You can follow him on Twitter.

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  • cloud computing

    Skyhigh Networks raises $20M to control unauthorized cloud programs used in the enterprise

    It’s hard to ignore the promise of the cloud. But it’s still tough to get adoption from many large enterprises because of security concerns that have to do with unprotected company data on offsite storage centers. On top of that, it’s hard to keep track of just what cloud-based programs employees are using on their devices, from Salesforce to Dropbox to YouSendIt, to any number of others services. Each external connection means one additional potential security vulnerability, multiplied by thousands…
  • PastedGraphic-28

    PopExpert raises $2 million for its video teaching marketplace

    Seems like you can learn anything these days by watching a video online. Here’s one more site that let’s you do that. PopExpert is an open marketplace that connects skill and advice-seekers with so-called experts for one-on-one video sessions. Today, the company announced a $2 million funding round led by Learn Capital, including participation by Jeff Skoll’s Capricorn Investment and angels like Founders Fund’s Ken Howery. The service works similarly to any other peer-to-peer marketplace: Anyone who deems themselves…
  • pulled_over

    What are the effects of RelayRides’ New York cease and desist?

    Last week, the car-sharing marketplace RelayRides got hit with a cease and desist letter from the New York State Department of Financial Services for allegedly violating insurance law and false advertising. RelayRides, which lets car owners rent out their vehicles to strangers instead of letting their cars go unused, has suspended its service in the state indefinitely. The company says its customers will not be financially responsible if a renter gets in an accident, but the DFS says customers can…
  • maker faire

    On the outskirts of the Maker Faire

    Over the weekend, I spent some time at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. The annual festival, hosted by Maker Media, which publishes Make Magazine, brings thousands of people to the Bay Area peninsula to indulge in robotics, crafts, software, and DIY culture. The festival had some marquee exhibitors and speakers, like 3DRobotics CEO and former Wired editor Chris Anderson. Organizations like the X-Prize and startups like Sifteo and Helios had booths in the…
  • horiz_vertical_wordless

    For the Internet of things, will it be verticals or horizontals?

    The first step in the adoption of “the Internet of things” – where Web capabilities are implemented into everyday objects – entails making sure there are even products in the first place. But as that ecosystem fills out, one of the next steps is addressing matters of market approach and distribution. During a panel discussion yesterday at a conference hosted by Techonomy, venture capitalists and executives mused about the model the Internet of things would take as the landscape takes…
  • things

    Facebook ponders its place in the Internet of Things

    Amidst all of the buzz surrounding connected devices and ubiquitous computing, there’s Facebook, which wants to move beyond connecting mere humans. Cory Ondrejka, Facebook’s director of mobile engineering, says the social network is in a unique position to tie together all of the disparate devices that make up the Internet of things – the category of everyday objects, like scales, toasters, watches, glasses and whatever else you can think of, having wi-fi and data-collecting capabilities. Along the way a number of questions…
  • dick_costolo

    What CEOs could learn from comedians

    Those who have seen Twitter CEO Dick Costolo speak know he’s a joke machine. But lately, he’s been getting a bit more love for it, thanks to a video of a one-liner-filled commencement address at the University of Michigan that has gotten a lot of attention in tech circles. Costolo is, after all, an improvisational comedian. But Costolo isn’t just some guy who took a few acting classes in college (though he did), or even just perform at a…
  • stop

    RelayRides suspends New York service after cease and desist

    New York State’s Department of Financial Services today ordered car-sharing company RelayRides to suspend service in New York state, issuing a cease and desist letter to the company, alleging “repeated false advertising and violation of insurance law” and “putting the public at risk.” The agency also issued a consumer alert, warning New Yorkers that the insurance that RelayRides offers is “illegal and inadequate,” which could leave consumers personally financially liable for an accident. RelayRides, which allows consumers to list their…
  • 3136061389_f2c4256981_b

    For startups with university roots, an exit is priority number one

    If you’re a startup worried about surviving the Series A crunch, my colleague Erin Griffith has said maybe you should bark up Yahoo’s tree. Tony Stanco, executive director of NCET2, also suggests exits for certain companies. But his rationale is a little different. I met Stanco at the National Venture Capital Association’s Venture Scape conference today. NCET2, or the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer, is a Washington DC-based organization that seeks to connect startups born out of university research…
  • carsharing

    RelayRides acquires Wheelz as the car-sharing industry consolidates

    Today the car-sharing startup RelayRides announced its acquisition of former rival Wheelz for an undisclosed amount. RelayRides will subsume the acquired company, taking over its team, customers and intellectual property, in an attempt to expand its own car-sharing reach. Both companies allow users to rent out their cars to strangers via an online marketplace, instead of letting the vehicles go unused. Wheelz founder and CEO Jeff Miller will help oversee the transition then leave the company to pursue other entrepreneurial…

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